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Heroes of Buried Sword Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:19   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   213 views Reference: 143
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Suddenly, a wave came in the distance, the sky was covered with dark clouds, and the waves gradually began to rise. The clipper that Shao Yun and others took began to drift and could not grasp the direction. Then the wind howled, the big waves threw into the sky, and the sea was dark. Suddenly, a huge dragon rose from the sea and roared toward the two clippers. But seeing that the dragon was extremely large, it seemed to have the power of ten thousand Jun, but wherever the dragon crossed, it was a strong wind that turned the sea into two ends. All of a sudden, the dragon rushed to Shao Yun, Zhang Gong, two people between the fast boat, a gust of wind to pass, will be swept out of the two boats hundreds of miles. Shao Yun protected Sora Aoi with one hand and grabbed the side of the boat with the other. "Yes," Sora Aoi said in ragged Chinese! It's a tornado! Then the whole person into the arms of Shao Yun, dare not wait and see. Shao Yun immediately mobilized his whole body to move in the lower plate of his legs, as if he had fallen a thousand catties, nailed in the cabin, motionless. After a while, the ship, which kept turning 360 degrees on the sea, gradually returned to calm. What followed was calm and clear skies. But at this time,alloy die casting, there was no sign of Guan, Zhang, Zhao, and the other boat on which they had taken. How to do, "Shao Yun can not help but send out a sentence.". Sora Aoi hurriedly ran to the bow of the ship. Seeing that the rudder had been destroyed by the tornado, she became anxious and shouted, "No!"! We can't control the direction! Just then, four clippers came from the distance. Looking at the flag of the ship,non standard fasteners, we knew that it was a Japanese ship, but it was not equipped with soldiers. It seemed that it was just an ordinary ship. "No," said Sora! It's Japan's four great ninjas! "" "The four big ronin?" "Who are they?" Asked Shao Yun. Sora Aoi took out a token from her bosom and said, "They are the people with the highest martial arts in Japan. This time they followed King Meiji to rebel. My father and I escaped with the amulet. Without the amulet, they could not command the Japanese soldiers to fight abroad!"! Fortunately, the amulet is still there! Rebellion? Why did they rebel? Shao Yun was puzzled. "A few days ago," said Sora Aoi, "Li Gao, the leader of the Silla tribe, came to Japan and said he wanted my father to join him and the other kings to attack the Holy Eagle Sect! He also said that when he won the Holy Eagle Sect, he would get a very rich return! My father and the Holy Eagle have always been friends, is a sworn brother, so did not agree! King Meiji rebelled! Sora Aoi added, "It seems that they didn't get the amulet, so they sent the four great masters to join the alliance to attack the Holy Eagle Sect."! It seems that the Holy Eagle Sect is in big trouble this time! Shao Yun listened to Sora Aoi, there is not a sentence without a Chinese explanation, DIN screw plug ,CNC machining parts, but also roughly understand the purpose of the other side. I don't know the strength of the other side at the moment, and I've never seen Japanese martial arts. Everything is careful, hurriedly pulled Sora Aoi, then in the cabin, with some simple cosmetics, with simple transfiguration, dressed up as an ordinary fisherman's girl, by the way, also dressed herself up at random, a look in the mirror, two people are under a big jump! It's beyond recognition. I'm afraid I can't even recognize my parents. That Sora Aoi is also a clever person, see Shao Yun this action, quickly understand to come over, busy and take out the Japanese flag in the bosom, hang the flag on the boat. After a while, the four clippers had woken up, and Yiyi did not know what to say. There was a man standing on each of the four boats, but the four men were full of murderous look, and the bamboo hats they wore were also blowing slowly in the sea breeze. A face of scars, but also shows that he four people are battle-hardened, big waves wash the sand, left behind the master of the master, the four people see Shao Yun a dirty face, and do not speak, the moment became suspicious. Ask Sora Aoi what's going on. Sora quickly lowered her head and whispered in Chinese, "They asked why you didn't speak." Shao Yun was frightened and said to himself, "I heard Dun Dun say that he can speak many languages, including English. I don't know if the English he speaks is the language he used to communicate with the eagle in the Eagle Language he got from Tu Tianyu.". I can even speak Eagle, but I can't speak Japanese. ” At that moment, she had a brainwave. She quickly pointed to her lips and waved her hand. Sora Aoi quickly understood. She quickly said to the four ninjas in Japanese: "He,,!"! He's my brother! He's a mute! He can't talk! The four men listened to Sora Aoi's fluent Japanese, and saw Shao Yun's virtue. They were not suspicious. They were convinced that they were ordinary fishermen, so they asked Shao Yun to set up a boat to lead the way. Shao Yun two people crustily skin of head, had to agree, then returned to the cabin. "What should I do?" Asked Sora? We can't let the four masters go to the Holy Eagle Altar! "We don't even know where we are now," said Shao Yun! How to lead the way, no matter, let the boat float by itself! Float wherever you go! Say so in the mouth, the heart goes down to worry: "Do not know Zhao Huang they how!" So the ship drifted on the sea. After a few days, the five-headed ship drifted to Gyeongju generation in the Silla sea area. "I know this place," said Sora! We are now in the north of Japan! Up ahead is Silla! We told them that this was the place they thought of, and then lied to them that they could walk two days ahead to the foot of Shangganling Mountain. Shao Yun secretly praised the Japanese girl, who was really smart. He went ashore with Sora Aoi. Sora Aoi Yiyiya, the four people really believed, also gave two people some silver, abandoned the boat, then went eastward, stay the four people far away. Sora Aoi hurriedly blew up three of the four boats, leaving two of them to transfer. She got on the boat and said, "Here we are!"! I know the way. We just have to drive west until we get to the bay,car radiator cap, and then drive north, so we can find your friends and go to Shangganling together. In Chapter 71, the shepherd boy slowly points to a tablet and sings a thousand songs with his embroidered mouth [Number of words in this chapter: 4477 Latest update time: 2012-04-09 17:48: 07.0]. autoparts-dx.com

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