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Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:42   Independent & Freelance   Saarbrücken   123 views Reference: 435
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Luo Li, I'm coming. Chapter 111 North Cangjie. This is a vast and endless world, the sky is blue, white clouds are floating, and the line of sight is to see the endless ancient forest. In the forest, thousands of giant trees stand tall, so high that they can be comparable to the peaks. Over the forest, there are groups of spirit animals flying by, and the sharp neigh echoes between heaven and earth. In that more distant place, occasionally can see the huge body of the spirit beast fighting, the roar of the sky, far away. This piece of heaven and earth, like an ancient prehistoric land, no one has set foot on it. However, this lack of signs of popularity was soon declared to be broken, only to see that in the air, a huge bluestone platform about a thousand feet suspended out of thin air, around the platform, clouds and mists, looks like a fairyland. At this time, on the cloud-shrouded bluestone platform, there is a light pillar emerging out of thin air, and every time accompanied by the appearance of a light pillar, there is a figure appearing in the platform. Just half an hour of time, this originally few people on the platform, immediately became very popular up, those with a confused noise, but also gradually spread. In the corner of the platform, another pillar of light emerged out of thin air, and immediately the light spots condensed, and two figures also emerged. Noticing the gradual weakening of the strong light in front of him, Muchen gradually opened his slightly closed eyes, and then he looked at the huge bluestone platform he was on with some surprise. On the platform, there are shadows everywhere,D BHB Factory, but these people are looking around with some vigilance, obviously it is also particularly strange to this. Brother Mu, is this the test field of Beicang Lingyuan? Behind Muchen, there was a weak voice, only to see Demoling carefully looking around, his voice was a little small, because he could feel that every figure on the platform, the worst, was the strength of the early Linglun Realm, many of whom made him feel a faint oppression. Mu Chen nodded with a smile. Then these people should all get the quota of Beicang Lingyuan, right? Mo Ling couldn't help smacking his lips, and in his heart he was in awe of Beicang Lingyuan. The number of people in Beicang Lingyuan who were qualified to have the quota of five courtyards was only the number of hands, but here, it was counted in thousands. Although the people here are fierce, but there is nothing to be afraid of, lost courage, but also how to compete with others? Mu Chen smiled, he knew that Mo Ling had a little inferiority complex, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, after all, the place of North Lingjing was too small, many of the people here, I'm afraid, came from that kind of large Lingyuan, and the details and strength they had were not comparable to the students of their small Lingyuan. Uh Looking at the handsome face of Mu Chen in front of him, Mo Ling's timid heart was much more stable. Yes, there was nothing to be afraid of. The one beside him was a perverted figure who had killed the strong man in the realm of heaven. Although Mo Ling did not have a clear understanding of the quality of the students in Beicang Lingyuan, he did not think that many people would be able to surpass Mu Chen. Mu Chen soothed Mo Ling, and then the line of sight is carefully scanning the platform, now there are at least thousands of people on the platform, but most of them did not talk, only a few people crowded together, and it should look like acquaintances from the same place. It's really Beicang Lingyuan. Mu Chen's line of sight scanned a circle, immediately in the heart is a praise, in his induction, the people here, almost every one is to reach the spirit wheel realm, there are even no less than six people to reach the spirit wheel realm late. And now appear these people, but also into the North Cang Lingyuan in a handful, it can be seen that the North Cang Lingyuan competition is how terrible. Compared with this kind of competition, the competition for places in the North Lingyuan is really incomparable. Knock! And as the herdsman looked around, in the middle of the platform, suddenly there was a sound of singing, people looked hurriedly, only to see that in the middle of the platform, a stone tablet suddenly burst into a dazzling light. The light condensed on the stone tablet and then turned into an old light and shadow. "Little guys, I am one of the monitors of the test field of Beicang Lingyuan." The old light and shadow smiled at the many young girls on the platform and said, "Next I will tell you the rules here." On the platform, everyone was silent, staring at the old light and shadow. We are in this space, named Beicangjie, which is a special place for testing students in Beicanglingyuan. And the platform you are standing on is called the reception platform. There are hundreds of such platforms in the northern world, and you are only one of them. As soon as this word came out, many people were shocked, that is to say, there were at least tens of thousands of people who participated in the test of the North Cang Lingyuan? This amount.. It's too scary! "Oh, in addition, because the number of people is too large, similar to this kind of North Cang Realm, a total of four, of course, the other three North Cang Realm, is now carrying out the same test as you, but that has little to do with us." The old light and shadow smiled. Mu Chen couldn't help grinning. There are four people in the North Cang Realm? This North Cang Lingyuan is really one of the five courtyards, this handwriting, only the word terrible can describe, but. In this case, is not the chance for him to meet Luo Li also divided into a quarter? "Oh, I hope she's in this northern world, too." Mu Chen shook his head helplessly and could only look forward to it. The North Cang Realm is extremely vast, which is full of fierce places and all kinds of powerful spirit beasts, and you need to go through these obstacles to reach the North Cang Hall in the center of the North Cang Realm, where you have the transmission spirit array leading to the North C'ang Spirit Court, and at the same time,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, we will meet there. "It doesn't seem difficult." Mu Chen eyebrows slightly pick, the test of the North Cang Lingyuan, should not be just like this. pioneer-biotech.com

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Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato