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Has the team escorting Linchuan left the customs? Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:37   Engineering   Bayreuth   186 views Reference: 375
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He changed his name. The woman in front of him smiled faintly and said, "Ji Jiang is no longer a princess. Since the general is a close friend with regrets, just like him, call me Ji Jiang." Wang Pei arched his hand to Ji Jiang. "Pass it on," he said, "and closely monitor the movements of the Qingzhou Army. No one should act rashly." With that, Wang Pei turned around and said, "Princess, you saved the life of the last general.". Just, how do you know, Qingzhou has this plan, Song Jian should. Wang Pei guessed the relationship between Song Jian and Ji Jiang, but felt it was not easy to ask. General rest assured, Ji Jiang did not know the plan of Qingzhou, everything is just based on.. Her words are not finished, based on what, perhaps based on her understanding of the Song Jian this person? Two well-matched people, used to be in the house,outdoor spa manufacturers, whether it is gambling books or tea, are in the middle, she and Song Jian, each other enjoy the pleasure of the game between culture and art, now change to the tower above the Bauhinia Pass, to distinguish between victory and defeat, but become very cruel,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, painful. Ji Jiang's heart was like a stone. When Wang Pei saw that she had stopped talking, he thought she had something to say and stopped asking questions. The princess suffered in prison for many days, and she must be tired and hurt. "Gu regretted that now that he was out of danger, he would ask the princess to go back and let the doctor look at the injuries for the princess." Ji Jiang rubbed his eyes, which were hurt by the wind. It doesn't matter if I get there. He still needs someone to take care of him. Please give Ji Jiang a convenience. Let me spend the night with him and listen to the general's disposal. Wang Pei hurriedly said, "What is the princess talking about? How dare Wang Pei neglect the princess?". Send someone to take the princess back. Gu regretted for a long time before he could barely breathe evenly. When he opened his eyes, he saw Ji Jiang squatting beside the couch, guarding the medicine on the red clay stove. Ji Jiang.. Ji Jiang raised his head. "Are you awake?" Gu regretted coughing: "You are a general." Where did you go. Ji Jiang stood up and went to sit down beside him. The fire was burning vigorously, and the lid of the medicine was gurgling. Me.. I haven't been anywhere. I've been watching you. Gu regretted not sleeping at all, and knew that she had followed Wang Pei out and back, but she refused to say, so he followed her and stopped asking. Is the pain of the wound better? She asked softly. Gu regretted reaching out and pressing the edge of the wound, whirlpool hot tub spa ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, "to tell the truth." I've never been in such pain in my life. Ji Jiang moved his hand away. You saved my life again. Gu's regretful finger touched the Furong jade wrench on her thumb. It's right, Ji Jiang. There is no right or wrong in this world. Giving is all kindness. Gu regretted laughing, "but do you want them to remember the kindness you gave up to the court and the people of the world?" What a thorough and hurtful sentence. Ji Jiang was silent for a moment and shook his head gently. "People in the world also have the kindness to support me.". These two are worth each other. Chapter 45 prophecies The days of recuperation in the Bauhinia Pass are always leisurely. That is, "Qisan Hot" is really too bitter. Seven Niang and more than a dozen maidservants look after in the side, always refused to let Ji Jiang handle. With the fragrance of the medicine on the side of the couch, Ji Jiang sat peacefully aside, turning over a few pages of books in his spare time, biting the sugar-pickled plum pillow arm and looking at Ji Jiang under the window. The dazzling sunlight of midsummer dyed the broken hair in front of her forehead into a slightly golden color, and the clear gossamer floating in the air was clearly and secretly set off on her face. She is really beautiful. However, the Ministry of Punishment has issued official documents, after all, can not stay too long. Qingzhou's government office sent officials to inquire about the affairs outside the Bauhinia Pass. The Ministry of Punishment also issued a new instruction palindrome. Wang Pei has some difficulties here. At the same time, the King of Jin of Qingzhou set out in the middle of May. Because it was to enter the palace to congratulate, the king of Jin brought the rest of the age and two side imperial concubines and nearly 20 family members. Escorted by Lou Dingxian himself, he came to Zijingguan in a mighty way. Song Jian accompanied them. It was more than ten Li away from the Bauhinia Pass. The sun was scorching at noon, and the women could not stand the heat, so they went to the forest beside the road to take shelter from the shade. Lou Dingxian took time to go to the vanguard camp stationed here. When I came back, I saw Song Jian holding an ox bone fan in his hand, dressed in plain satin, standing silently under the elm sun of a huge crown beside the road. Sir, it's very strange. ” Lou Dingxian turned over and dismounted and handed over to Song Jian. Song Jian looked up, and here he could already see the dark blue stone wall of the Bauhinia Pass, hidden in the shade of Yuyang. Wang Pei didn't move? Lou Dingxian scratched the back of his head with the hilt of his sword. He frowned and said, "Not only is there no movement, but I heard that many of the people on the official gate have been dismissed. The spies reported that they had taken out their hands to welcome Wang Yeh into the pass.". This is not right, ah, in the past, not to say that our soldiers forced ten miles, even if we Qingzhou army for the same, he Zijingguan also have to be on guard. This time.. The folding fan shakes lightly, and the pattern of the old man sleeping in the lonely pine appears and disappears for a while. Song Jian's hand pinched at the handle of the fan. Has the team escorting Linchuan left the customs? Lou Dingxian shook his head. "Not yet. I heard that they were attacked by evil people outside the pass. The young master surnamed Gu was seriously injured in order to protect the criminals." Song Jian stops the fan. The hot wind blows arrogantly through the crown of the tree, and the countless leaves on the top of the head tremble all over when the season is at its peak. Ji Jiang was humiliated by the extremely weak body, pale but still beautiful face reflected in his eyes, the majestic beauty, to take care of her humble identity and desperate situation at this time. Song Jian lowered his eyes and laughed. "That's not strange." Lou Dingxian did not understand, but Song Jian obviously did not mean to go on to explain. Sir What to do next. "If I follow the King of Jin into the Shanhaiguan Pass, you don't have to go forward.". Back to Qingzhou barracks, ready to attack the Bauhinia Pass. Lou Dingxian should be "yes", and he was a little worried for a while. Sir, could it be that the people of the Bauhinia Pass knew your plan and were so stable as Mount Tai? Besides Miss Song, I'm afraid there are still people in the court around us who haven't cleaned up. Song Jian smiled,outdoor whirlpool tub, "who to clean up?" As he spoke, he raised his chin and said, "I'll give you a group of people. You go in and clean up the maidservant for me." monalisa.com

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Has the team escorting Linchuan left the customs?