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Hardware PVD Coating Machine suppliers Contract Job

Apr 12th, 2023 at 10:23   Financial Services   Salzgitter   121 views Reference: 533
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Hardware PVD Coating Machine suppliers Vacuum coating equipment, mainly refers to a type of coating that needs to be carried out under high vacuum, including many types, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering deposition and many others. Evaporation coating Typically, the target is heated to evaporate surface components in the form of radicals or ions. And it settles on the surface of the substrate to form a thin film through the film formation process (scattered point - island structure - vagus structure - layered growth). For sputtering coatings, it can be simply understood as bombarding the target with electrons or high-energy lasers, and sputtering the surface components in the form of atomic groups or ions, and finally depositing them on the substrate The surface undergoes a film formation process, and finally a thin film is formed. There are two main methods of vacuum coating: thermal evaporation coating method and magnetron sputtering method. This article mainly introduces the commonly used thermal evaporation coating method. The working principle of the vacuum thermal evaporation coating method is that in a vacuum environment, the solid is evaporated to convert it into a gaseous state, and finally deposited on the surface of the coated product. The specific coating method flow is shown in Figure 1. The vacuum here means that the pressure of the container space is about 10-3 Pa. In this state, the evaporated solid raw materials are The gaseous particles of the material can smoothly reach the surface of the coated product. There are two most commonly used heating methods for vacuum thermal evaporation coating: resistance heating and electron gun heating. The resistance heating type is to make the resistance dissipate heat by energizing to achieve the purpose of heating the coating material; the electron gun heating type is that the electron beam emitted by the electron gun directly hits the coating material, thereby generating heat to achieve the purpose of heating the coating material. Application Parameter Our companyHardware PVD Coating Machine suppliers website:http://www.lk-bts.com/hardware-pvd-coating-machine/

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