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It was not until we approached and noticed the breath on our bodies that their faces suddenly changed and they stopped killing the law enforcement teams and looked at us nervously. Who are you? Among the disciples of the Tianshi Dao, one of them shouted, "Jiuzhou is a place where the Tianshi Dao handles affairs, idle people, and so on.." "Whew" Feng Li flicked his finger, pointing to the wind tearing the space and sinking into the man's head in an instant. Bang, "the head of the man who spoke was blown off directly, the rain of blood sprayed, and the red and white objects splashed all over the disciples of Tianshi Dao." Kill! The wind opened its mouth in a sharp and faint voice. In a flash, when the disciples of Tianshi Dao were stunned and had not yet come to their senses, two black armor guards stepped out and suddenly stretched out their hands, aiming at the disciples of Tianshi Dao. The space fluctuated violently, and the space around the disciples of Tianshi Dao was distorted and compressed. Their faces were full of frightened roars and struggles, trying to break free, but it was useless. The power of the Black Armor Guard in the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons is not at the same level as them at all. It is absolutely a world of difference. Bang, bang, bang.. The disciples of Tianshi Dao, squeezed and torn by the force of space, burst open directly and turned into a fog of blood in the air, leaving no bones. After finishing all this, I ignored the shocked and dull eyes of the law enforcement teams and other members of the Nine Life Demon Clan,interactive whiteboard for schools, and with a gloomy face, I rushed to the royal area with Feng Li and others. Tianshi said, this time none of you who come here will be able to go back alive! Chapter 247 you should have heard of my name! When we arrived at the royal area of the Nine Life Demon Clan, the worst scene we had expected did not appear. The reason is very simple, in addition to the nine-life demon king, the old demon king and others desperately resist, the three-legged bird and the bald dog also appeared here to help the nine-life demon clan resist the attack of Tianshi Dao. The three-legged bird reveals its true body, and its whole body is filled with green inflammation,interactive touch screens education, which is extremely ferocious. Compared with a year ago, the three-legged bird's breath has grown too much, and it seems that it has completely fused the blood-stained feathers of the ancestors of the Qingluan clan. The bald dog, the small flying snake and the old tree demon also burst out with overbearing power and madness, so that the strong people of Tianshi Dao failed to break through their defense for a while. The nine-life demon king and the old demon king had been wounded, but the fierce momentum showed no sign of weakening, leading the elders of the nine-life clan to fight bloody battles. They have no way out, behind them is the royal family of nine lives, once they fall, nine lives will be completely finished! Mother and father also joined the battle, dare not say that those strong people who can resist Tianshi Dao, at least can contribute. Before the contact with the strong Kyushu, the strong of the Nine Life Clan is absolutely the first-class existence of the Demon Clan and the secular world, but after the real contact with the strength of the Kyushu Dazong Gate, I realized how much I knew before. Strength is not a level at all! In other words, 4k smart board ,smartboards in classrooms, there is a big difference in the way of power operation and exertion. Like two people with similar strength, chopping a piece of hard wood, one person is cutting with a knife, the other is chopping with a mountain axe, the effect is naturally needless to say. Now the situation is like this, the nine-life demon king and the three-legged bird, their strength is not much lower than that of the strong people in Kyushu, but their strength is extremely limited. Without the sharp attack of the strong people in Kyushu, their defense is more solid, just like the primitive people with stone tools competing with the fully armed modern people. Defeat, nine life demon king and other people's injuries continue to increase, this situation simply can not last long. But on the side of Tianshi Dao, there was still a strong man who did not make a move and looked on coldly, as if he thought that the nine-life demon king and others were not worth his hands. There are more than ten strong people in Tianshi Dao, each of whom is comparable to those strong people who pursued me in Fengyang County. And the strong man who did not do it was a middle-aged man, dressed in a black robe. This guy's strength, should be the highest here, roughly feel, and once saw that Tianshi Dao three elders almost. The specific strength will not be known until we have a try. Beside the middle-aged man in black robes, there was a man kneeling, and it was Yin Kong. A thin dark iron chain penetrated Yin Kong's shoulders and knees directly, his body was stained with blood, his breath was weak, and his eyes were dull looking at the scene of the battle, like a puppet. ***, how can these guys be so perverted? How did your nine-life demon clan get into trouble with these guys? The three-legged bird roared madly. The nine-life demon king clenched his teeth and dodged the attack of the other side's strong man while responding: "Who knows where these guys come from? Without saying a word, they came in directly, and I don't know where they came from.." "Bang, bang." Nine life demon king voice just fell, the chest was printed two palms, crazy spray a big mouthful of blood, eyes in the blood red light flashing, ferocious hair. Waving hands, the whole body space fluctuates violently, intending to pull the opponent into the void to fight. But attacks the nine life demon king that day teacher way strong person is sneers at, the arm waves, the spatial fluctuation disorder, two spatial forces impact, will directly tear around the nine life demon king body the space, under the strength counterattack, lets the nine lives demon king be The wound added to the wound, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, and his face became very pale. Play space power, you are not qualified! The Tianshi Dao strong man smiled disdainfully and attacked again without giving the nine-life demon king a chance to respond. The situation is already precarious, and if we continue to hold on, something will happen. In a flash, Feng Li rushed directly into the battlefield with the black armor guards, intercepting the strong men of Tianshi Dao. Everyone was stunned by our appearance. The nine-life demon clan was shocked and did not understand who Feng Li and others were,interactive panel board, but when they saw me, they all showed ecstasy and disbelief. And on the other side of the strong of Tianshi Dao, there are all great changes in complexion. The people of the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons! "Why are they here?" "Does this nine-life demon clan have anything to do with them?" hsdsmartboard.com

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