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Hades Marriage Date: Fierce Ghost Husband, don't Chase Me Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:08   Public Service   Salzgitter   280 views Reference: 183
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Night seal Xuan is a ghost, even if he is the ghost king, behind the ghost power, is also a ghost after all, usually during the day there is nothing unusual, but here is the desert, the power of the sun is stronger than other places, and the temperature is also hot. During the day, Ye Fengxuan had taken me all the way to the desert, crossed many roads, did not rest at all, and located in the desert again and again. After that, I was pulled in the desert to look for a circle, just because I did not give up, do not want to face the ancient well of the nether world, under the scorching sun, endure pain, accompany me crazy in the desert. I always thought he was strong, and because he was strong, I ignored that he would be hurt and sad. Ye Feng Xuan, I'm sorry, I'm too selfish, always only know how to get, enjoy your gentle care, you suffered such a serious injury I do not know, I. I I choked up and couldn't go on. Ye Feng Xuan hugged me, patted my back gently with his big hand, and whispered gently in my ear. Be good,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, don't cry, a little injury, sleep it off. I bit my lip and looked at him with misty eyes. Don't lie to me. If the wound would be healed after a sleep, you would have treated my face long ago. You didn't take care of such an obvious wound on my face, so you must have no spare power. And lie to me, you big liar! I stared at him and couldn't stop my tears. Ye Feng Xuan helplessly reached out to wipe, but how to wipe also can not finish, my eyes are now open the tap, how can not be turned off. Ye Feng Xuan sighed, his face a little bitter. Moon,ultrasonic welding transducer, sometimes it's better for a girl to be stupid. If you see through everything, we men will lose face. I pinched his arm hard and gave him a hard look. What time is it? It's a matter of face. Tell me how to help you heal. Or, medicine? I am not very sure to look at the night Feng Xuan, if he is a person, I am sure that without saying a word, pull him to the hospital. However, he is a ghost, and I really don't know how to treat a ghost when he is sick or injured. Ye Feng Xuan grabbed my hand and put it on his lips and kissed him. His deep dark eyes were full of deep affection. He smiled on his lips and stared at me with stars in his eyes. Moon, no medicine, as long as you accompany me, tomorrow will be fine. Trust me, you're my medicine, better than anything. I smiled with tears in my eyes. This man did not forget to tease me at this time. Releasing his hand, I went behind him, knelt on the sofa, bowed my head, and kissed the mark on his shoulder gently. Ye Fengxuan's shoulders stiffened and his muscles seemed to harden. His voice was hoarse. Moon, don't play with fire. I made a face at the back of his head, raised my hand, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, gently covered the most dense lines on his back, then closed my eyes, ran the demon power in my body, concentrated in the palm of my hand, and gently rubbed the skin of his back. I don't know if this works, but watching the TV series healing is done in this way, maybe the source of life is higher than life, can really guide me to the night seal Xuan healing. As soon as the warm current in the palm was concentrated, Ye Fengxuan suddenly turned around. Moon, no! Before I could react, my palms had been stuck together, and then I felt the demon power in my body like a flood finding a vent, surging up the back of Ye Fengxuan. My eyes widened in amazement, wondering what the situation was like. How did this happen? Ye Feng Xuan's brows were locked up and moved twice, but my palms seemed to be stuck, and he implicated me, and my body staggered. Look, I almost fell down, but I still couldn't move my palm, and Ye Fengxuan couldn't move. He closed his eyes silently, and a purple light slowly emerged from his body. The demon power in my body still flowed out uninterruptedly, and as the demon power flowed out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the traces on the back of Ye Feng Xuan slowly faded, faded. More than half of the back has become smooth and cool again. However, the demon power in my body seems to be empty. The whirlpool in the Dantian is constantly rotating, and the demon power is constantly pouring out, but it is in short supply at all. Night seal Xuan's body is like a bigger whirlpool, the demon power in the Dantian just came out a trace, was taken away a trace, there is no way to run strong in the body. I clenched my teeth and tried to hold on, refusing to interrupt the demon's treatment of Ye Feng Xuan. Hold on, hold on again, as long as he can hold on, the wound on his body can be healed. Such a shocking injury, he did not frown, do not know how painful it is. Already a little dizzy in my mind, I bit my lip hard, lifted my spirits, and continued to control the whirlpool in the Dantian, making the whirlpool rotate more vigorously and faster. In that way, the demon power can flow out, a little more. Even if only a little, can also let the night seal Xuan's body more good on a silk. I have never overdrawn the demon power like this. Even in the mountain village of Liu Buli, when dealing with the living dead, using the Five Thunder Curse only emptied the demon power contained in my body. The demon power in the whirlpool can still support me not to be too weak. But now, I even have a feeling that the demon power in the whirlpool may also be drained. If the demon power in the whirlpool is also drained, can I still produce demon power in my body? If there is no demon power, although I am half human and half demon, I can't use demon power. In that case, am I a human being or a half-human and half-demon? My mind was in a daze, and I didn't know what I was thinking. With a low smile, I put aside these thoughts. What does it matter? Is it a person or a demon? I am Liu Qianyue, and I am the person that Ye Fengxuan likes, isn't it? As long as you're well, what does it matter. I whispered unconsciously, my voice was as light as a mosquito, even I didn't hear it clearly, but I knew that I didn't care whether I could become strong or not, even if I returned to the appearance of ordinary people, or worse than ordinary people. As long as he's well,ultrasonic metal welding, that's all! Anyway, I will always have him by my side, and he will protect me when I am in danger. fycgsonic.com

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