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Gossip supermodel Su Baotian Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:53   Human Resources   Sankt Wendel   234 views Reference: 75
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But Gong Li looked at Huo Shen. He didn't have much anger. He just waved his hand and ordered, "Change a woman to go up and get something." The crowd hesitated to speak, but obediently called a woman to come forward. Things were quickly taken out. The maid put the small card in the palm of Gong Li's hand. Next to Gong Li's assistant, he took a credit card machine to identify himself. Put the card on it.. "Di-Figola Special Rights-An Xiaowan.". Gender, female. Age A string of basic information was recognized by the credit card machine. Everyone was stunned. This card.. Is it true? Their identification system is different from any other place in the world, and the chip technology is also developed and manufactured by themselves, and absolutely no other country can imitate it. Gong Li frowned, raised his eyes and looked past, his eyes moving slightly. You Are you really my friend? An Xiaowan nodded slightly to Gong Li's eyes, "Yes, you have helped me a lot." Thinking for a few seconds, he called up some of the old soldiers of Figola. Due to a sudden change in the palace, the Lord and His Highness were shot dead on the same night. Moreover,inflatable amusement park, several dead soldiers had already committed suicide and died of vomiting blood, and all along the way were fainted servants and soldiers. It was a terrible night. No one knew what had happened at that time because of Gong Li's amnesia. So for the sake of safety, Gong Li changed all the people around him. Those who came happened to be a few people who did not participate in the incident, but recognized Ann Xiaowan. So they all nodded and said, "This young lady has lived in the palace of Figola for a long time and is still pregnant." Only then did Gong Li look at An Xiaowan in a daze, with a touch of pondering in his eyes. It's like I don't understand why I have such a good relationship with a woman outside. That Untie them. Gong Li did not hesitate and immediately opened his mouth. After waiting to untie,Jumping castle with slide, he did not let the soldiers go down immediately, but looked at an Xiaowan and whispered: "What do you need to come here this time?" Gong Li's eyes were slightly deep, and he took a look at Huo Shen. Presumably, he has always been very concerned about this woman. Otherwise, he would not have given such a card and let her live in the palace of Figola as an outsider. It is precisely because of this, Gong Li temporarily did not pursue the matter of an Xiaowan secretly bringing people to the island. I want to find someone and ask one thing. "Who?" An Xiaowan's voice was steady. Looking at Gong Li's expression, he opened his mouth in a low voice: "Weber." Gong Li was stunned. "Why?" Between his eyebrows, there were obvious wrinkles, as if he were thinking carefully. Can you guarantee his safety? Gong Li asked. An Xiaowan frowned slightly, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable water park on lake, but then he smiled and was relieved. She nodded gently. "As long as he tells me the truth, that's all right." He seems to have really forgotten. That's all right. Once those things in the past, there is no need to mention, do not bother him. In the first half of his life, he lived so hard that he either immersed himself in hatred or sank into the deep sea of guilt. He finally wanted to be free, but he was forced to come back by his father, and he was forced to shoot himself. Chapter 1794 of the main text, where is the island? If these memories are remembered, it will be a lifetime of survival like a prison. So, it's good to be able to forget. I hope it will be better in the future. Ok Gong Li took one look at An Xiaowan and said, "I've forgotten everything about the past. As for you saying that I'm kind to you, it's all in the past. I don't remember it. Just pretend it never happened.". Figola is a closed country that doesn't communicate with the outside world and causes trouble. I don't want you to bring people here at random. An Xiaowan looked at Gong Li in silence for a moment and then nodded with a smile. OK He was born to manage Figola. He will be a good leader and a good husband and father. Just throw away those heavy burdens and don't remind anyone of them. Then he will be happy. In the future, Figola hopes never to come again. After a while, most of the rest of the men retreated, and Webber was brought over. Looking at Weber, who suddenly seemed to be ten years older, Ann Xiaowan frowned slightly and immediately asked, "I've learned something and I want to confirm it with you, can I?" Weber was helpless. "I said no, and you didn't ask?" "Cough." An Xiaowan coughed twice and shrugged his shoulders. "Then I'll ask directly." Webber didn't speak. An Xiaowan asked, "Did you kidnap Huo Shen for the Lord of the Temple?" Hearing this, Weber's body shook uncontrollably. What are you talking about. Someone left a picture of you trading at the dock. It's night, but I can see that it's you. An Xiaowan's tone, with confidence and certainty, seems to be just to verify it. Obviously she didn't have any pictures at all, but Weber was surprised when she said that. What? No, it's impossible. "It was taken by the driver of the boss of the organization." An Xiaowan continued. ……” Weber's body suddenly shook and almost fell to the ground. He grabbed the chair beside him, took a deep breath and sat down. An Xiaowan looked at his reaction, and his heart was already sure. Her hand, slowly tightened. As long as it is Weber, there is still room for investigation! At least the clue is not broken! "Webber, we just want the truth." An Xiaowan's voice softened down,large inflatable water slide, persuading both hard and soft. After a while, Weber closed his eyes feebly. "Yes, it was me." "You two should know that the hatred between the Pei family and the Ye Huo family has been difficult to resolve and has been passed down from generation to generation.". And the Lord of the temple was even more vindictive because he sacrificed his wife during the struggle with the Ye and Huo families. An Xiaowan's eyes moved slightly and he couldn't help holding Huo Shen's wrist. joyshineinflatables.com

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