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Gongsun Xiaodao Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:40   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   500 views Reference: 12
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Su Qiao asked with a smile, "Xiao Dao, did you agree to the conditions last night?" The knife was still embarrassed. "I can't do it." No way: "Give him time!"! He's still young, a young chicken! Su Qiao stared at the knife for a long time, his lips showing a strange smile, which made the knife feel embarrassed. Did not urge again: "Announce quickly!"! Shave off the beard in the future, and you will love him! Then it's not too late to see it again. "It will be all right one day," said Su Qiao faintly. "Announce it!" There was a moment of silence and nervousness as they watched her stand up. His name is Xiao Dao and he has a nickname. Su Qiao turned to look away and said in a low voice. Don't see the throwing knife, only see the knife. I advise you not to meet the double knife. She spoke so sweetly that it was easy for everyone to write it down. No, very satisfied, the knife also felt very happy. Su Qiao's next words are even more unforgettable. If anyone kills him, I'll marry him! This sentence was like a thunderbolt, which made everyone dizzy and thought they had heard it wrong. Did not cry urgently: "What do you say?" Sujo said again, "I'll go with whoever kills him." How did things get to this point? The knife's face was a little uncomfortable. Did not already scold exit, "smelly woman, do you want to cheat us?"? On the knife! They are ready for the second plan: beating people. Suddenly there was wild laughter, and Liu Xihu made a leap in the air and fell lightly between the knife and Suqiao. At the first sight of the knife, he was also taken aback: "It's you!"! Little bitch? Without saying a word, the palm will split. Xiaodao had been humiliated by him before, and he felt bad for a long time. Today, he intended to fight with him, but he was not weak. He pushed out his palms and simply sealed the offensive of Liuxi Lake. At this point, the crowd has rushed up,collapsible pallet box, fists and feet. Seeing this, he knew something was wrong and said hurriedly, "If you can, you can slip away!" The knife got the hint, and fiercely lifted the True Qi, using Gongsun Shijia's unique learning of "Jingyue Chop", such as pounding the sea God dragon, hitting the chest of Liuxi Lake. Has Liuxi Lake ever seen such a fast offensive? Seeing a flower in front of his eyes, he was immediately hit in the chest and went away in anger. The knife did not stop. Suddenly,collapsible bulk containers, he raised his hand and shot the deadly knife at the crowd like lightning. Then he said, "Brother Bald, go quickly!" Passed away, left hand a lift, has pulled up away, straight to the east, as when, a flash-forward disappeared. Leaving behind those who are amazed and grateful. Sujo looked in the direction of the knife's disappearance, not knowing what he was thinking? Squatting on the land outside the city, the two men ate charred game. The knife complained, "It's all you who did this, which made me." Now he's known as a bad guy. Without an embarrassed smile, "how did I know that Suqiao would change her mind at that time?" "Forgive me once, but never again." Knife also helpless, after all, these many days also realized a lot of life, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet crates, relief a lot of people in need of help, nothing to blame others. He nibbled down a big piece of meat and said leisurely, "But it's all right. If you beat the baby son of the Liu family, you can't be famous." "What is there to publicize in Liuxi Lake?" "What is he, his father." Without aiming at the knife, he seemed to be advising and joking, saying, "Liu Xijue's kungfu is not the first or the second in Jianghu. You'd better be careful." Although you are quick, your experience, I mean, is not as good as his experience. If you go to battle, you may suffer. Xiao Dao didn't dare to overestimate himself. He had secretly decided to meet Liu Xijue and fight if he could, or leave if he couldn't. And now! Where to go? Did not scold a way, "that smelly woman, after waiting for the wind to calm down, look for her to calculate melancholy." "That's right!" The knife suddenly remembered the green golden blessing. How about we go to me and them? There was no way. "I have nothing to find. I lied to you a few days ago after I was rescued from Baku." "Grandpa Juner was killed and she was the only one left. I want her to go to Luoyang City so that she can hide in the Shaolin faction." "The green old man is dead?" The knife always wants to repay a favor, but the result is always unsatisfactory, the news is constant, only sigh. "If you should die, you will die. Maybe it's a relief!" Did not complain to cry a few times, suddenly thought of what like, the spirit of the head came: "Right!"! We went to find out the bottom of Liu Xijue, and we heard that he was ambitious. "Didn't you tell me to avoid him?" "It's just to avoid him that we use the method of probing. If we don't avoid him, we'll just come to him and smash him." The knife had no target, so he had to promise. No, I introduced Liu Jia to Xiao Dao: "Besides Liu Xifeng, the most powerful one is Liu Xifeng's Thirteen Sword Array. With the power of thirteen people, it is more difficult to deal with than Liu Xinfeng." Suddenly someone replied: "Yes, you know very well!" " Thirteen young men in white, thirteen bright swords in a circle, pointed at the two knives. Without a scalp wrinkled like an old cow's chin, "Oh my God!"! Speak of the devil and he will come. A swordsman sneered, "You've wounded the second son of the Liu family. Are you going to cut off your arm or die?" He was referring to the knife. Knife stood up. "None." The swordsman sneered, "I'll give you a bag of cigarettes to think about." "If you break through," he said in a low voice, "I'll see you at the White Jade Tower in the evening." Knife nodded, suddenly launched an attack, palm shadow into a dragon cover, to the left of the seven swordsmen. Not daring to lag behind, the Shaolin King Kong pointed strangely to the speaker. Thirteen long swords suddenly waved, like a mountain of swords, and kept pressing against the vital points of the two men. According to the sword situation, they were mainly dealing with small swords, and never let him have a chance to breathe. After seven rounds of fighting, the circle of swords shrank, and the little sword felt so trapped that he had no choice but to Wade through the danger with his body. His body flashed to the left, and his palms sealed to the oncoming three long swords. Then he twisted his body, as if to avoid the two long swords in the right rear and jump up. The swordsman naturally estimated the position of the knife and thrust the sword seven inches more. Unexpectedly, however, the knife did not move. At that moment, the two long swords had already stabbed the two acupoints of Mingmen and Yushu on the left shoulder of the knife. At the critical moment,drum spill pallet, the knife was already flying and shot through the hands of the two swordsmen holding the sword. Brush ground sound, knife clothes are also pierced two small holes, followed by the sword fell to the ground. binpallet.com

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