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Goddess of rebirth Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:23   Engineering   Saarlouis   156 views Reference: 453
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The entire coaching staff is worried that the child's body will not be able to withstand such an intensive level of competition, and now she has to add the burden of the domestic exhibition match? In the words of coach Xue, the purpose of the exhibition competition is to expand the influence of rhythmic gymnastics and publicize rhythmic gymnastics. Feng Xiaoman has already done this through her performance in international competitions, and there is no need for her to play in the exhibition match in person. Good steel is used on the edge of the knife, and Feng Xiaoman's task is to make achievements in international competitions. Director Li seemed to be very dissatisfied with the attitude of the coaching staff. At the meeting, he always stressed with a smile: "Feng Xiaoman also participated in the exhibition match in Russia. Why is the domestic exhibition match not good?"? She should cultivate more audiences. Feng Xiaoman is quite speechless. The reason for participating in the exhibition match in Russia is very simple, because here, she is also competing with the world's top players. Moreover, she can take this opportunity to get a higher favorable rating of the referee. These are the things that she can't get in the domestic exhibition competition. To make an inappropriate analogy, it is meaningless for you to let NBA superstars play against domestic high school league teams, except to consume physical energy and increase the chance of injury for players. Why should the competition be graded? Because the grade has the meaning of reality. Unfortunately, Director Li doesn't care about this at all. Even Qian Miaomiao, he is not willing to let people go back to the Moscow training base. This time, Minister Wang and coach Lu took a tough attitude and said that she had signed a contract with the Russian team before, and she had to go to training, which forced her to be sent to the plane again. Feng Xiaoman feels headache. This Director Li is really quick on his feet. Moreover,White Marble Slabs, he did not give Director He any face at all, and completely tore his face. Generally speaking, in order to prevent the embarrassment of looking up and not looking down, successors seldom change their predecessors'practices in a short time. After all, you have to forgive others and forgive others. If you are a man, you can meet each other in the future. There are many ways to do things in secret,Slate Wall Panel, such as transferring a former important person to a sinecure at the same level, such as promoting one's confidant. It's a little too ugly to deny it all directly. However, this practice has not been reflected in Director Li at all. Feng Xiaoman sighed and pulled Qian Miaomiao out of the car: "Forget it, we can drag one day at a time.". Anyway, the sky is high and the emperor is far away. His hand can't stretch out so long. Naturally, he can't control it here. As for what more absurd methods Director Li will take, she can't control it. She worked in the office for eight years in her previous life and saw all kinds of strange things. A lot of things in the eyes of outsiders, so no common sense, so illogical, so absurd, unexpectedly can happen! But it just happened. The policy will be implemented when it is formulated. It will be corrected when it can't be closed. As for the victims of the policy, Agate Stone Price ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, we have to keep silent. No matter how wise a person is, he can't guarantee that all the policies he makes are right. When they returned to the dormitory of the Arts and Sports Base, it was already quite late. The administrator's aunt hugged them and urged them: "Oh, dear children, hurry back to drink some hot water and go to bed early." The temperature in Moscow in March is quite low, and it is still in the cold winter. When Feng Xiaoman was held by the chubby aunt, he had an impulse to cry when he was warm after a long cold. She clenched the palm of her hand, thanked the administrator's aunt, and pushed Qian Miaomiao to take a bath and go to bed. She could see that the little girl was having a very bad time these days, just like a frightened bird. Feng Xiaoman returned to the dormitory and wanted to go online immediately to ask Ding Ning what was going on. But then look at the time, at this moment is still the early morning in China, she can only leave a message to Ding Ning on the line, sighed and went to bed. When she got up early the next morning, she saw Ding Ning's reply: "The weather has changed.". In the past, everyone said that Lao He pretended to know what he didn't know and liked to be in charge of things. Now it seemed that old Hector was an angel compared to this one. The most exasperating thing is that this person is always smiling. But no matter what Minister Wang and Coach Lu said, Director Li simply ignored them. Everyone is in a bad mood now. Feng Xiaoman anxiously typed a line of words: "So you really won't come to train next week?"? Ding Ning replied with a helpless expression: I should not be able to go. Director Li's attitude was quite tough, and he did not sign the application. We also heard that Minister Wang had a quarrel with him. Besides, it was said last year that if the leader left, Director He would take over his position. As a result, he was promoted to another level. Everyone says that this is the man of that. Feng Xiaoman could not help but take a breath of cold air. What I fear most is that the King of Hell will fight and the little devil will suffer. The most immoral part of imperialism's war is that the battlefield is an innocent third country. Ding Ning thought about it and refrained from telling Feng Xiaoman that many people in the team had opinions about her now. Why should Feng Xiaoman be treated as a special person? No one can go to Moscow for training, so don't go at all. Isn't it necessary for athletes to be trained locally? Then Feng Xiaoman should be the first one to come back. Everyone knows that she is a disciple of Aphrola, a typical banana man. If she doesn't come back, will she really play for the Russian team in the future? After listening to their comments, Ding Ning was so angry and happy that she couldn't help complaining to Li Shanshan: "These people pick up all the soft persimmons!"! If they have the ability, they will go to quarrel with their superiors. If you can't get better, you won't let others get better, and you won't be afraid of the wind flashing your tongue. To be honest, if Feng Xiaoman could change his nationality now and play for the Russian team, maybe coach Aphrola would really laugh to death. Everyone can see that Feng Xiaoman is the most powerful impact on the individual all-around gold medal. Li Shanshan sighed and said, "Then Feng Xiaoman will be scolded to death. Everyone will scold her as a traitor." Even athletes who have too many talents and cannot find a way to rise internally to seek development opportunities in Singapore will be scolded to death. What's more, Feng Xiaoman is still in short supply of rhythmic gymnastics talents in China. Ding Ning sneers: "Only those with long eyes can see that they are talented people.". If you don't have eyes, you can see people, that's talent. Anyway, you can always come out if you are given a few more chances to exercise. If this one doesn't come out, just change the next one. When has there ever been a shortage of people? Li Shanshan quickly pulled her: "Well, hurry up,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, hurry up, let's leave early, don't miss the rehearsal of the drama in the afternoon." forustone.com

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Goddess of rebirth