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Get into trouble with the CEO and the Underworld Princess Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:44   Engineering   Sankt Ingbert   181 views Reference: 348
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Tong Tianai.. Let me live in your heart. "Don't do this." Tong Tianai suddenly said with some sobs. Yes! Don't be so nice to her! Don't let her feel that he is so close to her. Don't let her waver in her resolve! Because he and himself are people of two worlds. Qin Jinyang lowered his head and kissed her lips accurately. Gentle and delicate kisses. Longing to live in her heart, longing to kiss her, longing for all she has. When, when on earth, can she get rid of those stubborn tempers. “……” No struggle, in his kiss, in his affectionate kiss, suddenly tears. One drop, two drops.. More tears poured down like this. Instantly, dripping on the lips. Together, let him taste a trace of salty taste. Qin Jinyang was surprised at her crying, flustered and confused, and murmured her name at a loss, "Tianai." Tian Ai.. Tong Tianai. “……” Tong Tianai grabbed his suit jacket and buried his head in his chest. Silence, but intense weeping. It's not because he kissed her. But because I found that I couldn't escape. I thought if I ran away from him, I could run away from that feeling. Now I find that I can't escape. How to dodge,aluminium coated steel tube, how to escape, how to let go. He was clearly in her heart, how could he ignore it? Qin Jinyang, will you know? It's an unspeakable secret that I like you. Chapter 149: Sudden Change "Ding-", the elevator door opened. Tong Tianai took a heavy step and walked out of the elevator. Take off the backpack on your back and find the key. Silently, he went to his door and opened it. ……” The footsteps stopped, but did not turn around. What should she say? After crying in his arms,beam impact tubes, what kind of expression should I use to face him now? Tong Tianai! You are so useless! How could you let yourself cry in front of him? Besides, I seem to be crying more and more recently! What's wrong! Qin Jinyang walked up behind her and reached out to pull her whole body to himself. See her fundus, that forced forbearance of helplessness. He lowered his head and dropped a gentle kiss on her forehead. Get in there! Tomorrow I decide to turn a blind eye! You're allowed to skip work! Qin Jinyang made a rare joke. Tong Tianai shriveled his mouth and asked sullenly, "Do you deduct your salary?"? Boss Deep laughter, because of this sentence, just the remaining bit of melancholy, dissipated in an instant. He reached out and rubbed her hair and said jokingly, "Well!"! The boss decided not to deduct your salary. “……” Without saying anything more, Tong Tianai turned around and prepared to go into the room. At the moment of closing the door, I heard Qin Jinyang say in a low voice, "Today, stainless steel tube 304 ,side impact beams, as an exception, you are allowed to eat instant noodles." I took a hot bath, and my hair was still wet. But didn't want to get a dry towel and dry them off. Drops of water dripped down the hair and onto the cartoon pajamas and the floor. He went to the kitchen and took a bucket of instant noodles. Press the hot water switch of the water dispenser to start making instant noodles. Holding the bucket of instant noodles, he went to the living room and sat slowly on the sofa. Whew- "sucking noodles and eating without spirit.". It was so quiet in the room that I picked up the TV remote control and changed the channel at random. On the TV, there is a love film. Some bored watching them deduce other people's stories, but the heart is more empty. Beep- "The phone rings.". Tong Tianai leaned against the other side of the sofa, stretched his arm to pick up the phone, and said "hello." I'm eating instant noodles. On the other end of the phone, Qin Jinyang said without hesitation. It was a question, but when it came out of his mouth, it turned into an affirmative sentence. Tong Tianai swallowed half of the noodles into his stomach and answered with silence, ".." "Why is the phone off?" "Is it off." Tong Tianai asked suspiciously, "I guess there's no electricity!"! I haven't charged in three days! Too lazy to change the electric board! Remember in the future! Don't let me.. Can't find you.. Tong Tianai frowned intuitively and spit out three words, "You are so annoying!" …… "Doo-doo-doo-" a hurried sound of the line engaged. In the aisle of the hospital, Xiao Baiming took his cell phone and dialed it several times in a row. Finally, he closed his mobile phone helplessly, leaned against the wall very decadently, and lowered his head. The mobile phone is turned off, and the home phone has been unable to get through. This is something that has never happened before. Why can't I get through? If the mobile phone is out of power, what about at home? Did you put the telephone receiver down on purpose? So lost? Is it so uncomfortable? So, don't want anything to bother her? Tian Ai.. How are you.. How are you.. Is it a person. Where did you hide and cry secretly. Xiao Baiming raised his head and out of the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the gentleness of the door of the ward, dressed in a white hospital gown. His eyes were red, his thin body was close to the door, and he looked at himself with innocent eyes. Suddenly, the guilt swept in. ……” Xiao Baiming hurried to her, lowered his head and asked, "Gentle!"! Why did you get out of bed? Do you still feel bad? Do you want me to call the doctor again? "Brother Xiao!" Cried softly and hurriedly, "Brother Xiao!"! Don't be angry with me! Please don't be angry! "No!"! I didn't.. Angry, just helpless. Xiao Baiming took her hand and walked back to the ward. He picked her up horizontally, placed her on the hospital bed, covered her with a quilt, and pinched the corner of the quilt. Gentle, you are good! Sleep well! Brother Xiao is here with you! Said coaxed. Gentle very clever nodded, suddenly stretched out a slender hand, grabbed his sleeve, "Xiao eldest brother." Will you stay with tenderness. "Gentle." Xiao Baiming touched her forehead soothingly and sat down beside her bed. Looking at her clear eyes like a little white rabbit, I don't know how to open my mouth. The person he likes deeply is Tianai. Only Tong Tianai. However, he has no way to let the gentle. Responsibility,side impact door beams, this has become his responsibility! On that day, from the moment he promised President Wen, he knew he couldn't ignore it. cbiesautomotive.com

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Get into trouble with the CEO and the Underworld Princess