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At the time of the exchange of players, the two had already chatted, and Blue Rain was the last person left. At this time, Xingxin did not need to be too cautious and win the game heroically. It was undoubtedly the best choice to enter the team competition with surging morale. Now look, sure enough, Su Mu orange is going to do so. Not like Mo Fan again, is it? Pan Lin "as expected" finished, suddenly a little worried. In the last game, Mo Fan also let people rush so heroically and tirelessly. As a result, he slipped away when he met his opponent face to face. Well, it should be.. No way When Li Yibo heard this, he also hesitated. Su Mu orange is not a stranger, they are quite clear about the style. But now, as soon as I enter Xingxin, it seems that I am also covered with a layer of incomprehensible halo. Ye Xiu, Fang Rui, these old faces have transformed their careers,Agate Stone Price, which is unexpected and reasonable. But this Su Mu orange, the occupation has not seen, the style has not changed, the play method many are the Jiashi side directly follows, how also feels as if is not the same? "Well, let's watch." Li Yibo said calmly and did not dare to jump to conclusions. As a result, this time,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Zheng Xuan's ammunition expert shot a hail of bullets, but the cat got up as soon as he appeared. Is Zheng Xuan going to be wretched? Pan Lin said. A wretched style. It's a genre. It exists as a choice in the way of fighting. As a professional. It only exists in whether you like it or not, whether you like it or not. If you say you can't, it's not professional enough. Zheng Xuan such a veteran who has been mixed up for seven years, of course, it is impossible not to be wretched. Of course, you have to be careful to deal with it. Li Yibo said. Zheng Xuan, the champion, needs to face three opponents. Su Mucheng is the first one. Who else will be next? No one can be more wretched than Fang Rui? The tiger-like girl, Tang Rou? A mess of rogue players? Or is it Wei Chen, the elder of Blue Rain? Zheng Xuan doesn't know Wei Chen. He came to the Blue Rain Training Camp for the third season, when Wei Chen had retired and left. Zheng Xuan has also heard some stories about this elder. Huang Shaotian was found in his online games, Marble Projects ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and Soksar, inherited by Yu Wenzhou, originally belonged to him. Every event at the beginning of Blue Rain. Can't get away from his name. They are in the blue brook pavilion guild in the net swims, in that column of founder, also writing down his name forever: Soksal. Yes, Soksal. Wei Chen's Soksar is not Yu Wenzhou's Soksar. As a result, such an old-timer suddenly returned to the field after seven years of retirement. At first, he attracted a lot of attention, but his comeback was not like Ye Xiu. He is not the protagonist on the field. There are few opportunities to play, and gradually the topic is lost. Only the Blue Rain Team. They will also pay attention to their old captain and elder. Will he play? Zheng Xuan thought, and then suddenly came to his senses. Shit, my mind is wandering again! In such a crucial game, Zheng Xuan thought actually deserted, and subconsciously walked out of a large section of bullets. At this time, he reacted and hurriedly observed the surrounding terrain. This guy.. What are you thinking about? Huang Shaotian, who watched Zheng Xuan's game outside the court, said that he was too familiar with this guy. Lack of fighting spirit has always been his big problem. Yu Wenzhou sighed with emotion. Even throwing it in the defensive position can't help him concentrate completely. Huang Shaotian said. If only he had Yu Feng's hard work. Yu Wenzhou said. In that case.. Did he leave early? Huang Shaotian said. Baihua looked for Zheng Xuan that summer, and Blue Rain knew about it. Yes.. So, I can't help it. Yu Wenzhou is helpless. It would be nice if he could make up with Yu Feng. Huang Shaotian said. What would that do? Is there a scene of flowers and blood in our team? Yu Wenzhou said. The players of the golden generation also have a profound impact on the scene of flowers and blood. In the third and fourth seasons, it was the time when the scene of flowers and blood reached its peak. The golden generation has experienced the baptism of flowers and blood. Who knows! Huang Shaotian said. This kind of meaningless if is the most melancholy thing. Yu Feng left because he was too active, too ambitious and too aggressive. Zheng Xuan stayed because he was too inactive and had no fighting spirit. It is good to stay, but the lack of fighting spirit has become the limitation of his strength. Zheng Xuan is gifted and talented, but because of the lack of fighting spirit, no initiative, his talent, his talent has always been unable to play. His achievements should not have ended there. This is a lot of people have had comments on Zheng Xuan, this guy is also heard, but, but always can not cheer up. Even in the playoffs, he can be distracted in the position of defending in the arena. This is the blue rain, change is the kind of micro grass strict team, I am afraid Zheng Xuan has long been swept out of the door. Blue Rain is a strange team, and he can accommodate all kinds of strange players. Huang Shaotian is a talkative opportunist, Yu Wenzhou is a tactical master with unqualified hand speed, Song Xiao is a key player in the playoffs, Lu Hanwen is a 14-year-old teenager who dares to fight and kill, and Yu Feng, who has left, is not happy to win the championship and must be satisfied with winning the championship for himself; Went to the whistling Lin Feng,Pietra Gray Marble, that is also a non-mainstream combat thief in the professional thieves. Then there is Zheng Xuan, a lack of fighting spirit. A competitive player. Blue Rain is such a concentration camp for featured players, and every player seems to be able to find his own place here. Someone once made an assumption. If Huang Shaotian does not type and concentrates all his hand speed on operation. If Yu Wenzhou's hand speed reaches the standard or even reaches a higher level. If Song Xiao can be as good in the regular season as he is in the playoffs. If Yu Feng did not pursue perfection and left. If Zheng Xuan is a player with high morale and always tries his best. How strong will this blue rain be. forustone.com

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