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Fufeng Song Full-time Job

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With a look of panic on his face, Guo Rong repeatedly said, "Don't worry, emissary!" Then he stepped back from the wall and seemed to be discussing with someone. Passed a little while, he appears again come round to say: "This thing is serious, cannot be ignored!"! Please let the emissary report back to the chief of your army. Let me discuss with the elders of the clan. The foot soldier had already been ordered, but he was willing to talk to him. "How dare you resist the military forces of the imperial court!" He shouted! You wait, wait to break through this dock fort, then put your head on public display! Turn around and walk away in the sound of cursing. Guo Rong turned pale with fright and repeatedly called out, "Messenger!"! Messenger, wait a moment! The voice did not fall, only to hear the strong wind, a finger-thick iron arrow from the dock fort outside the twilight when the chest flying! Guo Rong did not have time to react, exclaimed not yet export, only to hear a "clang" to the sound of sparks splashing. It turned out to be a big man who was guarding him and drew a knife to block it in time. The arrow was so fierce that it did not slow down after being knocked by the knife, but slightly changed its direction and grazed Guo Rong's shoulder. The big fellow stood with a horizontal sword and scolded angrily, "Shameless little man!" No one responded to him at the moment, only arrows came through the wind. Outside the main gate of the dock fort, Shen Jin spat, as if he was not satisfied with his archery, and then grinned grimly and put another carved arrow on the iron tire bow. There were dozens of other crossbowmen beside him, who fired strong bows and crossbows one after another, turning over the able-bodied men on the walls of the village one by one. Lu Yao, who was in front of the battle array, raised his sword and pointed with an expressionless face: "Men, go!" Many men have a knife in the hands of eager to try, heard Lu Yao a command, they immediately roar like thunder, rushed to kill the past. On the wall of the defense of the dock fort were prepared, although the beginning was caught off guard was shot over many people, but the rest of the people quickly reacted to come over, they hid behind the female wall, with their bows and arrows to kill the officers and soldiers fired fiercely,Coil Nail Making Machine, a few brave soldiers rushed to the front were shot like hedgehogs. If it is an ordinary army, such a tragic situation will make many people fear and slow down. However, Lu Yao's subordinates were mainly composed of the battle-hardened Bingzhou troops, and they were not affected at all and continued to rush. Even if it is hit by an arrow, as long as it is not in the vital point, they will not hesitate to insist on moving forward. When the officers and men rushed to the front gate of the dock fort, they smashed down the bricks and logs as dense as a rainstorm from the wall, so that the soldiers could hardly lift their heads. They braved the great threat above their heads to hit the front door again and again. The front door was made of pine boards as thick as half a foot. It was very strong. The back was firmly bolted with triple bolts. How could it be pushed? Just when he was helpless, he heard Xue Tong shout at the top of his voice: "Retreat!"! Withdraw! The foot soldiers immediately hula down. The Jin army also gradually moved back, slowly retreating behind a woodland far away from the dock fort. Passed a long time, hear Chu Kun to shout abuse again: "Good your Guo's dock fort!"! All right, you old Guo Rong! How dare you hurt our people! You wait, wait for us to fight into the castle, want you to look good! Although the voice roared loudly, coupled with the scene of the retreat of the Jin army, it was somewhat fierce in appearance. There was a sudden burst of laughter from the members of the dock fortress. Not daring to be careless, Guo Rong asked the big man with a knife beside him, wire nail machine manufacturers ,nail manufacturing machine, "Feng Zhuangshi, what do you think of the situation?" The big fellow surnamed Feng was originally a warrior in the imperial court army. After his defeat, he was hired as a coach by Guo Rong. He respected him very much on weekdays and never regarded him as a hero. In front of this situation, Guo Rong is to rely on his understanding of the court's military forces. The big fellow, surnamed Feng, gazed at the receding Jin army and said with some emotion, "Over the years, the fighting capacity of the imperial army has been getting weaker and weaker. When this army rushed up just now, it was quite a bit of a strong army. As a result, it retreated even when it was defeated." With a happy look on his face, Guo Rong said, "Did Feng Zhuangshi say that they would recede?" The big fellow, surnamed Feng, shook his head: "Lord Guo, they are driving straight to Tuomugang in such a harsh climate. There must be a major plot. They will never withdraw so easily. They will soon regroup and attack again.." Guo Rong's face moved a little, and the big fellow surnamed Feng added, "Don't worry, clan leader. Fenyang Pavilion is nearly a hundred miles away from Tuomugang. The road is difficult to travel in snowy days. They are bound to be exhausted when they trudge here.". Besides, it was already late, and I reckoned that if they attacked once or twice at most, they would surely retreat. As long as tomorrow, the Guo clan will gather together, and the powerful families will send people to help, the advantage will be completely in our hands. "Good!" Guo Rong was overjoyed. He raised his arms and shouted, "Boys!"! The officers and men are useless, and they are no match for our Guo's hero! Let's work harder and beat them back, and everyone will be rewarded! The sons and daughters who were guarding the wall answered in unison, and their morale was extremely high. After a while, the Jin army came over again, and this time they were surrounded by several family ladders, apparently caused by temporary felling of trees. As usual, the Kuo family served with bows and arrows, rolling logs, and stones, and knocked over many people. More officers and soldiers rushed to the near place, then put up a long ladder on the top of the wall, and several brave men in double armor waved their swords and guns to climb the ladder first, trying to jump up the wall. One of the officers and men, named Zhang Huan, was a famous player under Xue Tong. He stood at the top of the long ladder, holding a broadsword weighing thirty catties in each hand. They could not stop him for a moment and retreated one after another. Successive soldiers are waiting to keep up with, suddenly heard a loud drink, just that brandished a knife to block Shen Jin an arrow of Feng surnamed big fellow tiger pounce. After the two men fought several strokes, the big fellow looked at a gap, lifted his foot and kicked Zhang Huan off the wall, falling half dead. The rest of the long ladders were also pushed down, and several warriors who rushed to the wall first were killed one by one by a large number of people. This kind of dock fort is operated by one family for several generations, and the reserve of rolling wood and stone is very sufficient. Even though it happened suddenly, it still has a strong defense capability. Seeing that the attack of the officers and soldiers was defeated for the second time, there were bursts of laughter on the top of the dock fort wall. Just then, He Yun, who was standing beside Lu Yao, drew out an arrow wrapped in oilcloth,iron nail machine, lit it on the torch, and shot it into the sky with a whoosh. After the launch of the rocket, the rear of the dock fort suddenly heard a loud ShaSheng. 3shardware.com

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