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Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again. Full-time Job

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And he thought of this layer, and the emperor must have considered it. But even if there is such doubt, some words can not be made clear. If you don't make it clear, maybe you can talk about terms to satisfy William's ambition. But if it's clear, it's not something that can be solved by signing a treaty. And everything is about evidence, and this is a matter of no evidence at all. If you say too much, you are likely to annoy the other party and cause the queen to be hurt. At this time, only by satisfying each other's needs as much as possible can the queen be saved. Just when Su Peisheng was worried, he heard the Fourth Master say, "I don't know what kind of treaty you want to draw up." William: "At the beginning of the year, I thought about the border chaos, so I ordered someone to draw up a treaty. I wanted to send an emissary to the Qing Dynasty to negotiate, but I didn't expect you to go directly to our country, so I had a good interview." With these words, he made a gesture and ordered his subordinates to get the treaty. Moments later, William's subordinates handed the treaty to Su Peisheng. Su Peisheng looked at the treaty written in his hand and saw that it had been planned long ago. Although he was resentful, he still handed the treaty to the fourth Master. The fourth Master took it and looked at the thick treaty. In the meantime, William also said: "in fact, there is not much content, the most important thing is the division of land, east to Hubei Qinghe, west to Zhanfengling, south to the Qing Dynasty, north to the Empire on the Moon." Su Peisheng in the bottom of his heart sneer, who do not know east to Hubei Qinghe, west to Zhanfengling, south of the land is not much wide, is the land of other neighboring countries. To the north, however, there are nearly 200,000 kilometers of land,car radiator cap, which is the Junggar tribe. A long time ago, he heard the emperor say that the Yueshang Empire often allied with the Junggar tribe to encourage the Junggar tribe to rebel against the Qing Dynasty. Compared with Su Peisheng's anger, the fourth Master only continued to look at the treaty. As William said, there are other equal treaties besides the demarcation of land boundaries. Of course, only the division of land seems to be equal, but in fact it is an unequal treaty. After reading the treaty intently, the fourth Master closed the book and handed it to Su Peisheng. "To tell you the truth," he said indifferently, "your treaty here doesn't attract me, especially the trade between the two countries. I'm not interested in things like the fur of your empire on the moon." The Empire on the Moon did not have any good resources, on the contrary, they always took goods such as fur to the Qing Dynasty in exchange for gold, silver, brocade, cotton cloth, herbs and so on, deep draw stamping ,die casting parts, gaining huge benefits. Hearing this, William had a faint smile on his face. "So you don't want to sign this treaty?"? Kui I also added one in the back, as long as you sign a treaty, the Empire on the Moon will not take in the object that the Qing Dynasty wants to arrest, but will actively cooperate with the arrest, but I am full of sincerity, but you seem to be ungrateful. This is to remind the fourth Master: Don't forget that your queen is still in the Empire on the Moon, and her whereabouts are unknown. As long as you sign this treaty, I can cooperate with you to find the queen. Otherwise, no way! It has to be said that the only thing that attracted the fourth Master in the treaty was this. Otherwise he can't be here today. I won't be able to read the treaty calmly after William mentioned it. If it were normal, he would have walked away with a bad temper. But he can't make a very concerned look, otherwise he will become a passive party. The fourth Master held his lips. "It's not impossible. It's just that the treaty needs to be redrafted." As both sides did not show their cards, the next time, the fourth Master and William beat around the Bush and tested each other's bottom line. But the key to negotiating this kind of thing is to see who cares more about the content of the treaty and who is more excited. Although the fourth Master looked calm on the surface, he was in a hurry to find Ruoyin, and he was more anxious and anxious than William. An hour later, the fourth Master and William finally reached a consensus and signed a treaty. Since then, the boundary between the Qing Dynasty and the Moon Empire has been demarcated. He also said that the treaty would be printed on the stone in Manchu and Hu languages and placed at the border between the two countries as a mark forever. The Empire on the Moon will no longer incite and encourage the Zhunbu to rebel, which will make the frontier quiet. In the future, if there are disputes in the border area, the two monarchs need to be informed. And in the whole treaty, the two sides paid a lot, that is, the Qing Dynasty lost 150,000 kilometers of border land. Although it has been reduced from 200,000 kilometers to 150,000 kilometers, there is still a lot less land. But William seemed to know that Ruoyin was very important to the fourth Master. He was sure that the fourth Master would sign a treaty. After he only made a concession, he refused to make any more concessions. Chapter 1634 of the main text, Jiangshan and her, both. Although Su Peisheng and Chen Biao felt very sorry for this, they also knew that it was useless for anyone to persuade the emperor to make the decision. And as minions, they are not qualified to interfere with these. After the two sides signed the treaty, William's mouth pulled out a Victor's smile, "Your Excellency is really sincere to the Queen." Sincere enough to trade land for a woman. This sounds like a compliment, but in fact, it is ironic for an emperor. And he, William, when he signed it, it meant giving up the woman. Don't be too happy. Although the status of women in the Qing Dynasty is generally low, the status of the empress in the Qing Dynasty is equal to that of me. "And my patience is not waiting for anyone. In three days, I want her to appear intact in front of me. Otherwise, I will not only recapture the land, but also let you, like Celing, become my defeated generals and run away." A woman's status is not what a man says, but what she is. Fourth Master left such a sentence coldly and proudly, and left the Royal Castle with Chen Biao and Su Peisheng. Out of the castle, Su Peisheng whispered, "Your Majesty,Steel investment casting, that's one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers of land." How to give it to the Empire on the Moon. The fourth Master turned over and mounted his horse. He straightened his back and looked at the setting sun in the west. His eyes were slightly cold. "I want both Jiangshan and the queen. Sooner or later, I want them to double this account!" With that, he raised his whip vigorously and rode away from the castle. autoparts-dx.com

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Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again.