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Forty thousand years of cultivation Full-time Job

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The Phoenix Emperor was greatly insulted, as if he had been stung by a bee on his buttocks and jumped three feet high. "I, I am the real dragon emperor who has been working hard for thousands of years. I am blessed by the ancestors of the Zhu family. Of course, I want to assist you. What's so strange about this?" This man told you all the lies that can only deceive a three-year-old child, right? Only you, an innocent and ignorant yellow-mouthed child, will foolishly believe that he is using you as a chess piece, little emperor! Han Baling retorted and continued to say coldly, "Second, if you are really a big Luo Jinxian from the fairy world, in order to get the fairy fate, if you come prepared, you should naturally carry a lot of fairy treasures, such as Yunqin Jinren and so on, in the eyes of our secular practitioners are priceless treasures, but for you immortals, are they precious? You can't find one." Do you have to come here to rob? "Yes!" Han Baling's words suddenly made many practitioners who were intoxicated wake up. This "Lei Yun Xian Jun" action is really too strange, if it is really omnipotent big Luo Jinxian, why is it not willing to disclose his identity in Shendu at the beginning, why do they want to rob Yunqin Jin people with these secular practitioners. Can't you even find a statue of Yunqin Jin in the immortal world? Qi Zhongdao winked at Ba Xiaoyu,inflatable castle with slide, Yan Liren, and Master Bitter Cicada, and motioned for the four to move slightly in the direction of Han Baling, focusing their attention on Han Baling and Lei Yun Xianjun. What Han Baling said was suspected by Qi Zhongdao. Qi Zhongdao has seven or eight points to believe Han Baling's words, this Lei Yun Xianjun is a fake, no matter what he is, we must be on guard against his violent injury! "Third!" Han Baling said more and more smoothly,Inflatable water park on lake, "hey hey" sneer a few times, continued, "the real immortal, must know such a place as Asgard, and see you have such exquisite armor, must not be afraid of the wind and blizzard of the eternal night ice field, why not start to explore Asgard, but to follow our army together?" "There is only one answer. Before Wang Xi discovered Asgard, you didn't know the existence of Asgard at all. Even if you knew, you couldn't determine the exact location of Asgard at all!" "Can an immortal who doesn't even know where Asgard is be a real immortal?"? It's really a big slip in the world! "The above three questions, if'Leiyun Xianjun 'can not give three satisfactory answers, I am afraid it is extremely difficult to convince the public, ah, who knows what demons and ghosts are hidden under the so-called'Xianjun' mask?"? And who knows that the so-called'fairy world 'is not another way of saying that there are nine Netherlands and bloody battles in hell? Had it not been for the illusion of Taixu, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable outdoor park, Li Yao would have wanted to rush to Han Baling and cheer loudly for the prairie hero. Li Yao originally had a higher evaluation of the Youyun Gui Qin of Han Baling than the miasma of Dagan Xiuzhen Realm. No matter how bad "classical militarism" is, it is more or less a kind of progress compared with the decadent and declining ancient world! And Han Baling's mind, but also sober to the extreme, instantly pierced the three key points of the imperial special forces, so that this person's trick of pretending to be a ghost is almost unsustainable, it is too addictive! "You" The Phoenix Emperor was furious and trembled with anger. The crystal armor was full of brilliance, and the string light made a "crackling" explosion. He assumed a posture that he was willing to perish with Han Baling! "Zhu Zongyou, I advise you to keep your mind clear!" Han Baling hid behind the shield and said coolly, "I don't weigh my weight. Think about what I can do. Even if it's really your ancestor coming down to earth, why do you have to go to a lot of trouble to assist you, a ghost?"? Who doesn't save more energy than you? "Hey hey, Han Mou knows you this callow yellow mouth child, single-minded to reorganize rivers and mountains, Zhongxing work hard, in front of the ancestors are proud and elated!" "If that's the case, then you should figure out even more clearly whether this guy of unknown origin, who calls himself'Lei Yun Xian Jun ', is the ancestor of your Zhu family. If he confuses his ancestors, leads the wolf into the house, and eventually destroys Dagan in a moment, all your ancestors and emperors of all Dynasties will come alive from the coffin!" Han Baling's words made the Phoenix Emperor blush and stammer. He repeated the word "you" dozens of times, but he could not say the second word "you". The "Thunder Cloud Immortal" who was deeply hidden in the black skeleton giant soldier was speechless, silent for a long time and unable to answer directly, only the spirit flame overflowing from the gap of the black feather became more and more intense! "Lei Yun Xianjun, Han Mou's head has been washed clean, waiting for you to behead it!" Han Baling suddenly raised his voice, laughed for a while, and said firmly, "However, Han can die, but he will never be fooled like a pig before he dies!"! I think all the practitioners here are the same as me! "Tell me who you are!" "Who is it?" "Who is it?" "Who?" Han Baling's last sentence contained powerful psionic energy, which suddenly exploded in midair, just like the echo of an empty mountain, lingering around the beam, shaking many practitioners awake one after another, staring at the eyes of "Leiyun Xianjun", becoming more and more clear, more and more keen! Among the senior monks of the six major sects, there was a whisper. "I almost shook my mind just now and was deceived by this man!" "Think carefully, really too unreasonable, if he is really big Luo Jinxian, many questions are very difficult to explain!" "Why didn't he disclose his identity a few years earlier, why did he have to hide in the exploration team to seize the Yunqin Jin people, and why did he support Zhu Zongyou, a relatively well-controlled loner?" "If he had made his identity public in the temple of Shendu years ago,Inflatable water obstacle course, used the means of immortals, and won the recognition of all the royal families, would we not believe it?" joyshineinflatables.com

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