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Flexo Printing Machine suppliers Temporary Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 01:30   Banking   Bamberg   98 views Reference: 302
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Flexo Printing Machine suppliers Stack type flexo printing machine General plastic products (text, pattern, non-net-based) are very suitable for printing plastic bags required for export to European and American supermarkets, mainly color blocks and lines, and printing with low overprinting requirements. product is more applicable. Video Introduction The following is the operation flow of bopp film flexo printing machine. Detail Image Features 1. When the bopp film flexo printing machine is printing, its path can be changed, its printing can print the front and back at the same time, and its printing color number is very convenient to change. 2. The printed parts are very good and convenient for our operation, like our adjustment, replacement and cleaning are relatively convenient. 3. The printing unit can be separated and meshed independently, and it can also perform 360 registration, which will facilitate the printing of other printing units. 4. It has a wide range of applications and can print various publications. Printing Sample BOPP film flexo printing machine can flexo print various film materials such as PET/PE/Shrink film, etc. Factors Affecting Plastic Gloss 鈶?Reasons for ink performance The finer the ink particles, the weaker the diffuse reflection, which is beneficial to the gloss of the print. Therefore, the finer the pigment particles are ground in ink manufacturing, the finer the ink is and the better the gloss is. The resin in the ink determines the gloss. 鈶?Causes of solvent Solvent is added to the ink to increase the fluidity of the ink and reduce the viscosity. When the amount of solvent added is large, the viscosity of the ink decreases, the printing ink layer is thin, the specular reflection formed is weakened, and the gloss of the imprint is weakened; otherwise, the gloss is good. Of course, the amount of solvent added should be determined by taking into account factors such as blot drying, ink depth, ink volume, image clarity and print characteristics. 鈶?Reasons for the thickness of the ink layer Generally, Stack flexo press single-color printing products have low gloss, and multi-color printing products have good gloss. Usually, when printing, the base color ink layer is printed thicker to reduce the diffuse reflection on the surface of the film, which is beneficial to the gloss. 鈶?The melting factor of the film surface The surface of the film is smooth and clean, and the printed product is glossy and bright: vice versa. Compared with printing general transparent materials, the glossiness of the products is better when printing opalescent materials. Packaging and Delivery We are a professional Stack type flexo printing machine manufacturers in China. We can provide the best Stack type flexo printing machine for sales and competitive price. If you are looking for stack flexo printing machine supplier, we are a good choice. Contact us to get the price of bopp film flexo printing machine, Pe film printing machine, Shrink film printing machine etc.Flexo Printing Machine suppliers website:http://www.chflexoprinting.com/flexo-printing-machine/

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