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Fang Shu Yin Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:43   IT & Telecoms   Castrop-Rauxel   152 views Reference: 16
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Xiao Yi suddenly changed color, and his irascible and furious expression quickly enveloped his face into a storm of coming rain. I was a little surprised, because he had never shown his anger in front of me before. No matter how the outside world describes him, he has always been calm and polite in front of me, and his mood is extremely restrained and indifferent as ice! Now I suddenly have such a violent reaction, but I really have mixed feelings for a moment. Yes, eyes, no, beads.. Xiao Yi repeated these words softly, and suddenly laughed. His voice grew louder and louder, and finally he laughed sadly and went through the window. "Yes, that's right," he said, nodding with a sudden smile on his face. He stopped looking at me, turned around and strode to the door, paused a little, and left in a huff! (End of Chapter 31) The author has something to say: 555555555.. Guilt, guilt.. Is this the third time I have changed the title of the sub-chapter? I can't imagine that a half-face makeup would take so much trouble. Sweating wildly.. @_@ 1111: Your intuition is so sharp ~ All the guesses are right ~ @ ^ ^ @ I don't specialize in the study of the Northern and Southern Dynasties,side impact beams, but from the beginning of writing the song of resentment, I wrote all the way from the end of the Three Kingdoms to the Western Jin Dynasty of Yuxiangji, followed by the Northern and Southern Dynasties of Fangshu, and checked a lot of information.. ^^ About the prince of the Sima family, hehe, the first supporting actor in Yu Xiang Ji is Sima You, the younger brother of Sima Yan ~ ~ ~ The heroine in the song of complaint is also from the Sima family,stainless steel 304 pipes, but the female pig is my fictional character. During the Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, there seemed to be a lot of handsome men. You could just bump into a few of them when you went out. Update on September 1, Dad roared outside the door to tell me to go to bed early, no time to reply one by one, but I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the adults who accompanied me all the way. I will continue to work hard and finish well. @ ^ ^ @ (Suddenly the conscience-stricken Sakura drifted away quickly.) Update, Sept. 8: As for the question of why they can't talk it out and play it out together, in my plan, the answer is finally clear, after two or three chapters. In fact, the last update, Xiao Yi said the words, has revealed a clue. Let me irresponsibly keep you in suspense here. @^^@ Update on September 14: I recently changed my job in the last few days. As soon as I joined the company, I was so busy that the sky was dark and there was no buffer period at all. It is not without shame to see that your hole is getting bigger and bigger. I will try my best to update as soon as I am free, cold drawn tubes ,impact beam tubes, but I just want you to endure my tortoise speed. I'm really sorry! Besides, I'm really a stepmother. A lot of people have told me ~ ~ I'm afraid you see the following plot, but also say that I am an unscrupulous stepmother. @ ^ ^ @ (Run away quickly.) Update, September 23: Today is Autumn Equinox. I finally finished the chapter of half face makeup. Ah, it's been a busy two weeks. Change a new job, become two eyes open, busy to turn off the lights. =_= I have basically conceived the next plot, but I hope to have time to write them out. It's time to start killing people. Well, who should be operated on first? @^^@ In the early morning of September 27, the titles and sub-chapters of several chapters were adjusted today. This Xiao Yi has written so many good poems. I don't think I can use it up. @^^@ It's a pity that I write too many words when I'm happy, but the plot is very complete. It seems that I can only make it ten thousand words into a chapter. Kaka ~ ~ ~ After the wind passed noon, someone finally said it. I thought I wasn't hinting clearly enough. @_@ Sweat, all the adults who have been abused by my stepmother, I am also very ashamed. I don't think I've ever been so cruel before. Could it be that this kind of kung fu also grows with age? ^^||| There is no time to update before the Eleventh Festival, because the boss is pressing hard, and a lot of things are piled up together. Notice: On the evening of the 30th or the day of the National Day, I will update the second chapter of Xiao Yi, a big holiday, to change his image … … :P An Extra Chapter: Xiao Yi [Part 2] The author has something to say: Xiao Yi's image has been destroyed out of control by me. ^^; Therefore, specially when the National Day holiday is approaching, I will write an extra chapter for him first to whitewash the image that he is about to lose. Happy National Day to all:) Conflict I knelt straight in front of my father, whose furious roar made my ears buzz and my mind go blank. I've never seen my father so angry. Because of his sincere worship of Buddha, his father believed in the style of benevolence, virtue, propriety and righteousness, and recited sutras all day long, even sacrificing his life to become a monk. Even if he is angry, he can usually manage to control his emotions and maintain his benevolent appearance in front of others, not to mention being so ungraceful and rude in front of me. You You are so obsessed! That kind of woman with bad omens, even if the family background is barely qualified to marry into the royal family, but only by the various signs reported from all over the world in the past few days, is not enough for you to decide to divorce her? I shook my head quietly and remained stubbornly silent in the face of my father's anger. My father was so angry at my silent denial. Seven charms! You have always been such a sensible and obedient child, and now you want to give up your future for the woman cursed by God? Didn't your father order you to abandon her for your sake? The father ordered people to explain all these strange signs in detail many times, and to carry out divination in front of the Buddha. None of the results could excuse her! I shook my head and remained silent, kneeling straight on the ground. The cold gold brick floor sucked my body temperature away, and the long motionless time made me stiff from head to heel. I thought, why did the gods and Buddhas attribute those lightning, thunder, snowstorms, even toppled houses and broken trees to Zhao Pei? Houses may fall into disrepair, trees may fail to take root, there is no shortage of rain in the south of the Yangtze River in winter,Precision steel tubes, and lightning, thunder, wind and snow are only the most intense symptoms of unpredictable winter weather. cbiesautomotive.com

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