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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear Full-time Job

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She took Su Keer's hand and said excitedly, "Keer, you are finally willing to work here!" I.. I want to try it. "I believe you can do it!" "I haven't done it, and I hope I won't let you down." After all, she came in through connections and was not so confident. Be confident! Besides, your main task is not to work. She said mysteriously, "I called you here to make my brother like you." Sue shook her head. "I don't know him.". Besides, how could he like me? Who says it's impossible? As long as I have, I will help you create more opportunities! "No, really no." Su Keer thought that he had lost his virginity and would never dare to think about such a rich and powerful son again. Don't say so much. My brother's office is over there. I'll show you around. She pulled Su Keer and ran to Nan Muliang's office. This girl, of course, is Nan Muliang's younger sister, Nan Yiyi. Perhaps it is the halo effect of the protagonist that emanates from Su Keer, and there are always some people who help her inexplicably. Among them, the most powerful one is Nan Yiyi. She knew that Xu Ruyi was her brother's fiancee, but because she was partial to her best friend, she kept putting the two together. In the last life, Su Keer was lost in Nanmuliang, and there was nothing wrong for them to be together. But now that the plot has changed, Xu Ruyi will certainly not be as she wishes. Yiyi. Xu Ruyi stopped her, and her eyes were full of exclamation, "Your clothes are so beautiful." Nan Yiyi is not a scheming person,ultrasonic cutting machine, nor does she hate her. However, she wanted her best friend to be her own sister-in-law, so she made a match again and again. The previous life, Xu Ruyi all kinds of obstruction, not only did not succeed, but made people betray their relatives. Now all she has to do is pull her into her camp. (To be continued.) Chapter 869 unmarried wife vs overbearing president. At this time, Nan Yiyi heard her praise her clothes and said proudly, "This is my own design!" " She is fascinated by fashion design and likes the sense of accomplishment. One of the industries in the family was specially set up for her, and all the clothes she made were designed by her. Can I order one? Xu Ruyi took her hand, "I especially like the clothes you designed.". It's just that you don't talk to me every time. Nan Yiyi felt a little embarrassed. "No, you think too much." "So it's settled?" "Well, well.." What style do you like? Let me think about it. "Then come here and let's have a general discussion first. Can I have a look at the draft?" "All right.". Of course! As soon as Nan Yiyi heard that it was related to his hobbies, ultrasonic welding transducer ,sonicator homogenizer, he immediately forgot to take Su Keer to see his brother. Xu Ruyi did not have any trace of her words, and quickly understood Nan Yiyi's interests and hobbies. So you also like to eat the dessert of Fu Ji. I often go there. "I like secla too. She has a beautiful voice." The two soon began to talk about everything. Su Keer, who was inadvertently left out, had received instructions not to break into the president's office at will, and naturally would not go in at this time. It's just that she's a little sad. For last night, she still regretted, never thought her first time would be given to a strange man. Fortunately, he is not bad looking and experienced, and he takes good care of her mood. The process is not too painful. Su Keer looked at the boudoir they discussed all the words she did not understand, or said she had never heard of the brand, deeply felt that they are not the same kind of people. She thought of male public relations again, let oneself work to make up for the past, the heart is not the taste. Xu Ruyi and Nan Yiyi had a good discussion and did not forget to remind her. Yiyi, when I get engaged to your brother, the dress will also be designed by you! Nan Yiyi had been talking about designing a wedding dress for Su Keer before, but then he remembered that his brother had a fiancee, but he neglected it. Thinking that the two men had not met yet, he gave up. "No problem!" She said! Actually, I always thought you were hard to get close to, but I didn't expect to see you today. It's still very good. "Hehehehe." Xu Ruyi chuckled. "What are you laughing at?" "It turns out that we have the same idea!" Nan Yiyi did not understand: "What is the same?" "I thought you were not easy to approach, so I just said hello when I looked at you." Nan Yiyi laughed in an instant, "Ha ha, it's like this." Then we should communicate more in the future. After all, I'm about to marry your brother. "Yes, if you don't tell me, I'll forget.". Just free today, after you get off work, come to my house to play! The two agreed that Xu Ruyi would resume his work. She is so efficient that she only needs to look at any information once and remember it all. He quickly won the approval of his superiors and strongly recommended Nanmuliang to his side. General Manager Nan, the newly recruited Secretary Xu is very capable and efficient. I also know public relations. You can give her more opportunities to stay around and exercise. Nan Muliang did not expect that his fiancee, who had never been taken seriously before, would win the praise of the people he relied on most in just one day. Ok. Then let her stay here. There will be a dinner party tomorrow. Let her go with me. (To be continued.) Chapter 870 unmarried wife vs overbearing president. After work, Nan Muliang remembered his sister's confession and brought a bunch of roses when he went back. He asked the driver to make a detour to the flower shop and picked out a bunch of roses to take away. When I entered the living room, I saw my fiancee and sister sitting on the sofa. Two people are happily crowded together, laughing and whispering. He was stupefied. When did the relationship between these two people become so good? "Brother, you're back." Nan Yiyi came forward and saw the flowers he was holding. She looked back and blinked niftily, "Sister-in-law, my brother is so romantic that he bought you flowers specially!" As soon as Nan Muliang heard this,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he knew that this was a good thing done by his own sister. However, when he saw the girl on the sofa over there and heard this sentence, his bright eyes were instantly foggy. Resist the thought of debunking her lies. fycgsonic.com

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