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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:40   Financial Services   Bayreuth   240 views Reference: 376
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She's been cooped up in the house for two days. She must be bored. Walking around will help her recover. This also avoids being abducted and taken to bed by her in broad daylight. How many pairs of eyes in the palace looked at it, Chu Liancheng, after all, has not experienced, more or less embarrassed. Besides, the first time for two people should be carried out in an undisturbed environment. He wanted to be close to her and do that kind of thing without distraction. Xu Ruyi walked hand in hand with him by the gorgeous sea of flowers. Then she asked someone to play chess under the tree and play with him. Chu Liancheng did not expect her literary talent is not good, but can play a good chess, even he has some self-pity. Xu Ruyi's little face was covered with a layer of pride. "Playing chess is like marching, and I have been able to do it since I was a child.". I'm not boasting. There are few people in the world who are my opponents. Her little fingers, as white as jade, twirled the chess pieces and fell down, and every step was neat and neat. Such demeanor is really fascinating. Even if she can only play with guns and sticks, even if she is usually a little careless. At this time, she was so perfect in his heart. It was so good that he surprised himself. Xu Ruyi's small face with a slight smile, delicate facial features how can not see enough. Chu Liancheng could not help but be entranced. Liancheng Jun, you will lose if you don't make a move! Xu Ruyi looked at him with a smile, "would you like me to tell you how to win me?" Chu Liancheng withdrew his thoughts and looked at the chessboard carefully. Moments later, he put down his chess pieces with some frustration. "I can't win. I give up." "No." Xu Ruyi reached out to hold him,wire mesh decking, "try here." She shocked him by pulling him to the ground. It was already a dead end just now, but this son fell and turned things around! After that, no matter which step he takes, he can easily win! Chu Liancheng looked at her with a palpitation. The girl in front of her was elated, and her whole face was pink and beautiful! She set up the game early in the morning, and all the pieces were in her calculation. She can win if she wants to and lose if she wants to. To be able to do this is really. [System prompt: The man's favorable rating is 30, and the current favorable rating of the host is 80. Host,push back racking system, keep up the good work!] I lost. Be convinced. "" Chu Liancheng said sincerely, "Ruyi, you are really awesome." In fact, she is not without literary talent, but spent all her time marching and fighting, right? Her responsibility is to defend the country, only need to understand the strategy, what is the use of reciting poetry? Thinking of this, Chu Liancheng completely overturned his previous impression of her. Look at her again at this time, everywhere is pleasing to the eye. Xu Ruyi did not hide his pride and opened his mouth with a smile: "Liancheng Jun, do you feel now?" If you match me, it's not a loss. The man laughed and shook his head. "No.". I told you, you were fine. There are only people in this world who don't deserve you. Originally, warehousing storage solutions ,warehouse storage racks, she did this in order to let herself see more of her good. She just wants to show herself in front of him. Such a move was a little childish, but it made him a little happy for no reason. Just read the refreshing novel. Chapter 4405 Dandy Queen vs Indifferent Lord. Fall in love with you to read the book net 630book la, the fastest update to wear the latest chapter of the fancy counterattack male God program! At dinner in the evening, Xu Ruyi beckoned someone to bring some wine and poured a cup, "Liancheng Jun, we drink this wine together." Chu Liancheng looked at her in the flickering candlelight, her delicate cheeks pink and moist, her long eyelashes blinking. He hasn't drunk yet, but he's a little drunk. Gently clinking glasses with her, Chu Liancheng drank it down. They sat opposite each other in the yard, drinking and eating vegetables slowly. They didn't drink much, but they enjoyed themselves very much. After the bath, Xu Ruyi took his hand into the room. Two people tacitly let the atmosphere become ambiguous, the temperature of the whole room seems to rise a lot. She looked up at the tall and handsome man in front of her and pulled the collar gently. "It seems a little hot tonight," he said with a smile. Chu Liancheng avoided her line of sight and hurriedly answered, "well." "Mr. Liancheng, let me undress you!" Xu Ruyi said and reached out to his waist. The clothes here are complicated to wear, but very convenient and simple to take off. As soon as the three-finger-wide brocade belt was pulled, his clothes became loose. Chu Liancheng looked down at her movements, and his breathing and heartbeat intensified. When she helped her take off her coat, he picked her up and strode to the bedside. Xu Ruyi put his arm around his neck and stared at him with bright eyes. "Liancheng Jun, are you nervous?"? Why am I beating so fast here? She stretched out a hand to take him and pressed it to her chest. Chu Liancheng only felt that he was rolling in the palm of his hand, but he wanted to take it back as if he were stuck. Under the palm of his hand, the soft and tender mass felt indescribably comfortable, so that he did not want to let go at all. Ruyi.. Murmur, Chu Liancheng can not help but kiss her lips, gently holding slowly sucking/sucking. Two people are not the first time to kiss, both have experience, in the increasingly hot atmosphere, do not know who is the first to push down who. As soon as they were cold, they found that most of their clothes had been removed. In the flickering candlelight, their skin seemed to be covered with a layer of pink of love/desire. Chu Liancheng paused for a moment and relaxed his breathing, "Ruyi, I.." "Liancheng Jun, give you to me." I will also offer you everything, including all my love and life, which will belong to you forever.. "Well, I will, too." He sighed in his heart. It turns out that all the layouts in the world are not worth the variables of love. No matter how ambitious you are, you will give up for one person. Chu Liancheng kissed her, wishing he could give her everything, and he was willing to burn himself out and give her everything. When Xu Ruyi woke up,heavy duty cantilever racks, it was already bright. When she opened her eyes, she saw a pair of deep eyes staring at herself. Chu Liancheng with a smile, as gentle as ever. The man's gentle face is handsome and affectionate. The only thing reflected in her eyes was her figure. Liancheng Jun. Xu Ruyi opened his mouth and found that his voice was a little hoarse. jracking.com

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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear