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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:42   Engineering   Saarlouis   197 views Reference: 344
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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

Two people cooperate tacitly but have the feeling of a family Xu Ruyi took out the ice cream in the refrigerator and ordered "Help me lay down the egg white" It was a hardened ice cream that had been wrapped in sticky rice paper and frozen Wait for Lei Yiqiu's egg white to be beaten then add starch and mix well and wrap it in ice cream He was curious "Is that all right" "Well control the oil temperature hang the paste ice cream when the pan is 20% hot and fry it into golden brown" Xu Ruyi answered and his hand movements were not disorderly Pesticides at all When the pot was ready she twirled it with her fingers Some hot let Xu Ruyi hurriedly drop then both hands scratched his ears Lei Yiqiu saw such an action can not help but be a little stupefied Her childlike appearance is really cute It is quite different from the image of being capable by the cooking stove just now This kind of contrast makes people feel good Lei Yiqiu couldn't help grabbing her hand to check "is there any scalding" "It's all right" She tried to retract He failed to give her what she wanted but examined her carefully He's unharmed He's in good shape Her little snow-white finger are thin and long Soft very good-looking hands Lei Yiqiu caught some of them and didn't want to let them go Xu Ruyi pulled it out of his palm and looked at the dish on one side "This should be eaten while it's hot You can taste it" He squeezed a piece and put it in his mouth The heat of the skin has not yet subsided but the inside is cold Crisp outside and smooth inside crispy and delicious Does it taste good Xu Ruyi stared at him with a pair of sparkling eyes Lei Yiqiu nodded "It's the first time to eat something so special" It's amazing And at the dinner table he saw her cooking again Lei Yiqiu hesitated and asked her "Our motorcade organized a barbecue and stipulated that one family member could be brought" I'm just saying if you can bring one more person "Are you inviting me" Xu Ruyi looked at him Would you like to He wanted to create more opportunities with her and develop their feelings Said Lei Yiqiu heart is perturbed He stared at her without blinking an eye Xu Ruyi looked at him for a few seconds and smiled "Good" When "I haven't discussed the details yet and I'll tell you when the time comes" When Lei Yiqiu saw her answer he breathed a sigh of relief quietly As soon as Xu Ruyi left he quickly called around to organize his teammates As soon as those people heard this they began to give advice Choose the time and place and wait to ask her out Xu Ruyi also dressed himself up carefully but in another style She was wearing a white T-shirt with a cartoon pattern and light blue jeans A very casual look can also make people look bright Lei Yiqiu came to pick her up and looked at her silently for a few seconds "You are very cute today Chemicals Suppliers " She looked like a high school student who was still studying and a clean and plain face also fascinated him Chapter 3552 female bar owner vs rebellious racing driver Xu Ruyi smiled "Why I wasn't cute yesterday" "No" Every day is lovely He said quickly The place Lei Yiqiu is looking for is on a beach The natural rocks here can be used to set up pots and also block the wind around them After going a group of people began to sort out the food they brought Some people can't wait to change into swimsuits and jump into the sea Xu Ruyi stood at the seaside blowing the salty wind In the waves not far away several young people were fighting She stretched her waist and smiled comfortably "That's nice" As soon as I close my eyes I can hear the call of the sea Xu Ruyi also wants to jump in and have a good swim You're going in the water Lei Yiqiu glanced at her You told me that when I was at the beach I prepared a swimsuit! She stepped aside "Wait for me to put it on!" When Xu Ruyi came out again he found that the people over there focused their eyes on him She looked down and didn't seem to find anything wrong She was wearing a bikini with a light pink Lily pattern A silk ribbon was tied into a bow on her chest which cleverly concealed her half-exposed round snow skin The thin waist is completely exposed to the line of sight She has a smooth belly smooth and tender The two long legs are straight and slender At this time she did not wear shoes a pair of the same snow-white feet on the beach In front of the thin feet there are ten round and lovely toes Ahem! Lei Yiqiu coughed and told them to turn their eyes quickly Her skin was as white as snow and there was no color difference of sunburn all over her body The long and thin legs are well-proportioned and beautiful which is simply eye-catching Not to mention her flat belly plump chest beautiful face How can there be such a perfect person in this world Moreover she runs her own business and has a good cooking skill Elegant and considerate Lei Yiqiu Pesticide Adjuvants wanted to scold himself as a bastard What the hell was he thinking To push such a beautiful angel away He clenched his fist to himself and was sure to catch her! Lei Yiqiu warned these people in a low voice "She is mine is your sister-in-law" You're not allowed to look at it! "ÇÐ What kind of people do you think we are Can you rob a brother's woman "Yes man you really think too much" However after he was assured that he was satisfied to leave the remaining men could not help but quietly look past They don't want to rob it but it's good to see it! You know the female stars on TV are not better looking than her! "Wow sister-in-law's skin is really good!" Like snow in the sun it's bright and dazzling Look at the chest the waist oh "It's nice to have little arms and legs!" "Hey don't look he's staring!" Xu Ruyi didn't care about these people She pulled her hair up and moved her wrists Lei Yiqiu did not know when to change his swimming trunks and approached the position behind her He was so tall that he immediately covered some of the sunlight for her and blocked the view of others Looking at the girl who was shorter than herself Lei Yiqiu said "You go down and I will protect you" ¡£ globalchemmall.com

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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear