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Evolution's 4.6 Billion Ensemble-Music Reading Nest Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:30   Engineering   Salzgitter   204 views Reference: 317
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In the woodland behind the spiked wall, Lin found a large number of black bees and some of the fat insects they often carried. The predators rushed forward and tore each black bee and all kinds of fat insects with their claws. The black bees were screaming. As they fled into the depths of the fern jungle, the predators followed, tearing each black bee apart. Lynn won't let any of them get away. While chasing the black bees, Lin's troops also slowly entered the Inca swarm territory from the passage opened by the explosion, because the number was too large, it would take a little time to come in completely, although Lin could blow up a few more mouths, but Lin did not want to hurt the plant wall too badly. Black bees don't seem to know how to fight. Even if they are constantly torn apart or cut off by predators, they are just on the run. Lin thought they would try to kill predators by virtue of their small size. Instead of heading for the home trees, the bees fled to a more open area of the jungle, where predators chased them without hesitation,collapsible bulk container, rushing into the glades and using their claws to cut and pierce all the black bees in the way. 'Bounce '! The ground in the center of the clearing suddenly raised a huge mound, and the ground was cracked by the mound, and all the black bees went into the cracks, trying to avoid the attack of predators. The ground was trembling, and it was clear that something huge was coming out of the ground,stackable plastic pallets, but the predators fought back, swarming around the rising mound and digging on it with their claws. 'Boom! ' After a loud noise, the mound burst open, and many predators were ejected tens of meters away at that moment, most of them hitting the ferns on the edge of the clearing, and their bodies were smashed by the momentum. In the bursting mound, a pair of huge curved jaws with serrated teeth protrudes first, followed by a huge giant insect head. Lynn knows this creature. That's the Earth Ripper, the ultimate weapon of the Mayan race! The Inca swarm may have used a method similar to the resurrection of fossils to'steal 'the Mayan ripper. This ripper is even bigger than what Lin saw in the home tree. The pair of jaws alone has reached nine meters long. Most of its body is still buried under the earth. It's hard for Lin to estimate how huge it is. The predators swarmed out of the forest, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, rattling together in a disturbing shrill rattle, so numerous that they enveloped the glade like a tsunami sweeping toward the ripper in the center of the glade! 'Whoo!! ' The ripper let out a heavy roar, which instantly drowned out the sound of all the predators. It raised its head forcefully and then hit the giant jaw heavily on the ground. The powerful impact crushed many predators in an instant, and even those who were not hit were shaken away by the shock wave. What a powerful force, it is the legendary monster that can shovel the deep sand bus out of the ground! There must be an extremely powerful pressure system in her body, and if it can be broken down, Lin's arms structure will become more powerful. This is ridiculous! Stupid as hell! Just as Lin sighed at the power of the ripper, Lin suddenly heard the angry voice of the brain worm. It was the first time that it brought emotion into the tone: "The ripper is completely wrong in the way it is used. The way it operates is stupid and not fine enough. Lin, we must exterminate this sad group of Inca worms!" (To be continued.) PS: Thanks for the ~ exclusive ~ reward ~  Explosive armor! 'Boom.. Boom. Boom! ' The loud noise of the explosion continued,plastic wheelie bins, and countless explosive armor crashed into the woodland where Lin's troops were located. Most of the woodland were predators and a few gunners. Under the roar, countless debris and blood were splashed and scattered. The flames of the explosion spread with the surrounding ferns, turning the woodland into a sea of fire. cnplasticpallet.com

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Evolution's 4.6 Billion Ensemble-Music Reading Nest