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Emperor Group: Tame the Iceberg Husband + Fanwai Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:24   Tourism & Restaurants   Dachau   309 views Reference: 218
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Inside the mirror was Ran Kewei's face of grief and despair. It seemed that she was unwilling and could not accept the fact. She suddenly ran and ran towards the car turning into the corner of the street. Mu Shao blocked her way with an arrow. "That's enough. Don't think about yourself for seven years." People can change. Ran Kewei looked at him, quietly listening to his words, and then, she slowly shook her head, no, she did not believe that Haoen would be so cruel, did not believe that Haoen would face her, without a trace of nostalgia. Unable to restrain herself, she squatted on the ground and burst into tears. Bai Xiyan sat in the back seat, the wound on her arm had stopped bleeding, and she stopped crying, peeking at the person sitting in front of her, faintly feeling his anger. But what was he angry about? She's the one who should be angry, isn't she? What he finally said to Ran Kewei, hope. Never again. What does that mean? Don't kiss him again? Or don't hit her next time? Bai Xi Yan is still thinking, but the car stopped, the door was opened by him, in Bai Xi Yan has not yet reacted, he picked her up and walked toward the hospital. The doctor checked the wound, said to suture a few needles, Bai Xi Yan immediately opened his eyes: "No." Really? Sew it? I I don't want.. She looked frightened and wanted to run away. "Shut up!"! Sit down.. With a cold look on his face, he pushed her down on the stool. She pursed her lips, looked timidly at the doctor in a white coat in front of her,inflatable air dancer, then at the people around her, and suddenly opened her mouth: "Rong Haoen, you go out.." I won't sew if you're here. She suddenly lost her temper, but he was stunned, looked at her serious face, hesitated for a while, or turned to go out. He walked up and down the corridor nervously, and before five minutes had passed, it was as long as five hours. The door of the dressing room suddenly opened,inflatable amusement park, and the doctor came out in a panic: "Er.." The patient is missing. Rong Haoen was stunned, then turned around and ran out, holding the figure running out at the gate of the hospital. "Bai Xi Yan.." Get in there! Half dragging and half pulling, he grabbed her into the hospital. "Don't.." I don't want.. You go.. Yung Ho-eun, let me go. Bai Xiyan struggled desperately, kicking and punching him, and he grabbed her hands and feet, picked her up and went straight to the dressing room. Still unable to defeat him, she sat there, enduring the doctor's pungent liquid to disinfect the wound, and then the pain made her grin. When the sharp needle pierced the skin, she stared in horror, grabbed the hand of the man on the side and bit it down. Rong Haoen frowned, bearing her teeth and claws, but never said a word. Finally, the wound was sewn up, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable water park factory, and she was relieved, but she was already covered with sweat. ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× It's on the shelf. Starting from today, this article will be fixed above the third watch every day. Yan will refuel, dear friends, give Yan motivation. (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) Works related to Chapter 71 Punishment (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) Rong Haoen frowned, bearing her teeth and claws, but never said a word. (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) Finally, the wound was sewn up, and she was relieved, but she was already covered with sweat. The doctor told him to be careful to wet the wound, to change the dressing on time, and to prepare anti-inflammatory drugs. On the way back, Bai Xi Yan has been pouting, do not say a word to him, in fact, he did not say to her. In the dull carriage, there is a restless atmosphere. The harsh ring of the mobile phone suddenly broke the peaceful space, Bai Xiyan was startled, hurriedly pulled out the mobile phone, but it was Bai Xiyang's phone. As soon as the phone was connected, Bai Xiyang cursed loudly: "Dead Ya, smelly Xiaobai, take your homework, you can't count on me.." I won't help you anymore. Bai Xiyan took the phone away, what stimulated the fourth sister? Seldom do you yell at people like that? Her head ached at the thought of that pile of homework: "I know, I'll come and get it tomorrow …" Suddenly, as if thinking of something, his eyes flashed a sly light, and he said to Bai Xiyang on the other end of the phone, "You take your homework to the school gate, and I'll come and get it right away.." Hung up the phone, looked at the front seat, said in a cold voice: "I want to go to school to get homework, you stop..." He did not speak, the car slowed down, and then the steering wheel turned in the direction of the school. Holding a pile of test papers in his hands, Bai Xiyang was already waiting at the school gate. When he saw Bai Xiyan getting off the bus, he pushed the glasses on his face and exclaimed, "Xiao Bai, are you hurt?" Bai Xiyan did not speak, but used one hand to hold the test paper in her hand, but let the people who came later take it. "Hey, hey." Bai Xiyang dragged Bai Xiyan, who was about to turn around, and pointed to her injured arm, "was it discovered?" Bai Xiyan covered her mouth, glanced at the man at the other end, and stared at her: "Don't talk nonsense, and don't tell the elder sister and the second sister.." I'm leaving. With that, he slipped away like a gust of wind. All the way home, she ignored the people behind her,Inflatable indoor park, knocked the door of the room, and then took her pajamas into the bathroom. Rong Haoen stood at the door of the bathroom and hesitated for a long time before he raised his hand and knocked at the door. "Don't talk to me." I'm very angry now. Her roar came from inside the door, but it made his lips rise slightly. joyshineinflatables.com

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