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East Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:51   Independent & Freelance   Farmsen-Berne   336 views Reference: 72
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Li Taibai has a handsome face, holding a long sword with a green edge in his hand. From the faint cold light, we can see that the sword is not ordinary. In addition, the silver-white armor on his body can be said to be full of heroism. On one side, Zhu Shen is just the opposite. His rough face has a messy beard, and a dark nine-ring ghost-headed machete slants on his leg, which adds to his ferocity. Under the influence of the common sense that "flowers need to be set off by green leaves", people can easily distinguish "loyalty and treachery" from the appearance of the two people, especially the women around "who doesn't love pretty", who immediately shouted loudly, "Li Gongzi teaches him a good lesson" and so on. The two men looked at each other for a while, and Zhu Shen was the first to start. He rudely grabbed the machete beside him and fiercely split Li Taibai's face. From the momentum of his hands holding the handle of the knife and the iron ring on the knife, there was a harsh collision sound. This knife was really a bit overwhelming. In the face of a ferocious approaching knife, Li Taibai's eyes suddenly flashed a cold light, while the sword in his hand went up very quickly. The tip of the sword drove the blue light on the body of the sword to flash, and there was a sound of "ding". Although the castration of Zhu Shen's machete was unstoppable,x52 line pipe, it was still hit by Li Taibai's sword, and the clumsy blade swung outward. OK The sound of applause rang out with a bang, and the real photos on the sidelines naturally showed the subtlety of Li Taibai's skill. What was rare was the lightness and ingenuity of his sword moves. Obviously, without years of hard training, he could not have reached such a state of using his sword like a finger. However, in addition to his admiration for Li Taibai,x56 line pipe, Zhenzhao also noticed the brilliance of Zhu Shen. The machete laboriously turned to the left, and Zhu Shen's burly body moved gently to the left in an instant with the momentum of the knife. It was such a seemingly simple step that he unexpectedly waved a knife smoothly and incomparably at the moment when the momentum of the knife in his hand was exhausted, and drew it to Li Taibai again without mercy. True according to can see Zhu Shen is not simple, in which Li Taibai naturally more clearly know the advantages and disadvantages of this knife, "scared" a loud shout resounded through the audience, Li Taibai's sword on the green awn awesomely. Then all the onlookers had an illusion in front of their eyes, only to see the white-armored man in the field waving a long sword, the blue light of the sword seemed to turn into a green lotus all over the sky, falling gracefully, and the petals scattered around were seen in the eyes of all the people, which made people feel inexplicable peace. This is A familiar feeling came to Zhenzhao, x60 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, and Zhenzhao suddenly remembered the scene in the small building of Huanxi. Volume 6 Wu Kui Chapter 6 Jian Zong "Green Lotus Sword Tips, this is the Green Lotus Sword Tips of Gaoyang Dunhuang Sword School!" Zhenzhao was paying full attention to Li Taibai's exquisite swordsmanship, when Zhong Yanwu beside him suddenly whispered. True according to "Oh" of answer, in the heart secret way: "It is Green Lotus Sword Jue really!" As early as the night of Huanxi Xiaozhu, he had seen something from Li Taibai, but he had heard that the Dunhuang Sword School was a martial arts school of the Buou clan, which had always only accepted the children of the clan as successors, so he was not sure that Li Taibai was using this set of swordsmanship. But when he saw the track of Qinglian painted on Li Taibai's sword, Rao Zhenzhao still felt incredible, but he also knew that what was in front of him was the famous Qinglian sword in Gaoyang Dunhuang. What Li Yu made was. Remembering Li Yu's martial arts again, Zhenzhao became more and more puzzled in his heart: "Coincidentally.." Is that the White Lotus Sword? The sound of applause sounded again, and Zhenzhao moved his mind back to the two men on the field. At this time, Li Taibai's sword was getting faster and faster, and the green lotus floating in the air became more dense. One after another, it kept falling to Zhu Shen, who was busy dodging, making Zhu Shen gradually look a little left and right. Qinglian Jian Jue really lives up to its reputation. He knew that the Buo people had lived in the Dunhuang desert in Gaoyang for many years, and that they were a very strange people on the mainland. Their ancestors were descended from the intersection of demons and human spirits, so they were called magic people Buo in the East. The Buo people believe in Buddhism. It is said that the first Buddhist master of Oriental immortality on the mainland, Jialin Immortal, only received two disciples in his life. They are a pair of twin brothers of the Buo people. At the same time, these twin brothers are also the founders of today's Dunhuang Sword Sect, Wudu Zen Master and Youduan Zen Master. Gaoyang Dunhuang Sword Sect has been handed down from these two Zen masters. After thousands of years of development, it has become the leading immortal sword sect in the East. It and Bailuyuan Sword Sect in Liaodong are known as the two major sword sects in the world by the warriors on the mainland. Qinglian Jian Jue attaches great importance to artistic conception, which is the same as Buddhist Zen. Looking at the green lotus tracks drawn in Li Taibai's sword, Zhenzhao recalled the words that the old man in his family had mentioned to him intentionally or unintentionally, and suddenly had a new feeling in his heart about martial arts. Li Taibai's sword makes more urgent, and the space that Zhu Shen can move under the light of the sword is also shrinking, to this situation, everyone can see that the victory or defeat has been divided, Zhu Shen's defeat is a matter of morning and night. Just as Zhenzhao was secretly thinking about how many more moves Zhu Shen could withstand under the Qinglian Sword Jue, a very unexpected thing suddenly happened: I saw a golden light in Zhu Shen's eyes, and I didn't know what mystery there was in it. His figure was as fast as lightning, escaping from the sword net that Li Taibai had woven for him. At the same time, The nine-ring ghost head machete in Zhu Shen's hand once again regained its vitality and swept toward Li Taibai's right flank. It was only a matter of a moment. Only a few people could see the subtle change in Zhu Shen's eyes clearly. Before he could react, he heard a clear sound of "Dang" in his ears. Li Taibai's long sword and Zhu Shen's big machete really touched each other. The shadow of the sword and the light of the knife from time to time finally disappeared. Immediately after that, a more puzzling scene appeared. After Zhu Shen and Li Taibai fought hard for this move,uns s32760 plate, he seemed to be far inferior to Li Taibai in internal force. After five or six steps back from the shock of his body, he finally stood still. Your martial arts are really better than mine. I am convinced by Zhu Shen. Before Li Taibai could react, Zhu Shen spoke first. lksteelpipe.com

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