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Dust Road Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:28   Real Estate   Calw   253 views Reference: 152
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The stone road is very quiet, except for the rustling sound of light rain falling on the leaves on both sides, there is no sound, as if there is only one sound left between heaven and earth, silent and rhythmic, it is easy to give people an illusion of ancient and lonely. The slippery stone path and the empty environment will undoubtedly share a part of people's mind. No matter who walks on such a road, his attention will inevitably be focused on his feet, on the emptiness of the environment in his mind, and his reaction to what happens around him will be much slower. Assassination at this time is definitely a very good opportunity. The expected assassination did not come. The stone road was silent, the trees on both sides were silent, and Meng Chang walked slowly in silence. No enemy is more terrible than the moment when the tip of the sword pierces the body. He has to pay more attention to everything around him, and his feet will inevitably become unstable. When he stepped on a stone step, his feet suddenly slipped and his body leaned back involuntarily. Fortunately, the bamboo stick in his hand was on the stone step behind him in time to avoid the fate of rolling down the hill. But his body was also hanging in midair in a very awkward position. It was very difficult to move in any direction. At this time, if there is a sudden sword, it will be easy to pierce his body. There is still no change on the stone road. Did the enemy see through the unnaturalness of his slip, did they notice that the bamboo stick supporting his body could hit any corner around him in an instant, and did they detect the sharp flash in his eyes when he looked up at the sky? Meng Chang did not know all this, but he already knew that this time the enemy was more cautious and more tolerant than before, facing such a good opportunity,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, he was still quietly hiding in the corner he did not know. Such an enemy without Ying is extremely terrible, they will quietly wait for the best opportunity to send out the mission of a blow. The unknown is always the source of all fear. Meng Chang believed that when they found the opportunity to send out a long-accumulated blow, it would be like a raging wind, like the waves of the sea, enough to destroy everything in front of them. In the face of such a terrible force, who can stop it. With a slight effort from the bamboo stick on the stone steps, he immediately stood up straight,stainless steel 304 pipes, as if nothing had happened, and continued to walk up the hill in silence. 999 steps, he used the same number of steps, each step is extremely cautious, but also extremely difficult. The first section of the stone road had consumed too much of his energy, so when he saw the pavilion in the light rain, he felt relaxed for the rest of his life. Anyone will become a little relaxed at this time, and Meng Chang is no exception. He exhaled softly, tapped his bamboo stick twice on the hard stone slab, and walked slowly towards the pavilion, where he needed to rest for a while to recover his exhausted strength and energy. When he was less than three feet away from the pavilion, a large basin of water suddenly flew out of the top of the pavilion and poured down on him. Meng Chang ignored it and gently stretched out his bamboo stick obliquely upward, but his eyes immediately tightened. There was no one on the top of the pavilion. The man is behind him. At the moment when the water flew out, a man suddenly appeared on the stone path behind Meng Chang. He stepped heavily on the stone slab and splashed a large pool of rainwater. With the help of force, Precision steel tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, he glided at a tiny height above the platform. The sword in his hand stretched straight and stabbed Meng Chang. The water ran down Meng Chang's head, blurring his vision, and by this time the sword was about to stab him in the back of his neck. Suddenly there was an extra man in the pavilion, and a light from the man's hand cut Meng Chang's calf faster than the sword. The front is the knife, the back is the sword, any one is a fatal threat, only the two sides of the body reveal a trace of security, but Meng Chang did not move, no one knows whether there is a greater crisis hidden behind that trace of security. At this critical moment, the bamboo stick in Meng Chang's hand was heavily placed on the stone slab, and his body, with the bamboo stick as its fulcrum, hung in midair in a line parallel to the platform. The sword flew out against his scalp, and the knife fell on the bamboo stick. At this time, a sword light suddenly appeared on the top of the pavilion, which was undoubtedly the most lethal. It was not that there was no one on the top of the pavilion, but that the man was so deep that even Meng Chang did not notice it. Only then did Meng Chang realize that he had made a terrible mistake, which had almost killed him. Perhaps not almost, at least from this point of view, he has been unable to avoid the sword. Later, when Xiao Jiaohua hugged the little pig with a worried face and asked him how he could get away, Meng Chang just shook his head and smiled. This moment happened, even the time to think is not, how can remember. With his palm on the other end of the bamboo stick, with a slight effort, before the stick was cut off, Meng Chang suddenly flew back flat, his feet heavily on the chest of the man behind him, his legs bent, and he flew up obliquely with the force of the shock, his knees bent and hit the back of the man flying out of the pavilion, and the bamboo knife was pulled out from his waist and pierced the face of the man who cut off the stick. And take it back in an instant. Having done all this, Meng Chang still had the strength to fly and land on the top of the pavilion. He squinted around, ignoring the slow flow of blood from his head to the back of his neck. There was still a silent silence around the pavilion, as usual, but behind the usual, I don't know how many enemies there were, how many weapons that wanted to cut his flesh and blood. The rain began to fall fast. The bodies of the three men lay quietly on the platform, and the blood was washed away by the rain in a short time. They looked like three people sleeping on the platform, and a few leaves fell gently on them with a sudden wind. Human life is sometimes like a leaf, born ordinary, and no one cares about it even if it dies. After the three men fell, there was no second assassination, perhaps the death of the three men gave them a little reminder,aluminium coated steel tube, but also gave them too much shock, but also gave Meng Chang a little breathing time. Although he is still very cautious around, but his physical strength is slowly recovering. cbiesautomotive.com

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