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Dressed as Kangxi's Apex Pet (worn in Qing Dynasty) Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:34   Engineering   Saarlouis   141 views Reference: 326
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The smile on Yining's face was even deeper. "No, the emperor is here," he said softly. "If you feel wronged, you can talk to the emperor." Suddenly, An Guiren's face was as ugly as eating a fly. She knew Xuanye's temperament. She didn't like her very much these days. It was Ruizhi's fault again. If it was a big deal, what if Ruizhi was really driven out? Xuan Ye is not like the empress Dowager or the empress of Hesheli, the act will give her two points of face. Just as she was hesitating, Xuan Ye came in and looked at the people in the yard. Before they could pay their respects, he frowned and said, "What are you doing?" Smiling, Yining stepped forward to pay her respects to Xuanye. Before she could open her mouth, Ruizhi jumped ahead of her and said, "If you go back to the emperor, it's the maidservant who just walked carelessly and bumped into Yiguiren. She's making amends to Yiguiren.." As she spoke, she looked even more at Yining and said pitifully, "Yiguiren, it's all the fault of the maidservants. An Guiren has already punished the maidservants. Please forgive them this time." She was smart enough to know that she was kneeling on the ground with a red mark on her face, which would certainly arouse Xuanye's suspicion, so she took the lead in opening her mouth. As soon as Xuan Ye saw this, he knew that the situation was not so simple. He just looked at Yining and said, "What's going on?" He was too aware of Yining's temperament. He didn't like to make trouble. If it was really a trivial matter, Yining wouldn't have made such a big noise. Yining glanced at Ruizhi and saw that Ruizhi had tears in her eyes and a little anxiety on her face. Then she said with a smile, "It's really just a little thing. Ruizhi apologized just now. An Guiren also punished her. An Guiren,saw palmetto extract, right?" She did not want to let go of Ann Guiren, but felt that if such a small matter was a big deal, it was really unnecessary. An Guiren squeezed out a smile and said, "Yes, thank you, Lord Yi Guiren, for having a lot." After Xuanye returned to the palace, he was so busy that his feet did not touch the ground. He felt very satisfied with the scene. He nodded slightly and said, "You should get along well with each other. In the words of the empress Dowager,jujube seed powder, you are both concubines in the harem and live under the same roof. This is fate." With these words, he did not look at Ann Guiren much, but took Yining directly into the house. Forsythia slapped Ruizhi twice, and the palace people around Yining were refreshed, which made them happy than their masters. After all, Ruizhi had gone too far, and even forsythia didn't take them seriously. How could they take them seriously? Therefore, even the smile on the face of the maid who served tea to Xuan Ye was more brilliant than usual. Xuan Ye took the tea and said with a smile, "Look how happy they are. I don't think you are as happy as they are." "The concubines are naturally happy." Yining also had a smile on her face, probably because she knew the history, she knew that she would not just be in the usual position, happy, but not too surprised. She is also the first time to realize the benefits of power, from ancient times to the present looks the same, if she is really just a small Chang, today definitely dare not deal with Ruizhi like this, naringenin price ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Ann noble will not eat in her hands. Xuan Ye took a sip of tea and said, "But I don't think you're so happy. Thanks to my ancestors, say it's good to drink?" "Of course it's delicious." Xuan Ye has drunk a lot of good tea, but for the first time tasted such a taste, with a little taste of Longjing, it seems that there are more things than Longjing, "just do not know what is added to it." Yining explained with a smile,phycocyanin spirulina, "My concubine heard that the emperor used to sweep the snow from the plum blossoms in the first snow to make tea. This time, my concubine didn't use the first snow. She used the snow water that had just been collected. It tastes less fragrant than what you usually drink. But she added some pine needles and some spring water from other courtyards to cook it. As for how it was cooked, my concubine can't tell you." prius-biotech.com

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Dressed as Kangxi's Apex Pet (worn in Qing Dynasty)