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Dressed as a short-lived white moonlight, and the villain he Full-time Job

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She stared at the colorful halo, and her heart was full of ridicule. Just as he was about to frown, he heard a very low and light sneer in his ear. Immediately, I saw the colorful halo surrounding the two men turned into a black flame, and maliciously outlined a lifelike bastard on their foreheads. Sang yuan yuan: "… …" She opened her eyes and saw Youwuming put a finger on the broken mirror in her hand, with a malicious smile on her lips. They thought that two colorful bastards could save the world. His tone was sarcastic. Sang yuan's heart jumped. "Have you seen their secret?"! Who are they? You Wuming smirk: "Want to know, take you to change." Her eyes were full of compassion, so she went down her collar and tapped the hibiscus fat beside the pillow with her long fingers. Tuk, Tuk. Sang yuan yuan:.. I'll see for myself! She stepped back and gripped the broken mirror. The head of the Temple of Heaven. There was silence. The deputy head of the Temple of Heaven! There was still silence. Youwuming laughed until he clapped his legs and said, "Little Mulberry, you can only see people you know." Sang yuan slowly opened his eyes wide. "So you saw someone you knew, and then you discovered their secret!" "Jiang Yanji and Huang Fujun," she said to herself in a hurry. The picture slowly floated in front of his eyes. Chapter 86 I can only kill. Holding the fragments of Tianyan Mirror, Sang yuan's eyes slowly floated up the picture. In any case, she would not have thought that the picture of Jiang Yanji and Huang Fujun would be like this. She saw the end of these two people. The repair was abandoned, the limbs were broken, and they were put in a big iron cage and transported to the Baiyu Bridge. A thousand shouldn't, ten thousand shouldn't, shouldn't kill the emperor repeatedly, "an old eunuch with a round face said with a smile," to this step, the dream empress will not be soft-hearted again! You two, just go clean! The water of Qiongqing Pool will surely wash away the sins of the two of you. Remember to be an honest reincarnation in your next life and be a safe man! Emperor? Empress Meng? This is about Han Shaoling and Meng Wuyou! In the cage, Jiang Yanji was haggard and discomfited, but her back was still straight. She stared at the old eunuch ferociously, and her voice was hoarse: "Jiang Yi, I treat you well, and I always trust you.". But unexpectedly,Nail production machine, you colluded with Han Shaoling and betrayed me! Hearing what Jiang Yanji said, Sang yuan immediately remembered that the round-faced old eunuch she recognized was the one she had seen when she went to the capital and left, and never left the one who followed Jiang Yanji. Can be given the name of Jiang Yi, also serves to show trust. This person, unexpectedly betrayed Jiang Yanji, take refuge in Han Shaoling? Still smiling kindly, the old eunuch turned around and arched his hand in the distance. Then he turned around and said, "The emperor is the right man. If you could judge the situation earlier and abdicate, it would be a good story.". It's a pity that you two are against the sky! Alas, since ancient times, who has to go against the sky, which one can have a good end? "Bah!" Huang Fujun spat out a tooth coldly. "*** his destiny!" He leaned against the cage and sat askew, knowing from the way he looked that he had been tortured. The old eunuch shook his head regretfully. "Why, you two?"? If you are willing to lower your head and beg for mercy, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the emperor will not be exterminated, unfortunately.. He could not bear to turn his back and wave his hand. Two rows of little eunuchs with bent backs immediately ran out, lifted the cage and threw it down the Baiyu Bridge. Bang- "" The iron cage went into the water and made a dull sound. A string of bubbles floated up, and gradually, only two small strings occasionally floated up. The old woman stood by the bridge corridor quietly, looking at the moon reflected in the pool for a long time, and her head slanted. A few little eunuchs jumped down, and after a while, they dragged two wet corpses ashore. A generation of female emperor Jiang Yanji, peerless hero Huang Fujun, unexpectedly in this small pond, silently suffocated to death. The old eunuch squatted down and pressed one with one hand. Soon, the two dead bodies were burned to black ashes. The emperor has been on the throne for thirteen years, and the foundation is solid. Why not give up? The old woman's supervisor sighed, "Power and influence are fascinating, and it's fatal." The picture slowly disappeared in front of Sang yuan's eyes. When she looked at this paragraph, Youwuming did not interfere, but sat cross-legged askew on one side, holding his cheek in his hand, and looked at her in a shaking way. Sang opened his eyes far away. Thirteen years on the throne. Her eyes emptily penetrated Youwuming, and she said to herself, "The art of Datianyan counts as the luck of the world. From this moment on, there are only ten years left.." The old eunuch said that Han Shaoling had been on the throne for thirteen years. Thirteen years after he ascended the throne, history is still there. That is to say, after Han Shaoling ascended the throne, he really took the eighteen States of Yunjing through the ten-year catastrophe! "You have no life." Sang yuan slowly came to his senses and looked faintly at the man who looked very improper. "The two of us seem to have a big event!" Youwuming laughed, leaned over most of his body, and grabbed her into his arms. I think I understand it. Sang yuan said, "In this world, there is a catastrophe that cannot be overcome.". Later, the'Way of Heaven 'pinched his fingers and calculated that the soul of the otherworldly Mary Sue would come over and assist Han Shaoling with extremely strong luck, so that the two of them could lead Yunjing through the disaster. Youwuming raised his eyebrows. "What is Mary Sue?" Sang yuan yuan:.. It's about a woman who says, 'Every man loves me and every woman is jealous of me.' Youwuming laughed sullenly. A long time, he laughs enough, say: "Small Mulberry Fruit, what do you mean, hook column head card?" Sang yuan yuan: "… …" Ponder for a moment, unexpectedly feel completely unable to refute. She has seen many excellent young men and women, who are very self-respecting and self-respecting, and will not be like a headless chicken, determined to rob a member of the opposite sex, especially the kind of owner. For example, Yun Xuzhou, when she was in the ice cave, she was severely handsome by Youwuming,wire nail machine manufacturers, but she was not jealous of Sang yuan, nor would she have any idea about Youwuming. At most, she asked him if he had a brother. 3shardware.com

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