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Down and out to rely on the face to eat Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:35   Marketing & Communication   Calw   215 views Reference: 163
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The seal is satisfied: "You go to bed early, I prepare to go out to look." "Seal boss, I solemnly apply to reinstall Weibo." Peony sent this message, looked up at the ceiling, laughed and said to himself: "Fei Yun Yi, I am not Jiang Hua." She has always insisted that people do not attack me, I do not attack, this is Fei Yunyi himself sent to the door, she can not live up to, of course, this must be sealed with the consent of the boss. The kitten exploded. "I don't know why, but when I saw this WeChat, I was in a good mood for no reason.". Ding. Peony clicked on Wechat: "Give me a fig leaf, ha ha.." She picked out two of the photos he had sent before, which happened to include the back and front of Fei Yunyi. Then she painted the heads of Fei Yunyi and Wu Zhao with green watermelons and sent them to the boss to look over: "How are you?" "Painting is very good," Feng is happy, he is not ready to go out to deal with Wu Zhao. Wait for the news to come out, Wu Zhao is not stupid to know that the photo was taken by him, his attitude has been very clear. After the audit, peony installed on the micro-blog, quick login, she wants to occupy the hot search,plastic pallet manufacturer, upload the two photos, leave a message: "Today to YanQing whitewash, follow the seal boss, midnight three more but also stop the door to sell." Make sure it is correct, click send. This micro-blog update but 10 seconds, Jiang Hua's phone came, straight to the point to ask: "Who?" "You guess," Peony,wholesale plastic pallet, holding an Ipad, commented on her Weibo account: "It's not that I want to clean her up, it's that she needs to clean her up. Wu Zhao really looked down on me." When she was abroad, she had to swallow her pride, but it was only for a fatal blow in the future. The author has something to say: Thank you for your support!!!! There is another chapter at 8 P. m., but it may be less than 4000 words. I wish you a happy Christmas Eve at home first. Blessings are endless.. Chapter 57 "Wu Zhao?" Jiang Hua knows who the other big green-skinned watermelon is: "Last time, because of charity, I named Fei Yun on Weibo. She still doesn't give up. It seems that she is really crazy." She thought that people like Fei Yunyi had no true feelings long ago. Peony looked at this dynamic under the comments in the sharp increase, the content of the message is mostly in her expectation, and said with a faint smile: "She is infatuated with the seal, I can understand, after all, the seal is really very good.". But in the middle of the night dressed like this, before and after the show also ran to my boyfriend, I can not understand her. "Look at the angle. Is this picture sent to you?" Jiang Hua teases: "The method is fierce, this just is together so obedient, plastic pallet supplier ,heavy duty plastic pallet, so has the consciousness, in the future seals will not become the second Mu Jun?" "I don't know what will happen in the future," Peony said, stopping to pull the comment, putting the Ipad aside, hugging his legs and saying seriously: "But I know he cares about me now, and I will work with him to make us go further." Jiang Hua was very happy for the peony: "The sister-in-law wishes you all beautiful scenery on the way forward, and live up to the good times and each other." "Good!" Peony smiled. She also hoped that she would only love once in her life. Once is a lifetime. At the end of the call, the doorbell rang. Peony was still thinking about Wu Qing, who had diarrhea. She quickly got out of bed. From the cat's eye, she saw that it was really that girl. She opened the door immediately. Without waiting for Wu Qing to make a sound, she turned around: "You come in and sit for a while. Give me a minute. I'll change my clothes and take you to the hospital." "Sister Dandan, I'm fine. I don't need to go to the hospital." Wu Qingguan came to the door and followed up in the room. "I just want to ask who wants to murder my love beans?" Her love bean is not a bare rod now. The day before yesterday, she was still kissing her girlfriend's car. If she received the goods delivered to her door tonight, if it was exposed, then his 17 years of hard work would be gone. Not to mention that today's society is very tolerant of men, she likes to explode a scandal? "Are you really all right?" Peony is still not at ease, came up to explore Wu Qing's forehead: "The temperature is normal." It seems that it is not yet time. Wu Qingzhi shook his head: "I'm really fine. Who are those two green watermelons?" "This I really can't tell you directly." Weibo has been sent, the outside world how to guess, whether she or the boss there will not respond, this is the so-called "life to stay a line", of course, this "line" is not only left to Wu Zhao and Fei Yunyi, but also to themselves. You can fight back, but you have to grasp the degree. Too much will make her look rude. Mr. Mu Zhongmin taught her not to lose grace in dealing with anything, whether good or bad. "Wu Qing also recognized the meaning of her master's words:" Next, don't open your mouth to answer. Just move your eyes. If you are, blink your eyes. If you are not, don't blink. " Peony saw that she was so energetic, so she ignored her, turned to the bed to get the Ipad, and continued to read the comments. Do I know those two green watermelons? When Wu Qing came to the peony, the peony happened to blink. She clapped her hands and said, "Do you know each other?" Calm down, this is not surprising, can find her love beans 70% of the possibility is the entertainment industry, she should know. Is the man an agent? Wu Qing stared at her master's beautiful and seductive eyes. Peony was so helpless that she looked up at her and said, "Qing Qing, you can take out your cell phone and turn over the comments." The netizens who left comments are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Big Red V Xiaoming, Director Chen Sen of Xuancheng Sword Shadow, Boss Niang Jinxia and so on. How can these people be so idle? I'm not afraid at all. I'm playing with a tuba. What? "Wu Qing immediately took out his cell phone from his pajamas pocket." Did someone guess right? " Turn on the mobile phone, click on the micro-blog, the homepage is still in the place she just saw, pull down the page, start from the beginning, a detail can not be let go. Xiao Ming, the most handsome dwarf: Why do I look familiar with the suit in the photo? The woman on the side hangs a big silk scarf and comes out at night. Isn't she afraid of being raped? When the time comes,collapsible pallet box, do we have to blame our men for not keeping our little brothers? "Is'Xiao Ming, the most handsome of the dwarfs' the Xiao Ming I know?" Wu Qing looked at the big red V and felt that he would not be a bystander: "If he doesn't say, I can't find a word to describe the dress on this woman's body. The big silk scarf is a real image." cnplasticpallet.com

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