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Dissolved Air Flotation factory Full-time Job

May 15th, 2023 at 04:50   Public Service   Saarbrücken   10 views Reference: 559
Job Details

Dissolved Air Flotation factory Introduction The dissolved gas box of wastewater daf produces dissolved gas and water, which is decompressed and released into the water to be treated by the releaser. The air dissolved in the water is released from the water to form tiny bubbles of 20-40μm, which combine with the suspended solids in the sewage, so that the specific gravity of the suspended solids is less than that of the water, and gradually floats on the water surface to form scum. There is a scraping system on the water surface to scrape the scum into the sludge pool. The clean water enters the clean water tank from the lower part through the overflow tank. Product Advantages 1. The bubbles generated by the wastewater daf air tank are small, with a particle size between 20-40 microns, and the flocs adhere firmly, which can achieve a good air flotation effect; 2. The amount of flocculant is small and the cost is low; 3. The operation procedures are easy to master, the water quality is easy to control, and the management is convenient. 4. The backwash system is adopted, and the releaser is not easy to be blocked.Dissolved Air Flotation factory website:http://www.bioetp.net/dissolved-air-flotation/

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