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Destiny of Reboot Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:23   Financial Services   Sankt Augustin   93 views Reference: 454
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P. S. 1: Well.. Originally, I wanted to get down to business with a little bit of relaxation. And now I'm directly using half of the space on it.. It looks like tomorrow will be the second watch. .... 121-The Queen's Smile "Last time in sister Alquitt's dream, you used that..". Ahem .. Method Gave me some of your blood, right? Although I have only seen it as a mark to prevent you from killing me thousands of years ago. .... But if you examine it carefully, I can still see that your blood has had some strengthening effect on me. Not to mention anything else, because there are too many effects if you want to subdivide.. Resistance is the one that has improved the most significantly. Had it not been for your blood, not to mention the use of the sword, the back bone might have been broken first when she helped Joan's sister block the collision. If the back is broken, it's at least hemiplegia, and if it's hemiplegia on the battlefield.. The consequences are also known. So, indirectly, you did me a big favor in that fight.. In addition As it happens, I also feel that my physical strength is a little insufficient, and your blood just makes up for it. In a word, I have to say thank you to you. Although it is a lazy look with one eye open and one eye closed, however,white marble mosaic, it is easy to hear that the gratitude in the words of Emiya Shiro is sincere. See Wei Gong Shiro not only did not complain and dissatisfaction, but also sincerely thanked himself, Rao is Zhu Yue lived for so many years, well-informed, for a while also can not help but stay for a while. Oneself will give the blood to Wei Gong Shi Lang, although also have to leave a mark for oneself a thousand years ago,white marble slabs, but more, just because of the interest, by the way want to play tricks on the nominal daughter.. Will play a role in this battle is totally unexpected. ... In fact, the motive is not pure, this point, in front of Emiya Shiro can not be completely unexpected.. However This man is only judging things from the results.. And There was no resentment in his tone, and it could be seen that Emiya Shiro did not choose the answer of xxìng, but really felt that as long as the result was good, it would be enough. In addition, if the average person is suddenly reformed without consent, no matter how much benefit is brought to him, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Agate Slabs Countertops, the first reaction should theoretically be anger, or anger.. After all Man's attachment to his own identity is incomprehensible, and in the course of countless years, he has met many human beings who would rather die than become their own dependents.. But in front of Emiya Shiro or the same do not take it to heart. ... People who don't understand.. ............ “..... It's just too much trouble to take it back. .. There is no need to acknowledge. .... Compared to this From what you say, it seems that you don't have much resistance to this.. Is that all right? ? To receive the rest of the blood without expelling it. You are no longer a pure human. "Surprised by Emiya Shiro's answer..". Nope Even can be said to be the degree of shock, however, the face is still calm, stay for a long time, Zhu Yue half closed his eyes and asked the second question. Since Emiya Shiro's answer is so confusing, it is good to ask the core of the problem to the point.. This It's Zhu Yue's idea. Well.. Strictly speaking I'm not a pure human being for a long time, and it's not too much to add now.. "Yes, yes, big brother is someone else's substitute!" However, although there seemed to be one more troublemaker in the middle, once again unexpectedly, Wei Gong Shi Lang responded to Zhu Yue's questioning with an attitude of indifference. “.... This is also a factor. "Touching the forehead of the dull girl who suddenly put her mouth between herself and Zhu Yue and hugged her, Emiya Shiro turned his head and put his eyes back on Zhu Yue." Moreover, if you really want to get the blood of the true ancestor out of your body, there is probably still a way.. After all I'm going to have to figure out how to stop you and sister Alquitt from sucking blood, and I think I'll get one or two clues. Until I'm satisfied with my strength, I'll just leave it like this. Anyway, I can still use the law of time to dispel it, at best, it will consume a little more magic. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.. "If you are exorcised, you will be beaten." Words have not finished, because of Zhu Yue's interruption, Wei Gong Shiro's expression suddenly froze.. Just now Is there some kind of dialogue floating by? ?... As if I heard that Zhu Yue was going to hit someone.. By the way, if Zhu Yue wants to hit someone.. Increase the strength of Elquitt, who did not need to suppress the impulse to suck blood last time, by about 20 to 30 percent .... Then The damage is probably "directly hit the consciousness" and then adjusted upward by 20 to 30%, that is to say... Return with honor.. Hall of Heroes ? “..... Eh ?!!... What ? Did you say something just now? ? I think I'm hearing voices. Like hearing about beating me up if I get rid of the blood or something.. But don't get me wrong. ! It's not your fault at all. ! It's just that my ears seem to have deteriorated. Lord Zhu Yue, would you please repeat it? Once ! Once will do. ” Sort out the train of thought a little bit, try to understand the meaning of Zhu Yue's words.. Emiya Shiro's face was beginning to turn blue. sè In fact, I really haven't thought about getting rid of the blood given by Zhu Yue at this stage. It's better to say that it doesn't matter even if I keep it all the time. Anyway, as a man of three generations,White Marble Mosaic, he doesn't regard himself as a human being for a long time. His experience is good, and his strength is good. Both of them are a million miles away from the word "normal person"! But! If you are beaten by Zhu Yue. That's not a joke! My life is in danger. At least it's a direct trip to Hades, right?. forustone.com

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Destiny of Reboot