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Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ... Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:21   Independent & Freelance   Cadolzburg   144 views Reference: 148
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"Kill them all! Kill them all!" All the powers of the Wangs went out and many people came to Ximen. At this moment, all the people were red-eyed. Any words were useless, only to fight to the death! Or the royal family was exterminated, or the barbarian side all died, no other result, to now must kill one side. Relatively speaking, the Wang family has no way out, the other side broke through the ancient sage laid down the big array, killed in, they can only fight to the death. A figure, long-sleeved fluttering, snaking ape leap, very vigorous, quickly forced to come over, on the Ye Fan. This is one of the characters in the front row of the Wangs. His seniority is extremely high. One foot has almost passed the "Immortal Three Chop Road". He is as old as three thousand years old. His eyeballs are like gold beads, and his hair is yellow. This is the unique feature of an old man with longevity and sufficient blood. If he is given time, this is a terrible figure who has the hope of breaking through the level of the king. After he comes up, he will fight with snakes and cranes and jump with tigers and antelopes. His every movement is very strange, every blow is very simple, but it is extremely terrible, causing a lot of pressure on Ye Fan. This is definitely a person who breaks through the forbidden field of six or seven. Naturally, he is strong enough, sometimes like an old snake, sometimes like a violent ape, sometimes like a crane, and then like an antelope, no trace can be found. Pow! "Bang!" Ye Fan and its confrontation, surprised in the heart, there is no lack of ancient family masters, the old man is very powerful, every blow has a trace flashing, secretly contains the infiltration of killing. The two men fought fiercely,plastic pallet containers, and it was very difficult for others to get involved. They fought for hundreds of rounds in a flash, and their speed was very fast. The yellow-haired old man spread his big sleeves for a while, elegant as a banished immortal, and then fierce as a lone wolf, ruthless and accurate. Kill him together! The Wangs have other powers to force a breakthrough and want to join in the attack on Ye Fan. A group of barbarians cried out, and among them were more than a dozen great men, with half of their arms bare and their muscles bronzed, who turned their stone axes to fight against each other, completely killing them to the point of madness, with their blood spurting and their hair flying in disorder. Ye Fan and the terrible old man finally won or lost. He hit 108 fists in a row, and a pair of golden fists shattered the vacuum. Ka! The yellow-haired old man's arms spasmed, his bones cracked,secondary containment pallet, and even though he collided in the air, he still suffered heavy losses. And in this process, Ye Fan is also evolving, pondering the old man's tunnel mark probably, the same snake and crane fight, tiger and antelope jump, this is actually a kind of beast king boxing. Poof! Ye Fan hit the old man with a crane, his palm like a crane's beak, and then the ape jumped up and took off his head with a sound, and the blood waves rose very high. Uncle Nine! In the rear, many of the Wangs exclaimed, and it was obvious that Ye Fan had beheaded an extremely important person. Kill! The Wangs rose up and attacked, and all of them surrounded and killed Ye Fan, and many of them were red-eyed. Damn, who's afraid of who, kill it! Li Tian followed up with the war. At this moment, even the free and easy Yan Yixi is also blood-stained white clothes, in the enemy between the impact, in the life-and-death confrontation, one after another blooming blood flowers. Who's afraid of who? Ye Fan sneers, he is the holy body, the most afraid is this kind of melee, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, open the golden holy land, it is like a meat grinder, killing forward, invincible. Wang Jia Ximen this position, broken bones and flesh and blood constantly splashing, the battle to the white-hot, Ye Fan is an arrowhead figure, killed in the front, where he passed, endless casualties. Poof! Ye Fan a golden big handprint patted, even the great power can not bear, hum can not hum, was smashed the body, into a mass of meat mud. "!" Then, he uttered a light shout in his mouth, using the word "Dou" to secretly evolve the six-character Buddhist mantra, and a sound of the original divine voice came out, and the sky collapsed. This is the highest secret art of Buddhism. Practicing to the highest realm will contain great wisdom, perseverance and compassion in the universe. It has the ability to create the world and subdue the gods. Ah In front, the monks were screaming all over the sky, and the strong people collapsed one after another. Under this kind of divine sound, all the big energy level figures were torn apart. Ye Fan exclaimed, a blood-stained sky appeared in front of him, and many people were crushed to pieces and turned into a fog of blood, which was an extremely terrible scene. In the west, there is a killing God like Ye Fan who rushes to the front, attacks mercilessly, moves very fast, and the Wangs suffer heavy losses. At this moment, the barbarians' terrible fighting power, tens of thousands of fighters together, the blood light in the head cover together, enveloped the whole army. Surrounded by blood, they seemed to be bathed in the blood of the ancient God of war, fearless impact, linked into a whole, can borrow from each other, become a cavalry regiment of ten thousand people regardless of each other, synchronous advance. This is a very terrible picture, tens of thousands of people into one, together to kill, God block kill God, Buddha block kill Buddha. In the sky, the suspended sacred mountains and islands collapsed one after another, and the barbarian soldiers could not resist them at all, and all of them were destroyed. Wang's master killed and wounded countless, originally there was a thousand people team, very brave, not afraid of life and death, there is no lack of big energy level characters, but by the tens of thousands of fighters rushed past, all stepped into blood mud. Hum! Suddenly, there was a terrible trill in front of us, and one old chariot after another soared into the sky, shining with a cold metallic luster, seeping through. There are thousands of chariots across the road, each full of knife marks and arrow holes, through the baptism of war, leaving a mark of time. Chariots rumbled and rolled high in the sky, thousands of ancient chariots came, and the whole sky was shaking, as if to collapse the eternal heavens. Individual combat, these powerful chariots are not flexible enough, but at this time against tens of thousands of fighters have played an unparalleled terror. Together, they crush heaven and earth, rumble and rush, and the fortification force can not break the front, shattering all obstacles. Man shouts, beast hisses! Barbarian fighters ate a big loss, after the charge and these giants together,collapsible pallet box, like cutting wheat fell down a large, a life disappeared, a piece of blood blooming. binpallet.com

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