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Demon king through the ages Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 04:11   Engineering   Adlershof   387 views Reference: 102
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"Hm?" Gao Feng looked at the stage, at this time I saw a man in a blue Taoist robe went up, and then nodded to the old man who was already waiting. Zuo Xiaoning! Gao Feng murmured, that should be his opponent Zuo Xiao Ning. Gao Feng looked at him carefully, only to see that his face was cold and there was an evil spirit between his eyebrows. This man is not simple! Gao Feng was under great pressure, and then walked up. Jing Ming Zong Gao Feng? The old man of Shenxiao Road looked at someone coming up and turned his head and asked. Gao Feng turned to look at him and then nodded. In that case, you're ready to start. The old man said lightly, and then turned to look at another competition of the left small lemon. Gao Feng nodded, since he was going to start, he didn't think much about it. Look at the opposite left small Ningqi. Book ^ net He solemnly took off the Xuanbing Sword on his back. Xuanbing Sword is generally not easy to unsheathe, but now there is no way, he must fly with all his strength. Zuo Xiaoling looked at Gao Feng's awestruck face, the corners of his mouth could not help showing a sneer of disdain, looking at his appearance should be very confident. Gao Feng glanced at the people watching the battle, only to see that each of them had a little excitement on their faces. Looking at Feng Dongting again, he also looked at him with a big smile. Jing Ming Zong Gao Feng. Gao Feng arched his hand and said that he could not lose his manners before the competition. Yin Wu Zong Zuo Xiao Ning. "Let's begin!" The old man's faint voice sounded. Gao Feng and Zuo Xiaoning looked at each other and showed their weapons. When many people saw the Xuanbing Sword, their eyes were bright. What sword is that? "At least it's a medium magic weapon!" "It seems unusual to have a medium magic weapon at such a young age." In the crowd watching the battle, many people exclaimed. Zuo Xiaoling frowned slightly when he saw the sword. He couldn't see through the strength of the opponent. After all, good things are available only to those who have the ability. The old man's wrinkled face suddenly trembled,heavy duty metal racking, and his eyes were much higher than those of the people watching the battle below. A superior magic weapon? The old man murmured and looked at Gao Feng carefully. Brother Dao, be careful. Zuo Xiaoling's long sword waved twice, and then came with a swift and violent thrust. Hum! There was a burst of light and a tremor in his sword, like a dragon about to drink blood. Gao Feng raised her eyebrows and dared not be careless. Those who dare to compete on the stage are extremely conceited people. But this kind of person has capital. They are all confident that they can show their power in front of the world. Gao Feng stepped back a few steps, his eyes shining, and then jumped in the air, Xuanbing Sword with dazzling light,warehouse storage racks, crashed down, that powerful momentum, so that many people were frightened. This is his strategy. He must defeat the other side in the shortest possible time. Only in this way can he have a glimmer of hope of victory. Hum See this scene left small lemon, first eyebrows a lift, and then disdainful cold hum. At the same time, he tilted his body, and the sword in his hand struck the blue sword in the air without fear. Boom! The light bursts out and the air waves overflow. In the battle platform, suddenly a strong wind hit all around, blowing a lot of people flying hair. When the light faded, the two figures flew back at the same time. However, Gao Feng landed in a hurry, while Zuo Xiaoning landed steadily. Strength and weakness suddenly became clear. Lao Ba! See this scene, Feng Dong this pupil shrinks, radio shuttle racking ,industrial racking systems, he knows this is not Gao Feng's real strength. Younger Martial Brother Gao, what's wrong today. I can defeat this boy. What's wrong with Younger Martial Brother Gao? Mo yuanzhao scratched his head for a while. Two people in the audience do not understand, Gao Feng on the stage is a burst of depression. A strike, he has found out the other side of the actual situation, from the strength point of view, his temporary recovery of this strength is a little weaker. With a sneer at the corners of his mouth, Zuo Xiaoling said, "Brother Dao, be careful." Say that finish, without waiting for Gao Feng to speak, he rushed straight out, the sword in his hands a light swing, no light like the sun emitted. Gao Feng, of course, can not show weakness, although the other side to a little stronger, but he is not a vegetarian. A faint cold awn flashed on the blue Xuanbing sword, and this time he did not rush straight away. It's a weird left and right flash. Speed has always been his advantage, this strange flash, immediately a lot of people watching the battle a burst of exclamations. What kind of exercise is this? "Ya, this boy's weapon is first-class, and his posture is so fast.". It seems that his skills are very good. Many people marvel at the same time, there is a trace of jealousy, in their view, if they have such a good posture. That may also mount the battle platform and show it in front of the people of the world. Although many people think so, but if Gao Feng told him that this is the magic roar, it is estimated that everyone will be scared into a cold sweat. Who dares to practice magic? That is the skill of risking one's life. When Feng Dongting saw Gao Feng's speed, he shook his head and murmured, "I don't know where this boy got this body." Chapter 176 curtain. "Martial Uncle, there doesn't seem to be this kind of posture in Jingming's cleaving the wind." Mo yuanzhao gawked at the stage, for Gao Feng's speed, he also had some hot eyes. Feng Dongting shook his head gently, and today he suddenly discovered that this disciple had a lot of secrets. Zuo Xiaoning looked at the constantly shaking figure in the field, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and then his figure stopped. It was obvious that his speed could not be compared with Gao Feng's, so he braked with static braking. Although Gao Feng's strength is only 80%, the speed is still shocking enough. Looking at Zuo Xiaoling standing upright in the field, Gao Feng showed a smile at the corners of her mouth. Whoosh! When approaching, Gao Feng jumped high into the sky like an eagle, and then the Xuanbing Sword slanted down with a halo that people dared not look directly at. Zuo Xiaoling stood on the ground, his long hair fluttering in the strong wind, and when he saw the figure in the air coming towards him, a cold smile flashed across his mouth. Hum! Then suddenly,industrial racking systems, there was a wave of air all over his body, and the dark halo suddenly covered his whole body. The powerful momentum that broke out immediately made the spectators under the stage feel deeply, and even the old man of Shenxiaodao had a bright eye. kingmoreracking.com

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