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Defiant to the seventh power Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:27   Banking   Bayreuth   173 views Reference: 363
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Me? But this is everyone's business, of course, to listen to everyone's opinion, as long as one person said no, we will not go. I took two steps back, a little panic, this kind of thing do not let me make the decision! "What are you talking about? You are the team leader, we are the team members, as long as you decide, of course we follow." Clear grabbed my hand and wouldn't let me go back. But I wanted to say something else, but I was interrupted by the enchanting who had just stepped into the door. They must have heard about it outside. Not so much, but when did you become so motherly? Amy Nodded: "Well, Xiao Ran, the old woman will grow old quickly!" " Momo chimed in: "Well, why do you think so much? Anyway, no matter what decision you make, we will follow." "Well!" Qingcheng, Jiuli and Qingqing also nodded and looked at me. I really have a good group of partners, in this case: "Good!"! In that case, let's go! There are a few hours from seven o'clock in the evening, enchanting and Qingcheng, prepare the medicine and food; nine from, Amy, investigate the three teams,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, ah, Amy, you have to be obedient not to add confusion to nine from oh! Clear, Momo, you and I go to the sword eight. When I assigned the task, Amy complained that I said she was making a mess and pouted. I sent a message to Jianba, and the three of us went to the restaurant where the wedding was held last time. Jianba was waiting for us there. After seeing us arrive, the peach was very excited and ran out to greet us. There you are! Wind and rain all over the world give you a challenge, has made a storm in the city,Magnesium Oxide powder, that is, how can not find your people! The little face of the peach was red and very cute. I touched her head. "What's your hurry? I'm not in a hurry." "But!"! They are such a big gang, but they should challenge your group. It's so mean! The peach is aggrieved by us, the obvious feeling is to bully less with more. I didn't care, so I sat down at the table where Jianba was and enjoyed the delicious food. Brother Ran, are you going to go tonight? Kenpachi filled my drink and asked. I nodded and continued to eat a table full of dishes, really good, although in the game will feel hungry because of satiety, but will never feel full, no matter how to eat is 100% satiety will not eat burst, so here I can not be afraid of eating bad stomach, try to eat! "Do you need our help?" Jian Ba looks worried. There are only seven of us, and there is no shortage of masters in the world. Our chances of winning are slim. Seeing my mouth full of food, Momo couldn't open his mouth at all, so he helped me and said, "Thank you, Jianba, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but we still want to do it by ourselves. Besides, there are only three teams on the other side, and there are only nine people at most. We may not lose." "Mmm!"! We are also very strong now! He wiped his mouth with his sleeve, regardless of the oil stains on his expensive clothes. This Kenpachi looked at me as if to ask my opinion. When I saw him looking at me, I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and say to him, "Don't worry, I know your good intentions, but we also have our persistence. If we call for help, we will really lose our arrogant reputation." "小然 ! The world of wind and rain is very strong. Don't think that a small team will relax! Peach jumped up in a hurry, as if she was the next one to fight, not us. I saw her face red, restless look, can not help but feel funny, can not help laughing out: "Poof … …" Peaches, do you mean we must lose? I asked deliberately, and sure enough, she looked embarrassed and hurried to explain. No, no, that's not what I meant. I patted her on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, it's all right." I saw my greasy five finger marks on her shoulder, and I quickly shrank my hand, hoping she didn't notice it. Defiant VS Tender Son Before Peach noticed that I had soiled her clothes, she quickly said goodbye and went back to the villa. Everyone was almost ready and waiting for us to come back. What on earth did the three of us go to find Kenpachi? No need to ask, of course, to eat-| | | Hey hey, eating is secondary, the most important thing is to explain to him, we are ready to accept the challenge, do not want them to help. Jiu Li, how about it? Did you find out what team three was? I sat down on the chair, picked up the apple on the tea table and put it in my mouth, asking Jiu Li. Momo cast a contemptuous look at me, thinking that he had just eaten so much in Jianba and still ate. Jiu Li nodded: "The captain of the three teams is tender and one of the lovers who are sentimentally attached to the wind and dust. Apart from him and the soldier Remy, the other seven members of the tender son team are the members of the dark count team who fought with us in the hero meeting." The Earl of Darkness.. This trouble, unexpectedly will be them, at that time they were already very strong, not to mention this time more than two people. I didn't expect them to join the stormy world. In this way, we can make a battle plan according to their respective occupations, otherwise we have no chance of winning. After listening to my words, everyone nodded unanimously, so we worked out a battle plan based on the information collected by Jiuli, and we should be able to win. The city of water is in the south of the city of night. It sounds like the city of water like Venice. When I got there, I found that it was just a ruined city on the water. Whether on the ground or in the river, there are vicious monsters everywhere. According to the appointment, we came to the roof of the tallest building in the city of water. The roof is very wide, which is suitable for PK field. After landing, no one was seen on the huge roof. What the ***? Make an appointment with someone to PK. It's already past 7 o'clock, but you haven't come yet? After waiting for a while, no one appeared, and I was a little impatient. You guys are on time. "Hee Hee, brothers and sisters, long time no see." Behind him came two voices,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the former was the tender voice of the challenge, and the latter was the annoying voice of Eswit, the captain of the Dark Earl of the Heroes'Club that day. stargrace-magnesite.com

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Defiant to the seventh power