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Deception Group 1-3 [Fine Edition] (Volume 1-14 Complete) Full-time Job

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"Then it will be very difficult to trace the murderer from the source of the poison." I said helplessly. It's not my job. Then he hung up the phone. Although the autopsy results did not provide relevant clues, but it does not matter, anyway, the eldest brother has shown me a clear way-Liang Caixia! Since Liang Caixia lied for the hidden mirror ghost, she even took alcohol bullets for it, which is enough to prove the great connection between the two. Therefore, as long as she is brought back for strict interrogation, it is only a matter of time to uncover the mystery of the identity of the ghost. Hidden Mirror Ghost may possess the "King of Air Guns" with a range of more than 200 meters, as well as poisonous bullets that can kill people in a moment. Therefore, I asked the eldest brother to arrange some armed police to go to Wangcun with us. However, the boss replied to me with a loud shout: "Arrange a tank to escort you to the investigation, OK?" Although I wanted to say yes, the face of the eldest brother, as ferocious as a poodle in a rage, made me swallow the words back into my stomach. The boss didn't want to arrange for the armed police to help me, so I had to find a way to save my life. Zhen Zhen was injured when she fought with the Tibetan Mirror Ghost before, although it was not serious, but when she was in good health, she was still at a disadvantage when she fought with the other side, and now it's better not to say. So I asked her to deal with other cases,Calacatta Nano Glass, while I went to Wangcun with Xueqing to find Liang Caixia. Before I left the office, I asked Viagra to check Mr. Lu's cell phone carefully, because I really couldn't figure out why the mirror ghost came to the police station to attack us. By rights, even if she knew that we worked in the police building, she could not know the correct location of the office. After all, the fraud team is a relatively secret department, even among the police,Marble Projects, there are not many colleagues who know, let alone outsiders. Therefore, I suspect that there are still some secrets hidden in Mr. Lu's mobile phone that we don't know. Xueqing and I did not go directly to Wangcun to find Liang Caixia, but first went to the county police station to "borrow soldiers". Although I don't have much hope for those lazy guys in the county police station, a few more people can somehow keep up appearances. When we arrived at the county police station, we found that Wang Da was on duty, so we asked him to find more assistants and go with us to find Liang Caixia. However, the boy would say that the duty room was understaffed, and that there was still a lot of work to be done. Anyway, he refused to leave and insisted that we go to say hello to the director first. I think this boy probably often fish, afraid to go out with us without authorization, will be mistaken for lazy by the director. I had no choice but to go to the director's office with Xueqing. How to say that we are also the criminal police from the city, the director is very polite to us, after a few polite words, Granite Slab Supplier ,Marble Granite Price, they agreed to send the police to assist us in handling the case. Although the director is very cooperative, but their jurisdiction has just had a case, most of the police officers went to the scene of the crime, only Wang Da and a few others stayed in the duty room. Because of the shortage of manpower, they can only provide us with limited support. I understand the difficulties of the other side, so I only ask Wang Da to help us. Although I don't have much affection for Wang Da, he is a native of Wang Village and is more familiar with the situation in the village than other guys. It will be much more convenient to go with him. The director personally called the duty room and ordered Wang Da to accompany us to Wang Village to handle the case. After getting the director's personal approval, the boy was not so awkward just now. Without saying a word, he got on the bus with us and set off for Wangcun. When we came to Liang Caixia's house, it was a sunny afternoon. I fought with the ghost of the hidden mirror several times before, either at night or in the dark air defense hole. In an environment as bright and open as it is now, there should be little chance of her appearing. Because if she jumped out now, it would be like unmasking herself, so I knocked on her door grandly. However, even my hand hurt, and there was no movement inside the door, and no one seemed to be in the house. It is reasonable to say that Liang Caixia should stay at home all day and not step out of the house in order to finish lying. How can no one be at home? When she was confused, a woman next door seemed to be alarmed by a knock on the door and came out of the window. "Hi, Auntie!"! Do you know where Mrs. Wei is going? Wang Dayang greeted her and asked her. Then she came back and said to me, "Aunt Fu said that Mrs. Wei had gone back to her mother's home. She just left. If we had come 20 minutes earlier, we would have met her." Strangely, Liang Caixia has not stepped out of the house since the "attack" incident. Why did she go back to her mother's home when we happened to look for her? I thought something was wrong, but maybe it was just a coincidence. After all, she couldn't have known we were coming in advance. Anyway, her mother's home is in Liang Village, and it shouldn't take much time to make a trip. I asked Wang Da if he knew where Liang Caixia's family was in Liang Village? He scratched his head and replied, "I only know the approximate location. Anyway, Liang Village is not big. Let's ask someone after we get there." Although I don't know the exact location, as Wang Da said, Liang Village is not big, and it should not be difficult to find a person. Moreover, we do not know whether Liang Caixia will spend the night at her mother's home. If she continues to stay here, it may only be a waste of time. Although Liang Village is only a palm-sized place, Wang Da seldom comes here at ordinary times and is not very clear about the situation here. After asking several villagers for directions and going around the chaotic alleys three or five times, we finally found Liang Caixia's mother's home. However, we spent so much effort, but still failed to see Liang Caixia herself. You've come at a bad time. Ah Xia has just left. When I heard Liang Caixia's mother's words, I really wanted to beat Wang Da on the ground. He has lived here for twenty or thirty years, and he still gets lost! Although the target has left, it took so much effort to find here, and I don't want to come back empty-handed. So I asked Granny Liang about her daughter's past life, and the question I was most concerned about was: "Can the rosy clouds play shadow play?" "She hasn't learned shadow play.". But she's been curious about everything since she was a child, and she's learned a lot. Granny Liang thought we were coming for the attack on her daughter. She was not only unwary of us, but also very enthusiastic. She offered us green tea and invited us to sit down. I took a sip of tea and asked, "Is she eager to learn?" "You can say that,Pietra Gray Marble, but she, although she has a knife all over her body, it's a pity that she doesn't have Zhang Li." Granny Liang laughed. forustone.com

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Deception Group 1-3 [Fine Edition] (Volume 1-14 Complete)