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Days with the great God JQ Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:20   Security & Safety   Bayreuth   184 views Reference: 357
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The protagonist, who is so fanatically followed by the stars, is still the dark deep pupil and the face that accompanies him day and night among tens of millions of people, as if he had been familiar with the teenager a long time ago, accompanied by a small bridge and flowing water, nestled under the sunset attic, and let time flow slowly like a river, while he always tells endless stories, from immortals and ghosts to poetry and prose. From the various schools of thought to the Twenty-Four Histories, the ancient fragrance blows on our faces, and between our lips and teeth is the fragrance of books. But when she grew up, she didn't want to hear any more, just as he didn't want to hear her talk about the complicated printing and dyeing process. Twenty years of childhood had passed, and the rest was only different paths, not the same destination. But the story did not end, he hid them in his heart from then on, ten years of brewing once written, when he told his story in another way again, she did not understand him. 993 Only a few steps away, but like a person separated from the world. Yuna, you're here. Xu Moyuan walked a few steps past, the security guard automatically made way for a gap, Xu Moyuan stretched out his hand, gently wiped the tears on Lin Yaner's face. But Lin Yaner grabbed his hand, shook her head, and tears welled up even more fiercely. Moyuan, tell me, is this true? Is this really you? Is it really you? Lin Yaner Although she never read novels, even books, which were textbooks many years ago, at the moment, like the heroine in a bloody drama, she shook him in disbelief, shaking the body in front of thousands of fans who only watched from a distance and dared not touch it. 994 And,Automated warehouse systems, along the way, she understood something more or less. Lin Yaner, the heroine of the world 2, has become history, and this story will not continue. Up to now, maybe I'm not even a female partner. Full of girls, one by one is so crazy infatuation with him, love him, talk about him, talk about the many things they do not know. And what is yourself. I don't understand him at all. 995 "Yuna, there are some things, I explained you do not understand, but this is me, you want me like this?"? I promised you I'd get married at the end of the year. She heard him call her in a low voice, still familiar voice, so gentle, like back to the young man who told her stories when she was a child, metal racking systems ,asrs warehouse, but she began to resist from the bottom of her heart, I don't want to listen, I don't want to listen, this is not a world of people, why do you still appear in front of you, why do you devilishly accompany uncle to the book city to buy his daughter? Or there is always a doomed scene, there is always a doomed marriage, Xu Moyuan, such a legendary existence, but was occupied by himself for 28 years, still, can not enter his world. No She wiped the tears from her face and suddenly raised her face and smiled at him. Xu Moyuan suddenly smiled, as if he had heard the long-awaited answer. 996 The crowd was crowded with onlookers, and there was no sound of whispering. Everyone held their breath and looked at their idol and the heroine. Maybe I was wrong at the beginning, and we were not suitable. Lin Yaner said softly, but her voice fell into everyone's ears. Xu Moyuan looked at her and did not speak. Uncle looked at them and did not speak. Zhu Xiaotao couldn't help rushing over and shouting at Lin Yaner: "He loves you!"! He worked so hard to write a book in order to live a good life with you, and he didn't want your hands to be rough with those chemicals. In those quiet nights, when Xu Moyuan chatted with her through the Internet, he told her this. Why don't you tell her? Zhu Xiaotao asked him at that time. You are too young, do not understand, Xu Moyuan said, some things, said but more wrong. But you don't say, or are you really wrong? 997 Lin Yaner looked at the girl who suddenly rushed out. She was also a fan of him. She thought that she looked familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen her. But in any case, the youth and vitality of these fans are far less than their own. Any one of them is more entitled to his than himself. Lin Yaner smiled and said to Zhu Xiaotao: "We are not suitable for each other. I just want someone who can accompany me, not someone who attracts the attention of millions of people.." She remembered the strange words she had heard on the road. The Great God. 998 "May you always be a great God." She finally shook off her long hair, pulled her uncle, turned around and walked away, and the crowd, still holding their breath, automatically made way for her. The bright yellow skirt was so brilliant that it was more dazzling than the stage lights. At this moment, she is the real protagonist. Aren't you going after it? Zhu Xiaotao looked at Xu Moyuan. Xu Moyuan turned around and walked back to the back of the table, clear and cold, still the immortal who was alone and proud in the heavy rain. Zhu Xiaotao had to watch Lin Yaner's back, I wish you happiness, she silently read in her heart, thinking that this is the last time to see Lin Yaner. 999 After Lin Yaner left, the crowd was silent for a few seconds and began to stir up again. The Great God of Smiling Ink has suffered a divorce! "Cut, people are not married, say what marriage change, the most is that Xiao Mo God was abandoned by his girlfriend, leading to two eunuchs in the world!" "Ah.." Eunuch, I hate eunuchs, but I love God, love and hate, what to do. "Then all the single female fans have the hope of life again." "No, the Great God of Smiling Ink is in love with someone else. Peach's death should be a book written for his new girlfriend!" "Don't attack the Lun family. If you say so, are the songs of Mo yuanxian, Human 1 and Eternal Life written for his old girlfriend?"? The Lun family doesn't believe that God would be so unsingle-minded. "" "Do you want to spend the rest of your life alone?"? There's no way to say it. "Hey, hey, hey, don't discriminate against wives, OK? Do you have the right to love God only if you are single?"? Our wife can also climb the wall to pinch ~ ~ ~ "Yes,metal racking systems, cougars are more attractive!"! I like mature women. "" "Shit, what are you doing with a man?"? Girls, give me pia! ". “……” 1000 kingmoreracking.com

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Days with the great God JQ