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Days with ghosts Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:40   Real Estate   Datteln   361 views Reference: 50
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Manager Su didn't expect the boy to be so kind. He didn't have the heart to blame him. He said, "It's not so serious. You should pay more attention in the future. Well, it's getting late. You should rest early to see that your body recovers quickly. Maybe you will go to work one day. You have to be ready." With that, Suhan went out. Xiaoyan quickly picked him up. His voice was a little choked and he said, "Childe, Xiaoyan is just your servant. It's not worth Childe's kindness to Xiaoyan. Thank you for saving Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan is very grateful." Just like a wry smile and said: "You are welcome, I do not help you, you are all right, but I flatter myself, good embarrassment." Xiaoyan helped Wanru walk out of the room. Xiaoyan said, "You don't know something. You are guilty here just now. General Manager Su can't punish you well. In a rage, you have to sacrifice me to frighten you. As soon as you plead for mercy, General Manager Su softens his heart and lets me go. Of course, you saved me." Just like to say: "Well, even if I help Xiaoyan,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, I still have a lot of places to rely on Xiaoyan to help me, but Xiaoyan will help me more in the future. I figured out that I still have a blood feud. I have to live well. Only when I live, can I have hope." As if he had finished, he took a break. It was only around four o'clock in the afternoon when the first floor of the capital began to receive guests. The guests poured in like a flood. Su Han looked at the crowd pouring in. It was a little strange. He was thinking, what day is today? It's not a holiday, let alone a festival. How can so many people come? Watching the guests gather in the hall,artificial banyan trees, Suhan hurriedly asked people to inform the young men who were on vacation to come back to work, and then asked the performing team to prepare more programs, so that there would be an extra performance in the evening. When he was arranging his affairs, a manager came up to him and said in his ear, "Manager Su, there are so many guests here. So they came for the sound of the piano and the singing last night. They thought that the singing you released last night was a signal to them. They all said that there would be a program tonight. You have to ask Mr. Wu to prepare for the grand finale." Suhan was suddenly enlightened and said, "It's strange. I'm surprised. Today is not a special day. Why are there so many people? Well, you greet the guests here. I'll go in and discuss with Wanru. It's such a big scene and time is so tight. I don't know if Wanru can hold the scene. I'll go up and have a look." It was like staying in the house all day, always thinking about the guqin in the house next to him. Only in the afternoon, when Xiaoyan saw how hard he had endured, he said, silk cherry blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, "You've been out of your mind all day. I know you like that seven-stringed lute very much. The hall is full of guests these days. Manager Su won't come here. Why don't you go in and have a look?" As if there was a smile on their faces, they went in, as if they had lifted the white gauze, and the way they loved it, they wished they could play a song immediately, but he didn't dare, just sat there and watched, and Xiaoyan looked at his pitiful appearance and sighed. He turned around and wanted to go out to guard the door for him, but he didn't expect to bump into a person, and when he saw someone clearly, He was so frightened that his face turned pale. He quickly knelt on the ground and said, "Manager Su, you can't blame Mr. Wu for this. I encouraged him to come in and see it. It's all my fault. If Manager Su wants to be punished, he should punish Xiaoyan." Manager Su was going to arrange for the appearance of the lyre. When he saw Xiaoyan pleading for mercy, the lyre turned pale with fear. He was somewhat embarrassed. He said, "I came here for this. You don't have to be afraid. I won't punish you, but you have to atone for your sins. You can play a song on the stage tonight, but the song can't be too decadent. As long as you perform well, the lyre will belong to you later." You can play if you want. As if exultation immediately said: "Change a song is not difficult, thank godfather." When Xiaoyan got busy, he was also happy for her. Manager Su said, "It's better to have a song for nature. It's just that there are so many guests tonight. I'm afraid you've never performed in public. I don't know if you'll have stage fright and go out to perform. You can't mess it up." "It's easy," she said with a smile. "I like this lyre tight. I just play mine as if I were playing in the room. I don't care how many people are down there. I just pretend they don't exist.". ” Manager Su said, "If you play music alone, I'm afraid it's too monotonous. No one will accompany you on such a big stage. You're even more afraid. It's best if you can match it with dancing. It's just for a while. How can you be so happy? Just like, what do you think is the best?" Just like saying, "The expert watches the door, and the layman watches the fun. I'll give you the music now, and you bring it to the musicians below, and ask them to practice it. The brothers just set up another dance. Who knows we're not prepared?" Manager Su smiled and said, "It's like a real prodigy. You were dying when you came in. Fortunately, I didn't make a mistake. I took you in. It's really good.". If you give me the song, I'll show it to them, and if it doesn't work, you can play it solo. Manager Su took the music score and said to Xiaoyan, "Xiaoyan,outdoor ficus tree, prepare meals for your master's kitchen. I will order the kitchen to prepare a delicate dinner for you, as if you measure it in your heart. Don't mess up tonight's performance. Don't play the music now. Give the finale a little mystery." Manager Su finished and went out with satisfaction. Xiaoyan and Wanru hugged each other tightly. His heart was filled with joy. At this time, Wanru came down from Gulu Ridge and was so happy for the first time. A lyre diluted a lot of the injuries he had suffered. hacartificialtree.com

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