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Dark Blood Age Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:52   Marketing & Communication   Faldera   272 views Reference: 73
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Without this "man" who has been waiting for three days and still refuses to die, he will probably have to wait for another weak green awn to die again. Fortunately, there are still a few dying lives here. Just as he was about to control the needle to leave, suddenly, a bifurcation line on the transparent wall of the cube lit up. The bifurcation line meant external contact. Unlike before, with the cube, all the bifurcation lines were managed, so that Chu Yunsheng could choose whether to touch the illuminated bifurcation lines at any time. This is certainly a good opportunity, Chu Yunsheng will not let go, through the bifurcation line perception of the outside world is not much danger, then immediately touch up. A voice of awe came. "Are you death?" Chu Yunsheng was just about to say no, but he was immediately shocked: "What did you say?" "Are you taking me away?" Chu Yunsheng frowned and his heart sank like a stone. After a moment, he changed his language and said in a deep voice, "How can you speak English? Who are you?" Piaohuo has an outline, so there is no need to worry about the logical problems in the book. The next chapter will reveal a series of reasons why Lao Chu was trapped on an isolated island with zero dimensions. ^ Tips: Ladies and gentlemen, "Now you can directly use the keys to read the pages before and after" Oh! " Press the [enter] key to return directly to the home page of the work! Experience it quickly! Please remember the first domain name of this book:. All come to read the mobile version of the reading website: m. Chapter 726 sorry, you are just a supporting role. ? Replied the awed voice. I am Jacob. Will Americans, so speak English, this year.. Chu Yunsheng was taken aback and said, "Americans?"? You say you're an American!? Where the hell is this? The voice of awe also showed a trace of surprise, joy: "This is the town of Haram, what is wrong?"? Have you come to the wrong place? I'm not ready to leave yet. Chu Yunsheng was a little confused and said, "No, I mean why are you still alive?"? How can the United States still exist? He also did not know how to say, plus his pronunciation is not standard, the owner of the voice can not fully understand, nervous way: "John Arthur Hospital is the only hospital in the town,x70 line pipe, Dr. Matthew is our best doctor, as long as you do not take me, he will be able to cure me." Chu Yunsheng calmed down and said soberly, "Wait, is this a hospital?" The awed voice replied, "Yes, it's a little shabby compared to the big city, but it's the best hospital we have here." Chu Yunsheng thought, here did find a lot of weak green awn, if it is a hospital, it can be explained, but how can it be a hospital, the United States should have been a scorched earth, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s32750 sheet, how can there be a small town hospital? Could it be. Chu Yunsheng immediately asked, "Is there a sun in the sky?" The voice of awe immediately said, "Of course, it's still very big, but the temperature is a little low. Yesterday, when I was awake, I heard the nurse say that it was probably going to snow. I really hope I can get better soon. I've missed the New Year's party." Chu Yunsheng was silent. After a moment, he calmly asked, "What time is it?"? 2012 is over? The Great Darkness has not fallen? The voice of awe said strangely, "No, you are talking about the Mayan prophecy. It has already passed.". Nothing happened.. Are you really death? Chu Yunsheng ignored his questions and asked one after another, "Who is your president?" "Who is the president of France?" …… The more he asked, the more frightened he was, the more riddles he asked, was it his own problem, or was he still in reincarnation? Is the mending of the sky completed, and the great darkness has not come? And he was stillborn in the suicide, but failed to escape from the false monument node, has been drifting in space? But his consciousness of breaking through the first limit clearly told himself. This is not a false tablet node, here is his original "real" real world, he can not create a sword, everything is very "real" real! What the hell is going on? Where is the original earth? …… Just when he was puzzled. More and more confusion, and has never been the light of the bifurcation line gradually emitted a flashing light, attached to it, there is an ancient voice, as if from the center of the earth as far away: "because.". That was a matter of the last century and had nothing to do with them. Chu Yunsheng frowned, and the trap he had been worried about finally seemed to appear. He immediately stopped the confusion in his consciousness and said coldly, "Who are you?"? You're the one who drew me here? "I don't want to see you," the ancient voice said slowly. But you made me have to see you.. My name is "Father," hastily named at the last moment by the life that created me. "Father?" Chu Yunsheng, who has experienced the painful reincarnation of the false tablet. The mind has settled down a lot, and it is no longer as cold as it used to be when it sees the life of a suspected magic stick. It will be disdainful or extremely disgusted. It is as sensitive as a hedgehog. Instead, it is calm and thoughtful. Although it does not like this name, it will not satirize anything. It just says: "I have only one father, who has passed away. Let's change the name." The ancient voice was silent for a moment and said, "You can call me" Guardian. "One Noriko once called me that." Chu Yunsheng said calmly, "You've been attracted here, and you want to talk to me again. It seems that you don't have much confidence in killing me.". In that case, what do you want to do? What does it mean? Just say it. The ancient voice said, "I was not made for the purpose of killing people, although I wanted to kill you and tried to do so, but failed." "What do you mean?" Asked Chu Yunsheng? Tell me first, is this still the earth? The ancient voice said slowly, "Yes,x56 line pipe, this is the seventh and last age of the earth. When this age is over, my mission will be complete." Chu Yunsheng's heart moved and he asked, "What age am I?" lksteelpipe.com

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