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Dandy Genius of Power (Power) Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:17   Independent & Freelance   Ravensburg   196 views Reference: 205
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Jun Haotian didn't go far before he met Sun Xiaohu. Sun Xiaohu came to Jun Haotian excitedly and said, "Boss, I just got a call from Big Brother Tank.". Everything's fine with Sixth Sense. Do you know how many people we have enrolled? "How much?" Jun Haotian narrowed his eyes. Three hundred, three hundred people! I can't imagine! Sun Xiaohu became more and more excited. Jun Haotian was much calmer. He was silent for a long time before he said, "Three hundred people, too many!" Chapter 345 the door is blocked. In Sun Xiaohu's opinion, the more people there are in Tianmen, the better. Three hundred people have just started to join, which is absolutely exciting news. But Jun Haotian and Sun Xiaohu's ideas are completely different, after all, Jun Haotian wants to build a capable team, or even say, must be a team of practitioners. In this way, three hundred people are too many. Shaking his head with a slight smile, Jun Haotian went on to say, "Three hundred people are three hundred people. I'm afraid less than one third of them can stick to it!" Frightened and incredulous, Sun Xiaohu said, "No, boss!" In Jun Haotian's view, after all, not everyone can be the same as Sun Xiaohu. Most of these three hundred people come to dawdle. Ten thousand yuan a month is fast. Where can I find such a good thing. With this mentality, they naturally want to participate in it. But once they encounter difficulties, there are few people who can really stay. And Jun Haotian just needs such a person. Looking at Sun Xiaohu, Jun Haotian said with a smile, "Xiaohu, inform them that from today on, the Sixth Sense Bar and all the industries we have acquired will stop.". Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, there should be people coming to sign up one after another, and these people will be integrated for three months of training! "Training?" Sun Xiaohu nodded, but still had some doubts. Jun Haotian narrowed his eyes and said, "Yes, it's training, hell training.". I don't want these guys to be like the people under Fage, who scattered and retreated as soon as the leader died. What I need is a team that can fight! Sun Xiaohu seemed to have understood the meaning of Jun Haotian. He nodded hurriedly and said, "I understand!" In fact, some words Jun Haotian did not say to Sun Xiaohu, Jun Haotian expected that if he raised the banner this week, then this kind of generous conditions can lure many people to sign up. At least those hoodlums will come to make up a number, after all, money can find a lot of people. And Jun Haotian hopes that all the elite of Tianmen are one in a hundred, or even one in a thousand. As for those who are afraid of death, those who do not have lofty aspirations, Jun Haotian all do not want. Only the people who are screened down layer by layer are the ones who can really be used in the end. Jun Haotian and Sun Xiaohu walked toward the classroom as they spoke. But Jun Haotian has also found that there has been a pair of eyes looking at themselves. Or more accurately, looking at Sun Xiaohu. Those eyes with anticipation, with a trace of inexplicable palpitations, smart interactive whiteboard , and even with a trace of fear. Tang Yashi, the once dazzling goddess. But now, Tang Yashi feels that he can't raise his head at all in front of Sun Xiaohu. Especially after the incident in the canteen, Tang Yashi's mind will always come up with Sun Xiaohu's angry eyes, as well as the fists of the riot, the most important thing is the dialogue between Sun Xiaohu and Jun Haotian outside the canteen. Every day when she returned home, Tang Yashi looked at her father who was getting thinner and thinner. She knew that since she had separated from Du Ze, all her father's special treatment in the unit was over. Career frustrated, so that Tang Yashi's father is depressed every day, although Tang's father also mentioned Tang Yashi and Du Ze, but see their daughter do not want to talk about, also forget it. Now Tang Yashi is quiet in regret and self-reproach almost every day. Vanity in her youth caused her to pass by the man who loved her most. Looking back, the pain and loss are beyond the understanding of ordinary people. If there is a chance to do it again, then Tang Yashi will say no to Du Ze. Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in this world. Looking at the increasingly heroic Sun Xiaohu, and then looking at his life, Tang Yashi has almost fallen into a kind of despair. Suddenly, Jun Haotian stopped and said to Sun Xiaohu with a smile, "Xiaohu, go back first!"! I have something to do! Sun Xiaohu nodded and walked towards the classroom. And Jun Haotian lit a cigarette in the corridor. When a cigarette was silent, Jun Haotian looked back at the tall flowers and said with a smile, "Xiaohu has gone far away. Come out!" Some shivering figure, a school uniform, the face is not too much makeup, but still let a person feel soul-stirring. In particular, it inadvertently reveals a touch of hidden bitterness, which gives people a feeling of pity. I don't know why, but every time Tang Yashi sees Jun Haotian, she feels trembling all over. It was a natural expression, as if the man could not be approached at all. It is certain that Jun Haotian and Du Ze are almost the same people with life experience and background, but the breath he and Du Ze exude is quite different. Tang Yashi, what's the matter? Two people were silent for a long time, Jun Haocheng said lightly. In fact, Jun Haotian, who has the power of time and foresees the future, certainly knows what Tang Yashi is thinking. Tang Yashi looked shakily at Jun Haotian and whispered, "No, nothing, I'm just, just passing by!" Jun Haotian narrowed his eyes and looked at Tang Yashi's expression now. He said with a smile, "Tang Yashi, you have been following Xiaohu all the way for a long time. If you have something to say, just say it." Tang Yashi lowered his eyes, as if he dared not look at Jun Haotian at all. After hesitating for a long time, he raised his head and said with tears in his eyes, "I just want to see him. I just want to see him.". I know I don't deserve him now, but I can't help but want to see him! In fact, how many men in the world can pay silently for a girl like Sun Xiaohu? Once they pay, it will be three years. And in the face of Tang Yashi into the embrace of Du Ze, still infatuated. The ancients said that it is easy to find a priceless treasure, but it is rare to have a lover, which is true. hsdtouch.com

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