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Control the Nine Heavens Complete Works (Finished) Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:42   Engineering   Bamberg   153 views Reference: 381
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Qin Hong is a thorough practice madman, he has no hobbies, the only hobby is to be able to constantly hone themselves, so that they can enter the realm of Tianzun one day earlier. Now, he not only entered the realm of Tianzun, Murong Qi also taught him a set of improved version of the chaotic golden body to practice, this improved chaotic golden body never need to practice the power of Hongmeng, only need to practice the power of God and the law of gold immediately. Qin Hong, who has always practiced alone and rarely received advice from others, is confident that as long as he understands this golden body decision, he will be able to enter the realm of Tianzun within a million years after receiving this golden body decision from Murong Qi. Sure enough, it only took nine hundred thousand years, Qin Hong got his wish to enter the realm of Tianzun, but also the kind of pure body cultivation of Tianzun, such Tianzun defense will be terrible to the extreme, the same is to cultivate the body of the Tianji elders, if they do not use the unique congenital thunder yuan attack of the Thunder War Clan,Kamado bbq grill, they may not be able to defeat Qin Hong. Storm bear these people were originally just bandits in Hongyun Mountain, living a life of robbery, life without any security, at the beginning, even if they practice resources are very difficult to be self-sufficient, all by robbing some past businessmen to get, at that time they never dreamed of,7g Ozone Generator, only 20 million years. These original bandits have become the super masters in the mouth of the people in the divine world. The violent bear and his eight brothers and sisters can go out and lay down a big territory in the divine world. Strangely, didn't the master say that he would leave the customs within ten thousand years? The time of ten thousand years is coming. Why hasn't the master left the customs yet? The fifth uncle said anxiously. Brother Wu, don't worry. Lord Murong may have been delayed until the key to the breakthrough. There is still more than a year to go before the arrival of the Holy Mountain. Lord Murong should be able to catch up. Elder Xuanxi, who was standing on one side, looked at the anxious fifth uncle and said with consolation. Just as the words of Elder Xuanxi fell, the streamer suddenly appeared in the air of the infinite world, and then Murong Qi's figure appeared in front of everyone. At this time of Murong Qi's expression has been completely different from the original, a powerful world pressure from Murong Qi's body God spread out, and Murong Qi on the forehead more than a hexagram of the golden logo, people feel that the hexagram of the golden logo contains a destructive energy. As soon as Murong Qi appeared, the sky of the infinite world began to turn pale, a large number of dark clouds like floods and beasts gathered towards Murong Qi's head, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, countless lightning, flames, are under the cover of the dark clouds violently fused together. Everybody retreats quickly, the holy king adult this is must unlock the day to punish the seal, this day punishes the seal the might to be enormous, is not present we can deal with. Tianji elder is most familiar with the punishment of heaven, watching Murong Qi to unlock the seal of punishment of heaven, knowing the power of his heart, he immediately shouted to the people in the infinite world. After hearing the shouting, the crowd immediately flew back to the distance. When the crowd had just fled to the distance, the sky above Murong Qi began to suddenly rain golden thunder and lightning, which also contained a large number of silver-white flames. Flames and thunder and lightning are desperate to kill Murong Qi in midair. Such a horrible scene makes those in the infinite world who see Murong Qi for the first time to bear the punishment of heaven to wash their bodies panic, they are comparing themselves, if they and others like Murong adults to bear the terrible thunder and fire attack, it is estimated that in a short time, they will be turned into nothingness by thunder and fire. As soon as the thunder and flames in the sky approached Murong Qi, the mark of the golden hexagram on Murong Qi's forehead began to show its terrible devouring power, and the thunder and flames were all absorbed by it. Xiao Ling, the power of thunder and fire is good. Do you use thunder and fire to unlock the seventh seal on your body? In the sky constantly under the golden thunder and lightning rain, Murong Qi suddenly in the heart called up Xiao Ling. "Well, master, I'm coming out. I'm about to unlock the seventh seal. These thunderbolts can help me." Xiao Ling's excited voice sounded in Murong Qi's mind, then a flash of silver, a young man of twelve or thirteen years old appeared beside Murong Qi, this young man is the chaotic holy beast Xiao Ling who has turned into a human form. As soon as Xiao Ling appeared, he was ready to show his body. With an earth-shaking roar of the beast, the people in the distance found that the young man who had suddenly come out of Murong Qi's side had turned into a mighty beast with a golden silver horn on his head and covered by snow-white fluff without a trace of flaw. After the monster appeared, he immediately put himself in the terrible rain of thunder and lightning, constantly bearing the bombardment of the rain of fire and thunder and lightning. For a whole day, the fire rain and thunder and lightning in the sky began to decrease slowly. When the last thunder and lightning disappeared, the thick dark clouds receded rapidly like the ebb tide. After a moment, the sky in the infinite world returned to its former calm. After the dark clouds receded, the people of Yanhuang Lou in the distance immediately flew towards Murong Qi with a face of excitement. Congratulations to the adult skill further, with the adult's present strength, it can be said that the divine world has been invincible. The crowd said excitedly to Murong Qi. We have no enemies in the divine world, but our enemies are no longer in the divine world, and there are more terrible things in the Nine Youyou Warcraft. We can't relax ourselves at all. Murong Qi nodded and then said with a serious face. At the moment, Murong Qi's breath was so majestic that a master like Tianji Elder could not help but be afraid. All right, the time of ten thousand years is coming. I guess the holy mountain will come that day. During this period,Ceramic Band Heater, we should adjust our state. Once the holy mountain comes, we should get there as soon as possible. Murong Qi said. Yes, my Lord! All the senior staff of Yanhuang Building received the order respectfully. ————————————————— global-ceramics.com

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Control the Nine Heavens Complete Works (Finished)