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Complete Biography of Cixi Full-time Job

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A night of snow, the ground is covered with accumulated elements. In the afternoon, the thick snow melted completely, and the road was muddy, so it was better to walk than snow. At night, the clouds are thick and the last quarter moon hides without a trace, but the clouds are shining from time to time, especially in the northwest, if there is fire. Then, in the east, south, and west, there was such a flame. In the middle of the night, the light concentrated in the sky, and in a flash, it scattered into the four directions. Some people say that this is called "Tian Xiao", while others say that it is "Tian Kai Yan". I don't know Lord He Xiangrui? The next day, the twenty-sixth day of the first lunar month, was the day to announce the system and welcome the empress. Before noon, the officials gathered together. At three o'clock at noon, the emperor ascended to his throne in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. In the loud and clear sound of "brush, brush", the princes and officials knelt three times and kowtowed nine times, and then the officials of the Ministry of Rites announced the system. Read out the imperial edict of conferring the title of empress, to welcome the grand scholar of Wuying Palace, Kuirun, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Rites, and ten special ministers,Nail machine supplier, kneeling down to listen to it, waiting for the emperor to return to the palace, then holding the festival in the middle of the palace by Dan, escorting the empress's gold book and jade treasure, as well as placing a handle of Fengyu with the word "dragon" in the imperial pen, going out of Taihe Gate, crossing Jinshui Bridge, passing Turn and go east, slowly to the back of the house. As soon as she arrived, she did not immediately welcome the empress into the palace. According to the time chosen by Qin Tianjian,wire nail making machine, it was not until midnight when she handed in the twenty-seventh son that the empress began to receive the book. At that time, the westerly wind was blowing like ten thousand horses galloping. Fortunately, the Luan Yi Wei Association organized hundreds of pairs of painted phoenix lanterns and used glass as lampshades, which were very delicate and dexterous. Although there was a strong wind, the lanterns were not affected. Those who suffered were the four "flatterers." As usual, they were supposed to ride a horse. The wind trumpeted the horse, and the horse could not sit steadily on the saddle. All of them were so frightened that they desperately clung to the "judge's head" on the saddle and kept reciting the Buddha's name. As a result, the honor guard of ingratiation moved slowly. The son is out of the residence, from Fangjiayuan Jingshi Hutong, East Street, Chang'an Archway, Bingbu Street, Dongjiang Rice Lane, into the Great Qing Gate, has been Yin Shi. The Jingyang bell at the Meridian Gate crashed into the nine cities, and the people at the foot of the emperor all knew that the queen had entered the palace. As soon as Feng Yu entered the Gate of Heavenly Purity, twelve eunuchs, holding Tibetan incense burners, led him into the Jiaotai Hall behind the Palace of Heavenly Purity. They carried Feng Yu over the brazier and stopped outside the gate. The empress descended and was supported by four female officials into the hall. There are patterns in the temple. A saddle was placed on the threshold in advance, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, with two apples hidden under it and covered with a red felt. The queen had to step over the saddle, enter the palace to worship heaven and earth, and then lead to the Kunning Palace behind the Jiaotai Palace. As usual, the bridal chamber of the big wedding is located in the East Warm Pavilion of the Kunning Palace. However, the joint banquet was held in the Westinghouse, and the emperor and the empress entered the banquet prepared by the dining room while a pair of Quanfu bodyguards sang a Manchu "joint song". This is naturally a form, the song is over, the feast is over, and then the female official is introduced into the bridal chamber. At that time, the dawn had already appeared, but before the emperors and empresses realized their good dreams, they had to go through many ceremonies. First, there were four Fujin. Not long after the death of the king, the "fifth grandmother" lived as a widow and could not enter the palace at all. Fujin, the king of Gong, had already died. Fujin, the king of Chun, was the mother of the emperor and deliberately avoided it. When Emperor Muzong got married, the three Fujins who dressed the empress were separated from each other, but none of them was seen. The four Fujins who served at this time were Prince Li Shiduo, Prince Su Long, Prince Yu Bengge, and the first wife of Prince Yi Zaidun. They combed the queen into a double phoenix bun, put on a double happy jade hairpin, and changed into a double phoenix robe. After using the "descendants'baboon", they put a "treasure bottle" with gold and silver rice grains into the queen's arms and let her sit on the edge of the bed. Seeing that the window screen had turned white, he did not care to check carefully and forgot what the ceremony was. He knelt down and withdrew. The two female officials immediately closed the door of the hall. When the emperors and empresses both went to bed, all the palace ladies and eunuchs, from the Empress Dowager Cixi, got up early, and some people, such as Princess Rongshou and Li Lianying, did not sleep at all that night. To do this big happy event, Princess Rongshou is a connecting link between the preceding and the following, and has not slept safely for many days. Empress Dowager Cixi saw that her face was yellow and thin. She could not bear it. Then she said lovingly, "You are tired enough!"! I've been busy for a while. Let's rest for a while! Come back and listen to the play with me. "Not tired." Princess Rongshou laughed and said, "I'm not tired at all.". ” "Nonsense!"! Is there anyone who is not tired without sleeping all night? "People are in high spirits when it comes to happy events!" Don't try to be brave with me, go back to sleep! Don't come to me until supper time. It's so considerate that Princess Rongshou can't help being obedient. But please quit Chu Xiu Palace, but instead of returning to the residence of Le Zhixuan in the west wing of Changchun Palace, you took the eunuchs and palace maids to go straight through the Tihe Palace and enter the Yikun Palace to see Jin Pin and Zhen Pin. In the Ming Dynasty, Yikun Palace was called Wan'an Palace, where concubines lived. When Empress Dowager Cixi was an imperial concubine, she lived here and gave birth to Emperor Muzong. Now Jin Pin and Zhen Pin live together in the Yikun Palace according to the decree of Yi. It can be seen that the Empress Dowager Cixi loves the two sisters, but it can also be said that they are placed under the armpit and easy to monitor. But when Princess Rongshou came here, it was not malicious surveillance, but pure good intentions. Jin Pin was fifteen years old, and Zhen Pin was even younger, only thirteen years old. Although they were all very sensible, when they first entered the palace, they were only burdened and had no relatives. It can be imagined that their hearts were not only lonely and desolate, but also fearful and confused, eager to be comforted by someone. That's why she's here. So as soon as he entered the palace, he summoned the chief eunuch Wang Deshou in the courtyard and asked in a loud voice, "The two new masters have just entered the palace, and they still don't understand a lot of regulations. Have you reported back to the two masters?" "I have reported back.". There are too many regulations to say for a while, so we have to go back slowly. "It doesn't matter if you go back slowly, but remember to do your duty and do what you should do.". "Don't think that the two new masters are new and polite to you, and you dare to be undisciplined!" Princess Rongshou's voice was clear and crisp, the most able to send far away. The two sisters of Jinzhen, who were in Qingyun Zhai in the east wing,Nail machine manufacturer, could naturally recognize her voice. Suddenly, they were in high spirits. Unconsciously, they all looked happy and stood up. 3shardware.com

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