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Chinese New Year _ Nado _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:27   Security & Safety   Sankt Ingbert   92 views Reference: 465
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The underground palace of Wu and Yue has experienced more than 1000 years of wind and frost. According to the survey, the underground palace is 2.6 meters away from the ground of the first floor of the pagoda. The entrance of the underground palace is sealed with a square stone slab, on which a huge stone of 750 kilograms is pressed. Today, the most primitive method is used to lift the boulder: chains and ropes. In the golden sound of the chain, the huge stone that has been sleeping for thousands of years slowly wakes up. As the huge stone slowly rises, the underground palace, which is tightly tamped by the red earth of Xizhao Mountain, opens. The thousand-year-old underground palace is finally within reach, but the stone slab covering the mouth of the underground palace is a thousand years old, and there is a danger of breaking the Philistine if it is opened from any side, so experts decided to pry away the original cracked pieces of the stone slab first, and then pull up the whole piece. At 11:18, the slate was successfully opened. The veil of a thousand years was finally lifted, and a rusty iron letter and a statue of Buddha appeared in front of everyone, which excited all the people present. However, because the underground palace has been soaked in water, the location of the cultural relics buried underground is confused and can not be moved in the mud. It is a pity that people can not be unsalable on the spot. What is in the iron letter that has been hidden for thousands of years. 2001/03/12 Zhejiang Daily I was surprised to be admitted to this famous newspaper in Shanghai after four years of idle college career and not graduated from the Department of Journalism. Before I applied for the job, I didn't have much hope. After all, it is said that this is the world of Fudan Gang. I didn't want to stay in the news department here after graduating from Fudan Journalism Department. Unless I have outstanding talent, I have something to do with it. Maybe it's a chance encounter. Anyway,PET blow moulding machine, I'm a journalist now. Since all the lines in the Ministry were full (I always wondered why there was no line to divide and recruit people), I had no regular source of news clues, and I became a loafer. As long as there are unexpected events, or major events, I will report, a heavy burden on the body, is absolutely a thankless job. But that's where my colorful career as a journalist began. The 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China is approaching. As the mainstream media in Shanghai, according to the usual practice and the above requirements, we began to prepare relevant task reports very early. The task I was assigned this time was to do an interview with Feng Lide. Feng Lide, 48 years old, is in the prime of life. A rising star in the field of archaeology in China, juice filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, he has presided over many major archaeology projects, such as the Leifeng Pagoda Underground Palace Archaeology in Hangzhou in March this year, which enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. My habit of doing character interviews is to collect more information about the person in advance, and then choose an entry point. The starting point of the interview with Feng Lide is undoubtedly the archaeology of the underground palace of Leifeng Pagoda, which he had just presided over a few months ago. However, when I went to Feng Lide's personal website to search for more information I wanted, I found a strange and interesting phenomenon. Feng Lide's personal website has a name that matches his profession very well: The Gate of Eternal Times. This "eternal gate" is still a little famous website in the industry, because it not only has Feng Lide's latest academic papers, but also has an extremely active archaeological BBS. As a moderator, Feng Lide often answers various questions raised by many archaeological enthusiasts on the BBS, which makes the popularity here higher and higher. But when I searched for questions and answers related to the successful archaeology of Leifeng Pagoda in March this year, I found that the questions and answers were out of proportion. It seems that in the early days, Feng Lide was very happy to answer questions about Leifeng Pagoda from netizens, but it was not long before he stopped answering such questions completely. Feng Lide's silence began with a question from a netizen named King Solomon. The question goes like this: Professor Feng, I heard that you didn't go back to the camp to sleep on the night of March 11. Where are you? Are you at the archaeological site? Feng Lide's answer was to go back to the city to see a friend in the evening. After that, he began to be completely silent. I made a note in my notebook that might be useful in the interview. Three days later, Beijing. I met him in Feng Lide's study. Board inch head, bronzed skin, high nose, although tired but still have God's eyes, hands are very slender. This is Feng Lide's first impression on me. I noticed a book spread out on his desk. I glanced at it. It was the twenty-eighth volume of Feng Menglong's Warning to the World: White Snake Yongzhen Leifeng Pagoda. I think I'm on the right track. I didn't waste much time. After simply asking him about his past experience, I changed the subject and mentioned the archaeology of Leifeng Pagoda Underground Palace in March this year. Feng Lide is a very talkative person. He starts from the history of the ancient Wuyue Kingdom, talks about the princess who wants to build an underground palace, talks about several possible sources of the Buddha's hair in the gold pagoda in the relic box, and begins to talk about some other cultural relics unearthed at the same time. However, I am not very interested in this. This is not the point. Our busy readers will not be interested in these profound archaeological backgrounds. I was forced to interrupt him and asked, "Can you talk about the situation when you were in the field?" Feng Lide was slightly stunned, as if he were thinking about something. I don't know what he's thinking, and it's perfectly normal for me to ask such a question. Feng Lide seemed to clear his mind and began to recall the whole process of archaeological excavation. But the more I listened, the more disappointed I became. What he said was all in the previous reports, and there was nothing new. It gave me the feeling that he was retelling the national media reports on the archaeology of Leifeng Pagoda. He did not mention anything about his feelings, details, or stories. Is he hiding something? The idea suddenly came into my mind, which made me excited. He needs to find a topic that can arouse his real interest. I think of what I saw on the Internet. This kind of archaeology is very hard. Can you have a good rest at night? Is it back to the city to live in a hotel or in a nearby camp? I tactfully asked a matting question. Oh,water bottle packaging machine, I live in the camp at night. It's usually like this when I go out. I've been used to it for so many years, but I'm not used to living in a hotel. Hangzhou is a good place. Don't you take your spare time to stroll around the city? The food stalls there are very good, cheap and good. "I don't have the time. I'll fly directly to Beijing as soon as I'm done." gzxilinear.com

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Chinese New Year _ Nado _ txt Novel Paradise