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Changling _ Rongjiu Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:54   Tourism & Restaurants   Dannenberg   323 views Reference: 77
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The corner of Kagu's eye jumped, his eyes narrowed, and he whispered, "How sure are you that you won't do them any harm?" "Ah, it's at least 40%." Changling thought for a moment and then changed his tune. "Be conservative, 30%?" Jia Gu: "… …" It's a good thing she didn't say it was 10%. In fact, it's not that Jiagu didn't want to find another way, but he was the only one before, and he couldn't make fun of people's lives at will. Now it's a good opportunity to have such a skilled Shimo Zhenqi coming to the door. Only Jia Gu still has some obstacles. "Who shall we try?" As a matter of course, Changling looked at the "ready-made" tied to the ground and said, "Martial Uncle is afraid that one is not enough to try. I need to get a few more? All right, you wait, I'll be right back. "No, no, one is enough." Wiping off a cold sweat, Kagu clasped his hands together and said, "Amitabha, good, good, good." Seeing that his life was in danger, the village head quickly took the opportunity to move to the door and wanted to run away. Changling grabbed his skirt and threatened: "Don't put up a desperate fight. Be obedient. Let's see if we can detoxify. Maybe Yanling Village can get a new life. Otherwise.." "Oh, don't touch people. We Buddhists are merciful.." "Village head, don't worry,Inflatable outdoor park, we will do our best, and we won't let you feel too much pain.." he said. Before he had finished speaking, he saw the village chief bite at him. Kagu dodged and pointed like a telegram to seal the big holes all over his body. He said to Changling, "You see, if we communicate well, people will naturally understand our pains." Changling didn't even bother to roll his eyes. She moved the village chief to the bed, made him sit cross-legged, moved the wooden table in,Inflatable water park factory, and lined up the silver needles. She was waiting for more steps to work with Kagu, but she saw that Kagu's left middle finger and index finger were pressed into the village chief's vest, and she had already started without saying a word. Changling was a little dumbfounded. "Martial Uncle, you.." "I first enter the first Yang Qi from the Dazhui point, and you enter the first Yin Qi from the Tiantu point in front of me. When my second Yang Qi is injected into the Shendao point, you enter the second Yin Qi with the Zigong point." Jiagu said here, "Don't be stupefied, hurry up!" If it were someone else, you would have to stop first and make the order clear, but Changling is not a patient role. When Jiagu said the word "fast", her first finger fell down without a trace of hesitation. It was just this neat and neat, and it was seamless with Jiagu. The two of them, four hands from top to bottom, slowly poured the True Qi into the village head's whole body. In the confluence of blood, in a moment, the village chief's whole body was red, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable amusement park, and his head was steaming faintly, like a shrimp being roasted, curled up and curled up. Seizing the right moment, Jiagu gave the order: "Give the needle." Nanhua needle came out at the right time, punctured the point accurately, and the swelling breath in the village head's body found an outlet in an instant, mixed with a lot of hot sweat transpiration, Changling saw the opportunity to cut his hands and fingers, faintly saw a drop of black blood oozing out.. Jia Gu saw that the blood flow was too slow, so he simply drew a line on his wrist. In an instant, the black poisonous blood surged and splashed all over the ground. Changling frowned and said, "Will he bleed to death like this?" "The poisonous blood of the corpse is not the key, the key lies in the insect." The village chief's eyes were fixed on the village chief's wrist. Suddenly, he saw a bewitching insect as big as a fingernail flowing out with poisonous blood and landing on the bed. He quickly picked up the lid of the teacup on the table and said to Changling, "Stop the bleeding!" At this time, the village chief did not know whether he had lost too much blood or was simply frightened. He had already fainted. Changling sealed the wrist acupoint with a golden needle and wrapped it tightly with a cloth strip. He said in a deep voice, "The bleeding has stopped. Now I don't know if this is a complete detoxification, otherwise.." Martial Uncle. Can you stop playing with that bug? Crouching on the edge of the bed board, Kagu carefully lifted the corner of the cup and watched the green insect wriggle slowly: "I'm just curious, what insect is so magical that it can turn a person into a powerful orc at night.." What did you ask? Changling didn't raise his eyebrows angrily. "I said, is this a detoxification?" "Without this corpse worm to control the brain, people who want to become green-eyed can't become green-eyed." Jia Gu used the bottom of the cup to grind the insects, "but they have been under the control of the corpse for a long time, there are inevitably residual toxins in the blood, can only be slowly dispelled, do not penetrate into the internal organs, there should be no worries about life." Changling didn't expect this move to be so effective. He immediately got up and said, "Since it works, why don't we hurry up and get rid of all the poisons of the villagers?" Jia Gu was stunned. "Now?" "This time the village chief was forced by our overlord. He must be unhappy. After he sobered up, he may not believe that his corpse has been solved. It's better to strike first than to wait for him to go down the mountain and summon people to embarrass us." Changling said, "After we save more people, the people in the village will naturally trust us. So if Ye Qi wants to practice, no one will go up the mountain to obstruct him." "Oh, so you're for the little leaf." Jia Gu showed a smile, "just, we so rashly down the mountain, how to mention this matter with them?" "What is there to mention?" As soon as Changling raised his hand, he said, "There is a room full of wounded people at the foot of the mountain. As soon as we go in, we will cut the Gordian knot and seal their acupoints and detoxify them directly." The courage of the second childe has always been very fat, want to go out is a, this is if Ye Qi is present, will develop a more detailed strategy, but Jiagu is also a maverick, after she so mentioned, also can not resist the eagerness to try, two people will be tied up the village head again, cover the quilt, so down the mountain. Katsuya originally thought that he would be more or less hindered, and he had a lot of unexpected situations along the way,inflatable castle with slide, but he didn't want to go all the way to the foot of the mountain and sneak into the village doctor's home, which was incredibly smooth. The elders were not present, so it was almost effortless to seal the acupoints of the disabled patients in this room. joyshineinflatables.com

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