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Carefree Princess-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:37   Tourism & Restaurants   Saarlouis   100 views Reference: 421
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Hearing this voice, I immediately recognized who it was. Unexpectedly, at this critical juncture, the single old man appeared again. For Zhu Cui, this is really an unexpected surprise! However, she immediately thought, this time the single old man is not allowed to appear, Feng Laiyi what kind of person, a carelessness for her to see the flaw, that also get? Such a thought, Zhu Cui can not help but secretly worry about him, the heart can not help but secretly blame. The single old man in the dark laughed and said, "Just jump, big girl. Don't worry about me. I'll help you in the dark." Zhu Cui startled little calm, but also afraid of the wind to the instrument suspicious, the moment forced to lift a true force, carry out the strength of the whole body, steep straight to the pavilion jumped down. Between the two pavilions, the distance is about seven Zhangs. Zhu Cui this straight jump, really not sure to be able to jump to the top of the pavilion, but she is unexpectedly reached. By the time her toes were on the beads on the top of the pavilion, she was so nervous that she broke out in a cold sweat. "Good posture, Miss Cui," said Feng Laiyi with a smile in the distance. "There are three pavilions. Why don't you try them all?" Her voice fell, and her ear was immediately connected to the voice of the single old man. She can do what she wants you to do, and everything is mine! When Zhu Cui heard him say this,warehouse rack manufacturer, she had to bite her teeth, jump up, and jump straight to the pavilion again. Her body vertical from the vertical, suddenly behind the hip bone position a tight, by an inexplicable wind hard to push out, this force is obviously very big, so that in addition to Zhu Cui's own strength, but also enough to push her out of Zhang Xu. In this way, Zhu Cui floated lightly and landed on the top of the fifth pavilion with great ease. She stood still,Warehouse storage racks, and a strong wind came behind her, forcing her to go up to the sixth thatched pavilion. Like the last time, she continued to jump to the seventh and last pavilion. This series of flying skills, it seems at one go, not far-fetched, see in the eyes of Feng Laiyi, really surprised, with her past understanding of Zhu Cui, never thought her flying skills attainments, would be so high, it is not worse than their own. Startled, Feng Laiyi was almost stunned on the spot. After a long time, she sighed and nodded her head and said, "Miss Cui, you are so good at flying skills. I didn't see it before. It's really disrespectful!" Zhu Cui immediately floated down from the top of the pavilion, feeling guilty, but could not even say a polite word, but smiled mysteriously at Feng Laiyi. Little did they know that this smile, long span shelving ,Pallet rack supplier, however, made Feng Laiyi feel deeply taboo. He thought in his heart, It seems that this princess's flying skill belongs to the first-class realm, and her other skills are not good at training. Why would she easily admit defeat to me? Could it be said that when she came to Bule Island, there would be any other plans? However, on second thought, with such a magical situation in Bule Island, the master is like a cloud, the other side is a single girl alone, even if the wisdom and skill are superior, under their own surveillance, what can they do? Besides, the lives of her family, young and old, are all in the hands of the Unhappy Gang. How can they stir up trouble? As soon as these questions passed through his mind, Feng Laiyi smiled calmly. "You see," she said, pointing to the rising stone steps, "here are the 108 steps. After that, you will arrive at the'Guanhai Huo 'where I live." As she spoke, Zhu Cui felt the cold weather and heard the surging waves in her ears from time to time. When she looked up along Feng Laiyi's fingers, she was surprised to realize that the place where they stood would be the top of a peak. Feng Laiyi's so-called "Guanhai Tower" was in fact the top of a peak, but the peaks in this area were undulating and overlapping, and it was difficult to get a glimpse of them unless they were close. The night is as deep as water, and the bright moon in the sky is hanging in the sky like an ice plate, like the silver moon night reflecting everything in front of us. It is really refreshing to be in Qiongyao Moon Palace and forget to leave. Zhu Cui sees in the eye, in the heart is really secretly convinced. Such a home environment would be hard to imagine if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. Feng Laiyi can live here, day and night infected with this natural Zhong Ling temperament, how can not be highly intelligent and sensitive, it is sincerely admired. Of course, the people who can live here are not ordinary people. Subconsciously, Zhu Cui poured out infinite admiration for Feng Laiyi. In her imagination, a person who lives in such an environment and has a superb artistic conception should not seem to be a bad person who kills and steals goods. This feeling seemed to have been bred in her mind more than once, and she was afraid that if it went on like this, it would probably erode the hostility towards her and even the whole unhappy gang. Feng Laiyi sighed slightly: "What are you thinking about?" "Oh, it's nothing," said Zhu Cui in surprise. "I just suddenly realized how beautiful this place is!" "Really?" Said Feng Laiyi. "Then you'll feel more beautiful later. Let's go." As soon as the voice fell, her body rose lightly and fell straight down the stone steps, and Zhu Cui fell out. Two people stand side by side. Feng Laiyi said with a smile, "There are 108 steps here, but if you want to walk up step by step, you can't do it quickly. Do you believe it?" Zhu Cui did not answer, but suddenly stepped up and went straight over the steps. Strange to say, although she took a big step up, when her footsteps fell, she realized that her body was still on the original steps, but the difference was that the position of standing was slightly deviated. Startled, Zhu Cui suddenly jumped up and fell up again. As soon as she got up, she heard the wind beside her shout, "Don't.." Follow closely behind Zhu Cui. Feng Laiyi suddenly straightened up and went straight behind Zhu Cui. Zhu Cui's body rose vertically, only to feel that all the scenery in front of her seemed to turn upside down, while the place where she landed was dark. The heart is surprised, the ear has heard the sound of the wind to the instrument call, at the same time only feel a tight right wrist, has eaten the wind to the instrument tightly grasp. Then he pulled her down abruptly, feeling as if she were a screw. After allowing two people to fall to the ground,Narrow aisle rack, Zhu Cui looked at it again, only to realize that it was still the first stone step, which was really a bit incredible. omracking.com

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Carefree Princess-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise