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Cao Thief Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:37   Engineering   Saarbrücken   212 views Reference: 329
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But Zhang Fei is clear, Xiangyang failed, not zhaoyun, but the defection of Liu. If this is investigated, it has to be said that it is the problem of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. When Liu Bei did not accept Liu Feng as his adopted son, there would be no trouble later. Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang's wariness and even suppression of Liu Feng also made Liu Feng depressed and frustrated, and eventually he was taken advantage of by the giffin and had to turn against him. So-called a drink a peck, doomed! Zhaoyun was dismissed from the white soldier's commander in chief, although the tooth general, but not as good as an ordinary a captain. To put it bluntly, he was giving Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang top thunder. But these words, Zhang Fei can't say, can only hide in the heart. Seeing the firm attitude of elk Zhu, Zhang Fei thought about it and agreed to come down. Zizhong, I and you eight hundred cavalry, assist Zilong. If things cannot be disobeyed, they must not be forced. I will stick here, when the time comes. When you see Zilong, tell him to be more careful. Liu Bei left Zhang Fei three thousand men. Eight hundred cavalry, almost all the forces of Zhang Fei. Elk Zhu promised, but also did not care to catch his breath, immediately with people, back to Changbanpo. At this time, the horizon has revealed the white light of the fish belly. The Changbanpo was ablaze with flames and thick smoke. More than ten thousand people, as well as soldiers panic, scattered. As far as the eye could see, there were defeated soldiers everywhere, as well as civilians who fled everywhere in a panic. Some clever ones hid in the low bushes and raised their hands as soon as they saw the military forces coming. However, more people are running like headless flies. Before Cao Peng set out,High Speed Nail Making Machine, he had a strict order: as long as he did not carry weapons, or those who were old, weak, sick and disabled, try not to attack. But Rao is so, in the army, who can worry a lot. The leopard rides like the wind, whistling past. But when he saw the suspicious man, he immediately bent his bow and shot him on the spot. There were corpses and broken arms everywhere, lying in a pool of blood. The land,Nail machine supplier, which had become muddy because of the rainstorm, was now dyed red with blood, showing a terrible dark red color, which was shocking. Zhaoyun longitudinal horse gallop, behind more than a dozen close to follow closely behind him. In the distance, a group of tigers came roaring. The number of tiger riders in this group is about ten. Far to see zhaoyun, then immediately set up a spear, longitudinal horse.. Zhaoyun see tiger ride that a heavy armor, can't help but surprised. He could see that this tiger cavalry was completely different from the cavalry he had seen before. However, now everywhere is the enemy, can only head on. Thought of here, zhaoyun roar, urged the horse. The gentian spear in the palm of his hand fluttered and trembled, and several big spear flowers appeared. A tiger rider came up to him and thrust his spear fiercely. Zhaoyun did not panic, big gun a Yin and Yang, flutter edge to meet forward, along the spear a block, and then a loud roar, the spear burst open. The gentian spear came out with great strength, and it hit the tiger rider in the chest. Only one gun, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,nail manufacturing machine, then shattered the knight's breastplate, zhaoyun homeopathy, then put the tiger riding knight, pick to kill under the horse. Say too late, then fast! Zhao Yun killed a tiger rider in two rounds. It seems very easy and relaxed. But zhaoyun secretly complain, these are almost wrapped in heavy armor of the knight, itself is not an ordinary soldier. A tiger riding knight, if put in the army, it is at least a dubo, the level of the general. But in the tiger leopard ride, is just an ordinary soldier. To kill such a tiger rider, the lion must fight the rabbit and spare no effort. One, two, even ten, twenty.. Zhaoyun will not be afraid. However, Jun how many such ranks? Just on the battlefield, not zhaoyun think, can only try to fight. In the blink of an eye, ten tiger riders fell in a pool of blood. Horses without owners, running around.. Just, ten tiger ride knight is killed, zhaoyun behind the pro, also lost more than half. Moreover, ten knights, were all killed by zhaoyun. His close followers, facing these tiger riders like demons and ghosts, could not compete at all and could only delay for a short time. Zhaoyun heart, a little flustered! He looked at the close follower behind him, gritted his teeth, and urged the horse to move on. In any case, must find three ladies and two childe, to live up to Liu Bei. In this way, zhaoyun along the way while looking for, while fighting with the tiger leopard ride. All the way down, he is recruited a lot of beaten army, the number of about one hundred people. And there were thirty or forty tigers and leopards who died under his gun. But as the number of people increases, so does the target. More and more tiger riders came in swarms, and the sound was heard everywhere, and the tiger riders appeared again, but not a few people in a team. Twenty or thirty people roared in. Zhaoyun see tiger ride more and more riders, also couldn't help secretly complain. Gentian gun, I don't know how many tiger riders have been killed. The startled sword in the palm is full of blood. When Zhao Yun saw that the situation was not good, he hurriedly shouted, "Go to Dangyang Bridge at once. Don't follow me.." It's too big a target to get together like this. Zhaoyun also regardless of the ranks of life and death, holding a gun and drawing a sword, living from the army, fight their way out, take the road and walk. Behind him, the sound of whooshing was heard all the time. Zhaoyun this heart inside, also become more and more flustered. The pursuers have left far behind. Zhao Yun reined in his horse, put the Jing Hong Jian back into its scabbard with his backhand, tore off a piece of battle robe, and wiped the blood from the gentian gun. Can you see your wife? "Have you seen the lady and the childe?" Zhaoyun walked all the way and asked the refugees all the way. However, no one knows the whereabouts of the three ladies and childe. Zhaoyun this heart, more and more irritable. At the same time, the feeling of uneasiness is getting heavier and heavier. He is very clear, the day has been bright, Jun's pursuers will continue to arrive. At this time, he can easily find, the longer the delay, the greater the danger. Who knows the whereabouts of Madame? There was a sparse forest in front of him, in which many civilians had gathered. Zhaoyun is also in a hurry to seek medical advice, urged to come forward to ask. He was just asking casually,Coil Nail Making Machine, and he didn't have too many illusions. As soon as his voice fell, he heard a cry from the forest: "Zilong, I'm here!" 3shardware.com

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Cao Thief