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Cao Thief Full-time Job

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It is impossible for Cao Peng to summon Zhao Yun alone in order to show equal treatment. But these rewards have gone beyond the scope of Tunjiang. Zhao Yun looked at the armor on the couch and burst into tears. "Please tell you that Yun will live up to your expectations," he said hurriedly. "Please watch." Xiahou Lan, smile without a word. That night, Jun attack again. Zhaoyun and Ma Yunlu, still take the lead, into the enemy. The spear picks the sword to chop, the husband and wife two people slay will fifty-two people. Jun took advantage of the situation and slaughtered a tribe of nearly three thousand Di people. The next day, Jun fight again! Zhao Yun picked the tribal leader with a spear and killed Yang Fang, the brave general of the Di people, who was known as the tiger of the given branch. Later, he and Ma Yunlu killed twelve Di people, and a tribe of 8,000 Di people disappeared on the same day. The third day.. After four days of bloody battles, Cao Jun wiped out eight tribes in Hehuang. The place, as Cao Peng before the blood order said, chickens and dogs do not stay, slaughter an empty. Rivers of blood flow in the Hehuang Grassland. According to rough statistics, nearly twenty thousand people died under the heel of the Cao Jun, which shocked the people. And zhaoyun couple, also accompanied by a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and began to spread in the tribe. A couple, dressed in white and riding a white horse, followed Cao Yama across Hehuang. This couple, rare handsome, beautiful woman, but fierce and brave, killing people like hemp, so they are called the God of killing in white. After four days of bloody battle, zhaoyun from a small soldier,plastic wheelie bins, the rapid rise. With nearly a thousand lives in his hands, he became a commandant of Guo Yi, who was valued by Cao Peng and commanded the flying camel soldiers. In the army, the name is Flying Camel King, which is as famous as Shamoko. This is the myth and legend of a small soldier, and it is also a model for Cao Peng to use talents without sticking to one pattern. With the rise of zhaoyun, Jun every battle, will be the first. He zhaoyun but a small soldier, but in one day even four levels, four days later, commander in chief flying camel! We can also.. Perhaps we can't compare with zhaoyun's bravery,stackable plastic pallets, but we can rely on the weapons in our hands, establish our merits! All of a sudden, Hehuang set off a bloody storm. And with the deepening of Cao Jun, the myth of a small soldier, spread in the army, widely known. Chapter 700 settle the storm. In July of the 14th year of Jian'an, a great event took place in Guanzhong. The Wei clan of Jingzhao, known as the powerful clan in Guanzhong, gathered three thousand troops to rise up at Ganting and captured Shanglin. The day after the Wei clan rose up, Yang Fan of Hongnong rose up at Hongnong, gathered more than four thousand troops, and occupied Hongnong County. Immediately, in response to Wei Cong, Yang Fan sent troops to Huxian County and occupied Huayin. Jingzhao Weishi, Hongnong Yangshi! This is a hundred years of history of the Guanzhong strongmen, has a very strong influence. The Yang family of Hongnong, in particular, is also a family of four generations and three dukes. Qiu Yang Zhen, Qiu Yang Biao, two generations of Qiu, plastic pallet manufacturer ,foldable bulk container, numerous students and officials. Dong Zhuo rebellion is, Yang Biao has the merit of escort. Later, however, Cao Cao moved the capital to Xu County and elevated Yang Biao. Eventually, Yang Biao had to leave Xu Du and return to his hometown. Wei Shi and Cao Peng have a deep hatred. In the past, Cao Peng killed Wei Duan and Wei Kang's father and son, which greatly damaged Wei's strength. In particular, cut off the trade between Wei Shi and the Qiang people in Huangzhong, and almost lost 50% of Wei Shi's earnings. Later, Cao Peng opened the trade route to the Western Regions, and Wei Shi also set foot in it, but the benefits he got were far less than those of other families. Not to mention anything else, before Cao Peng opened the trade route in the western regions, Pingling Doushi could not be compared with Wei Shi. But thanks to Cao Peng's support, Dou Shi, an old strongman with a history of two hundred years, has been revitalized. Over the years, Dou's earnings have skyrocketed and grown. In the ninth year of Jian'an, Dou Lan, who returned from Hexi, was appointed by Cao Hong as Jing Zhaocheng. Since then, it has been out of control. DouLan son DouHu, now in Wuwei county as a captain of armies, promising. With the rise of Dou Lan Yimai, the Dou family gradually changed its strategy and began to support the Dou family in Pingling with Dou Lan Yimai as the main body. Webster, by contrast, has suffered a succession of crackdowns. After the death of Wei Duan and Wei Kang, Wei Shi no longer appeared at the helm. And Cao Ji in charge of Liangzhou, but also leave no stone unturned, suppress Webster. In any case, the friendship between Cao Ji and Wang Meng is far from that between Cao Peng and Wang Meng. Decades of old friends, died because of Webster. His own son suffered even more because of Webster. Cao Ji is not a magnanimous person, in this case, if not suppress Wei Shi, is really strange. In this way, Webster's business in Liangzhou, almost cut off. And to participate in the business of the western trade routes, also often encountered Liangzhou checkpoint. Cao Ji could not retaliate against Wei Shi brazenly, but he could weaken Wei Shi's power through the power in his hands. As a result, Merriam-Webster's strength has been severely reduced. Wei Cong, the new head of the Wei clan, also sought help from other powerful people in Guanzhong. But everyone cooperated well with Cao and gained a lot of benefits. The so-called powerful alliance in Guanzhong has long been an empty talk. On the surface, these despotic families expressed their willingness to help Wei Shi, but when they turned around, they joined Cao Ji to suppress Wei Shi. After all, Webster has been based in Guanzhong for a hundred years and has a lot of resources. Now that Wechsler is clearly weak, it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. As for Cao Ji? The ability is not big, the luck is super good! This is the evaluation given to Cao Ji by the Guanzhong clan. This fellow has a super fierce son, enough to let Cao Shi within a hundred years, will not weaken the strength. In that case, why not make friends with them? Wei Shi and Cao Shi have a deep enmity, just borrow Cao Shi's hand, kill Wei Shi. What alliance? What friendship? In the face of interests, they have become extremely fragile. Faced with this situation, how can Webster wait for death? When Cao Peng was appointed as a captain, he sent Wei Shi to Cao Peng's knife edge. Although Cao Peng did not express it now, it was because he had no time to pay attention to it. If you wait until Cao Peng put down the Hehuang rebellion and return to Guanzhong. Wei Shiding was the first to bear the brunt and became the ghost under Cao Peng's sword. On the other hand, if you don't do anything guilty, you are not afraid of ghosts. Weishi these years, secret and Wudu d, Hanzhong Zhang Lu contact, more through their own channels, a large number of ordnance supplies to d Zhang Lu hands. If they are found out,collapsible bulk container, Cao Peng will never let them go! When the time comes, those shit allies will not help, will be happy to come up and accept the power of Webster. cnplasticpallet.com

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