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Cannon fodder for a tyrant Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:37   Banking   Datteln   268 views Reference: 40
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"No, yes, yes!" Liu Sanhu said that he was about to draw his knife, but he was stopped by several brothers around him and asked him not to pay attention to this silly young master. For the sake of two thousand five hundred taels of silver in the capital, Liu Sanhu finally roared, suppressed his anger, led the horse to turn the truck around, and bypassed the silly boy. The silly boy lowered his head and did not move. He is sensible. Everyone pulled the truck forward, and behind him came the boy's haunting voice. Lu Qian stood in the same place: "I said for the last time, things back." Liu Sanhu turned around and spat at him. "Go and run wild in your mother's stomach!"! Little beast! "Every man's fault lies in his own party." Lu Qian said a word that the businessmen did not understand. He turned around and locked his cold eyes on Liu Sanhu. He continued, "I have seen it. I know benevolence.". The eldest brother said that evil people are unforgivable. As soon as the voice fell, Lu Qian rolled a stone on his toes and kicked Liu Sanhu in the face. With a dull sound of "bang", Liu Sanhu was caught off guard by a stone hitting the bridge of his nose and fell to the ground. The two old men hiding in the tree were shocked in an instant! Old man Xu was too excited to speak. Pointing to the boy on the ground,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he looked at Jiansheng and stammered: "Look.." Look at the strength and accuracy! "Shh." Kensei asked the old BB machine to shut up. Liu Sanhu covered his bloody nose and got up beyond endurance. Regardless of his brother's obstruction, he pulled out his knife and cut at Lu Qian! Lu Qian greeted him with an expressionless face, but with ease he avoided the blade and easily bypassed Liu Sanhu's attack. He grabbed the reins and turned the truck around to return it to the owner. Liu Sanhu was so angry that he was about to ascend to heaven and chopped desperately behind Lu Qian. Strangely, the boy seemed to have eyes behind his back, and every knife could be avoided slowly and calmly pulling the carriage back. Now,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the two old men in the tree were completely dumbfounded! "This boy." This boy! Old man Xu was so excited that he couldn't say anything completely: "Did you see it clearly?"? Old Qiu, he can move in front of others, I said it! He must be.. It must be.. "Gui You Constitution." Kensei said four words in a low voice. Chapter 102 "The boy is really ungrateful." The goatee didn't want the cooked duck to fly. He turned to the leader and said, "Let's tie him up and take him back to Beijing. Otherwise, I don't know how much trouble there will be along the way!" The chief saw that the rich young master was born in a family of poetry and etiquette, and could not bear to see the ill-gotten gains. This time, even if he sent the stolen property back according to his temperament, the boy was afraid that he would not be willing to go all the way back to Beijing with his brother. Then it's not up to the little fellow to be impatient any more. As soon as the leader nodded with a sullen face, the three brothers immediately rushed up with sticks and surrounded the boy. The man standing behind the teenager was the first to attack. The top of the stick was aimed at the teenager's heart, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but the teenager turned sideways to avoid the attack easily and stepped on his left foot with his heel. The man's left foot could not be pulled up, and his body could not stop. He fell forward and hit the handle of the truck. His eyes turned black in an instant. Seeing this, the two men on the right rushed up and hit the young man with a stick in front of him. There was a dull sound of "bang", but they found that the stick hit the head of the brother who had just fallen to the ground. The brother was blocked by the young man's collar and completely fainted. The boy kicked the man who had been knocked unconscious, and the two of them hurriedly reached out to pick it up, but it was empty. Instead, they were knocked down by the boy who had taken the opportunity to come around. OK The old man Xu in the tree could not help cheering in a low voice. The leader and Liu Sanhu were already stunned, but they didn't expect the young man to have such skill and knock down their three brothers with his bare hands. The two men who were kicked down struggled to stand up and dared not rush back. They stepped back and waited for the leader to give a command. The four men attacked at the same time! The teenager accurately judged the blind spot area of the four men's attack in advance, and effortlessly evaded and counterattacked. In the blink of an eye, all five men were knocked to the ground. Old man Xu gazed at the young man standing alone under the tree and said with emotion, "Although his moves have no routine, they seem to use your Tai Chi mental method. Old Qiu, do you know this boy?" Kensei didn't speak. Old man Xu turned to look at him. "What's the matter?" Kensei looked at the boy under the tree and whispered, "He seems to be waiting for someone else." The next moment, the boy slowly turned his head sideways and looked at the place where they were hiding! "Come down if you want to fight." Staring at the two men in the tree with an expressionless face, Lu Qian said indifferently, "I'm in a hurry." "He found us." Old man Xu looked at Kensei and said, "His perception seems to be stronger than yours."? Did you teach him the mental method? Kensei immediately straightened his collar and wiped his hair. The old guy looks very solemn, and he usually pays attention to his image when he puts on the airs of the master. Old man Xu issued a warning: "I found this boy first!"! You can't rob my apprentice! "He used my Tai Chi mental method." With a proud look on his face, Kensei turned his head and smiled at Master Xu. "It seems that the master in his heart has already been chosen. You can't be forced." He waved his hand to the old man Xu and asked him to go away and not bring disgrace on himself. So Lu Qian saw two old men pulling each other's hair and ears and falling from the tree in front of him. Let him choose! The old man Xu, who was pulled by his ears, desperately grabbed the sword saint's hair crown. Kensei, who was forced to lower his head, said, "Let go first." "Let go on the count of three!" The two old men finally stopped fighting each other, resumed their superior airs, and turned to look at the teenager. The boy had already led the carriage far away. Hello! Stop! Master Xu hurriedly ran after him and said angrily, "What's your attitude? Do you know who we are?" Lu Qian didn't even look at him. This old man is really too talkative, Lu Qian is not good at communication, this is very afraid of people who are particularly talkative, and now there is another old man who has never seen. I feel like I'm surrounded by a hundred five brothers. Your Highness is so nervous that he wants to escape quickly. If you don't show your hands,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, this boy won't take us two old men seriously. Old man Xu quickly swept in front of the teenager, blocked the way, and knocked twice on the ground with a walking stick. fycgsonic.com

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