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Can you hear my heart moving? Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:45   Independent & Freelance   Calbe   287 views Reference: 22
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Behind him, a man with a tiger's back and a bear's waist stood up and grinned, stammering, unintelligible, not funny at all, but everyone laughed at his embarrassment of scratching his ears and cheeks. The clock pen drew a cross in the air. "Tell a cold joke on such a happy day and fight back." It turns out that most men don't have a sense of humor, instead of just saying that they are dull and don't understand the amorous feelings. Men should make women laugh, not cry. Even if they cry, they cry with joy. Zhang said, "You are so embarrassed about the groom, but the bride inside will be distressed." The clock pen turned a deaf ear and made an evil face at him. Wei Jianping, sweating profusely, said, "I want everyone to laugh. Isn't this a deliberate embarrassment? Why don't you give me a red envelope, one for each person?" He brought a plate of red envelopes and stuffed them into people, which made everyone laugh. The sisters in the room exclaimed in chorus, "It's not that easy!" One for each? It's too small to look down on them. Ten is more like one. The men were so discouraged that they all fired at Zhang, "It's all your wife's fault for making things difficult for people." Zhang said with a wry smile, "what can I do?" After thinking about it, he called the bridegroom and told him something. Wei Jianping adjusted his clothes and stood out. "I want to talk to the bride." "All right, stand at the door." The door was closed. Wei Jianping stuck to the door and called out softly, "Wei?" There was a very slight response from inside, and he knew he could hear it. He cleared his throat and said slowly, "Wei,Concealed Flush Valve, before, I'm sorry.." After blushing for a long time, he finally said, "I love you." In front of everyone, although a little shy, but sincere attitude, sincere feelings. Half a minute later, the door was wide open. Xiaowei stood opposite him with a smile on her lips and tears in her eyes. A woman's ultimate goal is for a man to say "I love you" with all his heart. There was nothing sensational about it, but everyone was moved by the scene. Their wedding was not very grand,stainless steel shower tray, but the smile on the bride and groom's face went straight to people's hearts. They are sure to be happy and grow old together. When happiness is delayed, everyone should believe that it is not your fault or mine, but that the time is not yet ripe. The green fruit of love, which is astringent and tender, needs enough sunshine and moisture to emit a fragrant and rich fragrance. Love also needs to grow up, with the catalysis of time, to become mature. Nothing is more treasured than getting it back. Zuo Xue made a big joke at the wedding. When he followed the bride and groom with a basket of flowers, the soles of his feet slipped and he fell upside down. Although he got up quickly and continued to walk as if nothing had happened, it was this mature and overtly action that attracted more attention, and everyone burst into laughter, pushing the atmosphere of the wedding to its climax. He was the most unhappy person at the wedding, and then he threw the basket of flowers angrily. The incident left a shadow on his young mind, and he took it to heart for several years, and I'm afraid he won't be relieved until he gets married. And the clock pen always brings it up again when he wants to forget, as a joke after dinner. Not long after Wei Jianping and Xiaowei's wedding, Zhong Bi received another surprise. At the regular Zhong family gathering at the end of each month, Zhong Bi brought Zuo Xue out for afternoon tea. When the clock came, Service Sink Faucets ,Self-closing Shower Valve, it unexpectedly brought a girl. The girl was in her twenties, dressed simply, with a ponytail, very ordinary facial features, and a few freckles on her nose, but her eyes were clear, and she knew at a glance that she was a good girl with a good heart. She hid behind the clock, smiling a little shy and a little coy, "Sister." Hello, sister, my name is Li Tong. Common name, common background, common people, common love. No, no, no, everyone's love is unique. The clock pen looked at the clock holding her hand from beginning to end, as if all the worries were on the ground. She looked at the girl with her parents' eyes and asked, "How do you know each other?" The tone is a bit like a judge interrogating a prisoner in a court. Li Tong lowered his head and said with some embarrassment, "There is a supermarket near the studio where I work. I work as a cashier there." So you've known each other for a long time. Then how can they be together? Two blushes rose from Li Tong's face. "Once Alai bought something, but he didn't hear the tallyman's shouts. He knocked down a shelf of promotional cans and rolled all over the floor, almost hitting people.". It happened to be the night before May Day, and there was no one in the supermarket, so I helped him pick it up, and then he gave me the roses he painted himself. "And then you were together?" What Zhong Bi didn't know was that when the manager saw the messy store that day, he lost his temper and thought it was Li Tong's dereliction of duty and almost fired her. For this reason, she was deducted half a month's salary, but did not mention a word of complaint to the clock. Later, Zhong still knew that she wanted to pay for it. Of course, Li Tong refused to take it. He joked, "If you want to pay for it, you can pay for the painting you painted. The color is really beautiful. You like it when you look at it. You can paste it on the wall." The clock drew roses for her, one for each day, each in a different color. She locked it in the drawer like a treasure and looked at it from time to time. They are not real roses, but they never fade. By the hundredth day of painting, they didn't need any words, and they were naturally together. They are the most ordinary young men and women, simple-minded, no money, no noble status, no status, not much education, limited ability, but they know to support each other, take care of each other, be loyal to each other, and regard these as habits, and never change. For them, betrayal and abandonment are like 18 layers of hell, and God forbid. The clock pen then asked, "Who else is in your family?" The clock was in a hurry and pulled her sleeve. Clock pen glared at him, silly brother, sister is not for your good! Li Tong answered honestly,Time Delay Tap, "I am from Binzhou. My father is a cloth dyeing worker in a textile factory. I am the eldest in my family. I have a younger brother and a younger sister, both of whom are studying." Speaking of her younger brother and sister, she was excited and her little face was shining. "They got good grades and ranked first in the whole grade." Very proud. cnkexin.com

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