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Burning love and official career Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:09   Security & Safety   Damme   267 views Reference: 188
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Zheng Jie's subtle changes were seen by Zhao Desan. He knew that at this moment Zheng Jie was feeling guilty and ashamed for her cheating. If he could not give her a comfort and care in time, he was afraid that this ambiguous relationship would be affected. So, Zhao Desan stretched out his hand and gently stroked her ice and snow skin, which was as smooth as suet. He looked at her beautiful eyes and said softly, "Sister-in-law, don't feel sorry for your husband. You are a normal woman. You deserve these pleasures.." Zhao Desan's words made Zheng Jie move in her heart. Although she was shy and guilty, she felt that Zhao Desan was very considerate. Indeed, her husband Zhao Da really loved her so much that he came up with such a way. If Zhao Da had not had a car accident, even if his man function was unsatisfactory, she would never have done such a thing. Therefore, Zhao Desan said such considerate words at this time, but let Zheng Jie's heart feel a wave of warm current, so that her heart of shame and guilt suddenly reduced a lot. Seeing that Zheng Jie had figured it out slowly, Zhao Desan could not bear to want her again, and he once again pressed her under his body and stroked her. In Zhao Desan's strong embrace, Zheng Jie can fully feel the familiar breath from him. After struggling a few times with symbolic shyness, he lets Zhao Desan do whatever he wants. These days, Zhao Desan's care for her made her feel for this little man, and tonight he made her find the limit of ecstasy after hunger and thirst. For such a charming evening,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, she really could not find any reason to refuse. Inspired by another round of Zhao Desan, Zheng Jie only felt that her whole body was once again like an insect pecking, and the extreme ecstasy she had just experienced was once again burning in the depths of her body. The shy and charming state of the Iraqi people inspired Zhao Desan to be more possessive. He not only wanted to have the body of this beautiful young woman, but also to have her heart. At least now, no one can get into her heart. However, Zhao Da will never pose any threat to him now, so tonight we must let Zheng Jie do all the things a woman can do in order to achieve the goal of completely conquering her. Zhao Desan had the cheek to put that thing on her lips again. Zheng Jie was very shy after seeing it. She used to do it for him several times at the strong request of her husband Zhao Da,Vegetable oil filling machine, but now she wants to do it with a man other than her husband. It's really difficult for Zheng Jie. Fortunately, it's not the first time she's done this for Zhao Desan. She still has some acceptance ability. Sister-in-law, why are you shy? It's not the first time. What else can't you do? Zhao Desan comforted the beautiful young woman under him and said. Under Zhao Desan's strong persuasion, Zheng Jie, with a blushing face, completely satisfied his wish according to his request. When Zhao Desan shed all his blood, Zheng Jie felt a current of numbness coming from her whole body. She trembled with numbness all over her body. Once again, she got extreme satisfaction from Zhao Desan's skills.. Zhao Desan was filled with emotion to press his loose body heavily on Zheng Jie's body, listening to the slight humming coming from his nose, feeling the ups and downs of her slight panting, and his heart was really cool to the extreme. To be honest, Zheng Jie's performance tonight made him overjoyed and jealous. He was overjoyed that Zheng Jie was not only a pure and beautiful girl, but also a beautiful girl who would be like fire once she was teased. This kind of woman was indeed a wife, liquid bottle filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and it was not easy to conquer, but once she really got her heart, it would be boundless. What he envied and envied was that he really didn't understand how Zheng Jie's husband Zhao Da could marry such a beautiful woman with both good looks and good taste. Even though he had lost the basic function of a man, he could still make her stay with him. Think of here, Zhao Desan more firmly thought of the truth, it seems that Zheng Jie this woman, the more you consider for her, the more willing she is to pay for you. This time Zhao Da can be so magnanimous to push this best little young woman into his arms, not to prove this point? If Zhao Da had not done so, perhaps Zheng Jie would have left the family, but it was Zhao Da who showed such magnanimity and took into account what Zheng Jie should enjoy as a woman, so Zheng Jie was so willing to pay for the family. Zhao Desan thought of this and asked himself: If he was lucky enough to get a woman like Zheng Jie, would he, who has always been a playboy, be single-minded to her? Thinking of this question, Zhao Desan gave a wry smile and said with self-mockery: "I'm afraid it's very difficult!"! Volume I 885. Chapter 872 Young and vigorous Verse 885 Chapter 872 Young and vigorous. Zhao Desan, who had recovered his strength, moved his hand to Zheng Jie's body again. Looking at Zheng Jie's deep sleep due to excessive physical exertion, he fell in love with this beautiful young woman from the bottom of his heart. He really wanted her to sleep until dawn, but no, he had to tell her something serious, because Zhao Desan knew deeply that he wanted to have her for a long time. Only by physical ability is far from enough, but also to help her do something practical, in order to make their own permanent enjoyment of this boundless Yanfu. Finally, under the touch and teasing of Zhao Desan, Zheng Jie woke up again from her sweet dream. She opened her pajamas and looked at Zhao Desan with her thick eyes fluttering. Her chest, which was slightly panting, gradually rose and fell. Without waiting for Zhao Desan to speak, she hugged him and took the initiative to attack Zhao Decan. Zhao Desan did not expect Zheng Jie to take the initiative to cater to himself, which made him very overjoyed, once again, once again he was strongly inspired. Zhao Desan this time can be regarded as a taste of the young woman's fierce place, the sticky strength like glue, the continuous shock wave, the lingering strength of the endurance lasting longer and longer, so that he has some feel overwhelmed, difficult to support, until he once again stuck his head in her arms, he thoroughly felt, what is the taste of eating loose bones. The bones of the whole body are about to open. Zhao Desan, who was almost too lazy to move, barely propped up his body. He didn't even smile. He said to Zheng Jie, who was still in high spirits,water filling machine, "Let's get down to business first. Otherwise, if you ask again and again, I'm afraid I'll be unconscious." gzxilinear.com

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