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Buddha is originally the Tao. Full-time Job

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"Strange!"! It's twenty-four throwing knives! Why is there only twenty-three in the bottle? Where is the other one? Wuzhen old nun took the evil blue knife and murmured in his heart. Suddenly, he was startled and hurriedly shouted, "Be careful, that evil spirit still has a counterattack!" In an instant, the blue fog was blown up by the thunder in Xuandu. The old man of the dry machine said that the thunder and fire had blocked everyone's view, so he sacrificed the Shura Seven Evil Spirits Net and shook it in the wind in the air. The fishy wind blew up and turned it into a fishing net half a foot in size, which was covered by the blue fog that had not yet completely dispersed. Suddenly I heard the cry of the old nun, and my heart tightened. The dry machine was also a battle-hardened figure, but for a moment I was blinded by greed and could not feel the danger. The unique Buddha power in the cry of the old nun came to my ears. The old way of the dry machine woke up from greed, and did not care to collect the primordial spirit. It flashed on the spot, spurted out a crystal flying sword, and lifted it behind me. There were two clangs of gold and iron, and a blue light was like lightning. As soon as it circled the flying sword, the flying sword broke into two parts and fell to the ground. The blue light was still strong, and it was cut at the waist of the old dry machine. Seeing that the blue light came so ferociously, Gan Ji Lao Dao did not dare to neglect it, and released three flying swords to confront the blue light head-on. The two sides were entangled, and the blue light showed its prototype, which was an evil blue knife that had not yet been collected. Gan Ji Lao Dao breathed a sigh of relief,artificial coconut palm trees, but he didn't dare to relax at all. He just turned around and recited the incantation. He wanted to take advantage of the thunder fire and purple light, and quickly collect the primordial spirit of the Blue God Lao Zu, so as not to let the brothers see the clue. Boom! A loud noise, dry machine old way that Shura seven evil net a punishment, inch inch break, into a trace of black gas dissipated without a trace, dry machine old way also even back three steps,decorative palm trees, see the magic weapon was broken, know not good, hurriedly ready to flee back to the array, and then make plans. Before the old man could set up the light, a five-foot-long mourning stick, as thick as a child's arm and covered with white cloth strips, rushed out of the blue fog. The blue fog also congealed and gathered into a tall human figure, about thirty feet high, with a horse face and a human body. It was somewhat similar to the blue God Lao Zu just now, but it was much bigger. As soon as the mourning stick came out, the sound of a fierce ghost howling sounded, which captured people's minds. Even the old way of the dry machine could not hold it. The primordial spirit beat, and the brain was dizzy. There were three sounds of gold and iron. The evil blue knife cut off the three flying swords, large artificial blossom trees ,silk olive tree, flew over, and stabbed the dry machine in the back. Fiction ^ txt-days. Don Chapter 155 The flying sword was connected with the mind. The three flying swords released by the old way of the dry machine were cut off by the evil blue knife. They knew it was good for a long time. They pulled back hurriedly, but they heard the sound of breaking the air coming from behind. The sound of the ghost crying of the mourning stick shook the primordial spirit mercilessly. The body stagnated, dodging and releasing the magic weapon had all come. They heard the wind coming from behind. The old way of the dry machine gritted his teeth fiercely. Gather true yuan, backhand toward the back of a grasp, want to catch the evil blue knife with his own hand, so as not to be stabbed through the cold heart. Sky Evil Blue Knife was so fierce that it was as fast as lightning. There was a sound. As soon as the blue light turned around, it cut off one hand of Ganji Laodao's elbow. The rain of blood was sprinkled everywhere. Ganji Laodao snorted in pain, but finally he didn't cry out, but his old face changed color, his facial features twisted into a ball, and his face was ferocious. Since Ganji Laodao captured the body of his disciple Yiyunzi, because he did not run in with the primordial spirit, it took him a long time. It was not until he had to ask for the two relics and refined them with true fire that the primordial spirit increased greatly, and then he adjusted the body to its original appearance. The skill of Taoism was also high in water punishment. In addition, Yiyunzi had been practicing the secret method of Kunlun, and his whole body was connected with the true primordial spirit. And dry machine Laodao yuan Shen is perfect match, dry machine Laodao completely condensed, this pair of flesh body is actually better than the original use of a few points. But the physical body is still the physical body after all, unless it has been tempered by the plunder of heaven, otherwise it is impossible to fight against the magic weapon. After the old skill of the dry machine has been greatly improved, the physical body can carry the true yuan, and can fight hard for the medium flying sword without getting hurt, but the evil blue sword is the specialty of the blue God Lao Zu. How can it be compared with the general flying sword? Even the best flying sword is slightly inferior in sharpness. How can the old dry machine resist it? Elder Martial Brother Headmaster! Seeing the sudden change in the situation, all the old people exclaimed. Dry machine old way was cut off the arm, they all see clearly, but it is too late to rescue, and so on back to God, are launched in the hands of the most powerful magic toward the blue God Lao Zu of the tall horse-faced man bombardment in the past, dry machine old way is now a top beam of Kunlun, if there is any mistake, Kunlun a dry old way is a God of late repair for, although there are many people. But there is no master of returning to the void who can shake the scene. In this way, the status of Kunlun in Zhongtu Daomen will be greatly reduced. This is what they can't tolerate. Kunlun has been the leader of Zhongtu Taoist School since its establishment. If it is reduced to a second-rate school, I'm afraid this old Taoist has no other choice but to be killed in front of the memorial tablet of the Patriarch. Gan yuan, Gan Kong. Gan Zhen and Gan Wu, the four relatively deep Taoists, even set up an escape light and flew toward Gan Ji Lao Dao in order to meet him. Gan Kong Lao Dao's Acura Flying Sword was destroyed by the toad, so he had to spray out another dark golden flying sword with white stripes on it. The cold air hit him, and he began to fight against the evil blue sword of the Blue God Lao Zu. This flying sword is not an ordinary product. It has been entangled and collided with the Sky Evil Blue Sword several times, but it just makes a clanging sound. Not a single spark spilled. Gan Ji Lao Dao used his arm to replace his body and escaped the fate of being disemboweled. He was also very glad. When he saw a brother coming to meet him, he immediately put down his mind and grabbed the arm that had been cut off with the other hand. There were many secret medicines in Kunlun. It was not difficult to continue the arm with the elixir after he went back. How dare you destroy the incarnation of Lao Zu? Lao Zu,silk ficus tree, I will never forgive you! The Blue God Lao Zu held a mourning stick in his hand and shook it fiercely. The white cloth wrapped around the stick rippled like an evocation. He whined and whined loudly. A tangible and qualitative black wind blew wildly. Countless green phosphorus fires flashed in the meantime. Another Kunlun Laodao's magic was swept away by the black wind, just like the wind sweeping the fallen leaves, rolling over and over. I don't know where it went. hacartificialtree.com

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