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Broken flower weeping red Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:40   Independent & Freelance   Salzgitter   128 views Reference: 429
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Zhang Zang angrily threw the quilt and pillow on the ground and said, "I don't want to listen to these words, and I don't believe in such bullshit logic as destiny.". What do you mean, no chance? Why did I meet you? Why did I have a one-night stand with you? Yu Nu burst into tears and sobbed and said, "Fate is also evil fate." Zhang Zang rolled over and got out of bed. "Well, well," he said with a sneer, "in your eyes, I'm just a mean person who will stop at nothing to take by force. Only your Li Yi is a handsome young man. You and he are a match made in heaven. It was I who broke you up. Sooner or later I will be punished." He was about to go out in a daze. "What are you going to do?" Yu Nu called to him? I haven't recovered yet. Why do you care about my life? If I die, I will be rewarded with evil, so that you and Li Yi's husband and wife can be reunited. You have been complaining about me in your heart for a long time. If I die, will it not be as you wish? I didn't mean that. No matter how vicious I am, I will not curse you. Why don't you have a rest first? We'll talk about it when you're well. Yu Nu looked at Zhang Zang with a pale face and could not bear it, so he had to beg him. Zhang Zang tossed his sleeve and said, "No need.". I'm going to die outside. It's better to die early than to lose your mother when you are young and wander alone. Open the door and go out. Yu Nu, alone, crouched down and picked up the quilts and pillows that Zhang Zang had thrown on the ground one by one, feeling uneasy and sad. He did not know what to do for a moment,30ml Dropper Bottle, so he had to bend over the edge of the bed and sobbed. Chapter 010 of the main text, seeking revenge and being injured. Zhang Zang didn't mean to show Yu Nu, but it was really annoying. He came to Luoyang this time to see Wang Yuekun. Last time, Yiyue said in Wang Yuekun's ear: He has never made any achievements in Luoyang City. Although he has the support of his father, it is not a long-term solution. He should make a difference. Wang Yuekun also knew that he was notorious. Hearing what Yiyue said, he asked,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, "What should I do?"? Yiyue said, I heard that the guests who came here recently all complained that their belongings were always robbed by bandits on the mountain, and they dared not speak out. Why didn't you come forward and destroy them? There are also benefits to be gained from it. As soon as Wang Yuekun heard this, he borrowed two thousand soldiers from his father and leveled the stronghold in the name of exterminating the White Lotus Sect. At that time, the rich families in Luoyang praised him and fawned on Wang Yuekun one after another. But Wang Yuekun was insatiably greedy and wanted to occupy Yiyue. At the same time, he and Zhang Zang opened their mouths, and when they opened their mouths, they paid one thousand and two yuan a year for protection. Zhang Zang thought to himself, "If you meet a robber on the road, you will have bad luck. You will only lose a few hundred taels a year. But Wang Yuekun's mouth is one thousand taels. He is even more ruthless than the robber.". Out of the door, Zhang wandered freely in the street. Thinking, a little absent-minded. This Wang Yuekun, at present naturally cannot offend, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, but, also cannot let him succeed so easily. Let him get used to it and open his mouth wider next time. Hum, doesn't he want silver? Give. He wants the moon. No way. In the heart gradually had the idea, the pace also slowly relaxed, the eyes inadvertently flow, suddenly feel not quite right. Zhang Zang looked around as if he was in danger. He turned his head several times in a row, only to find that several people behind him had lowered their bamboo hats and followed him not far or near. He's fast, they're fast; he's slow, they're slow. Zhang Zangxin reads the telegram. Who are these people? Is it to seek revenge with their own? And who could it be? Step up your feet. Pick a place where there are many people. It's just one block away from Qingluolou. Make up your mind to go there. You can't go back to the yard. Yu Nu is there. Never invite the wolf into the house. These people saw Zhang Zang found them. Just tear the skin of the face. Just rush up and cut with a knife. The passers-by screamed. They ran away with their heads in their hands. Shouting: "Murder.". Murder. Zhang Zang turned over to escape. "Who are you?" He snapped. A person of the first place sneers to say: "injustice has a head.". The debtor has his master. We're here to avenge our boss. "Your boss?"? Are you from the White Lotus Sect? Zhang Zang immediately understood that these were the remnants of the robbers. It was you who colluded with Wang Yuekun, the dog thief, to put us to death and falsely accuse us of being a cult. Don't waste your words. Take your life. Can't help saying, raise a knife to cut. Zhang Zang felt hatred in his heart: "They don't take the road of living well. They rob people and kill people. Instead, they blame others for destroying them. It's really unreasonable.". But he couldn't tell them clearly. He dodged and said, "I don't know what a cult is. I'm a small businessman. What ability do I have to exterminate you?" These people are struggling to force each other. Zhang Zang did not know martial arts, so he was very embarrassed at this time, thinking that he was doomed to suffer this disaster today. Usually the boy is left and right, but he went out today, so he didn't have time to call him. Just as he was thinking about it, one of them stabbed Zhang Zang in the chest with a knife. Zhang Zang fell to the ground and blood flowed out. As soon as several people rushed up, they still wanted to start fighting. At this time, Zhang Zang's personal servant ran far away and shouted, "Come on, a robber has killed someone." The leader did not dare to continue to fight and disappeared at the corner of the street with a whistle. After a long time, a bold crowd gathered around and helped the boy pick up Zhang Zang. Seeing that his face was pale and he could still speak, he asked, "Childe, do you want to be all right?"? Where is home? Shall we send you back? Zhang Zang covered his chest and felt a sharp pain in his heart. He said in a hoarse voice, "Send me to Qingluolou." The boy was a little stunned, wondering if the childe was dizzy and why he didn't go home at this time. With Yu Nu here, you can take care of him. Then asked again: "Childe, do you say to green Luo Lou?" Zhang Zang closed his eyes and said with a sigh, "Don't tell Yu Nu." He didn't want to frighten her unnecessarily. Do not know why, at this most critical moment, but fortunately is out of pique, otherwise the jade slave will be killed. The boy did not dare to ask again, busy beckoning a few people to help, in the chaos sent him into the green Luo Lou. Green Luo downstairs, Yiyue listen to the little servant girl said Zhang Childe was seriously injured, hurried to go out, Zhang Zang has been sent upstairs. When Yiyue saw Zhang Zang,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, who was covered with blood, she was startled. She quickly got up and picked him up. She repeatedly ordered the doctor to come. Here he ordered the little servant girl to fetch hot water. Zhang Zang was already unconscious. Yiyue asked the boy, "What's the matter?"? Who did your young master fight with? penghuangbottle.com

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Broken flower weeping red