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Boudoir Notes _ August Winnie Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:27   Financial Services   Sankt Augustin   90 views Reference: 463
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Zhao Yi leaned closer and whispered, "This Qiuxia is a skittish girl. She's obviously settled in the Cheng family, but she's still having an affair with someone. Don't learn from her in the future.." Cloud servant girl listened to this sentence, then seemed to be poked twice in the heart, turned to look at Zhao Yi, suddenly raised a hand to slap. Because of the use of force, "bang", but some crisp. Zhao Yi shook his face, also did not expect that she would start to hit himself, to be attacked, the room has heard the noise, Zhao Yi busy holding the cloud servant girl's hand to hide, but how to act in a hurry? If someone followed the sound, wouldn't it be. "" Don't be afraid, "he said." You'll just stand behind me later. Cloud servant girl looked at him, although her hand is small, but with force, Zhao Yi's face has emerged a few pink marks. The cloud servant girl listened to this again, and turned to look elsewhere. Sure enough, someone came out of the house. Zhao Yi looked back and saw that it was Lin Chengzheng. Lin Chengzheng had just heard the noise, and now he looked around the courtyard and looked at the rockery stone. But when he was about to step over, suddenly someone coughed softly under the porch, and it was a man's voice. This was originally the back house, and the man was not allowed to enter without invitation. When Lin Chengzheng heard this,bottle blowing machine, his face changed and he shouted, "Who is it?" He took a step and hurried down the porch. "When Zhao Yi saw this, he looked up for a moment and said to himself with a smile," a lucky man has his own destiny. With a low smile, I heard someone crying in the room. It was Fang Qiuxia who was sobbing, which made people sad. "Don't cry, Miss," said her nurse. "If the master knows,PET blowing machine, he won't like it again." Miss Fang did not answer either, but she could not stop crying, which made her heart sour. "Zhao Yi was impatient." Let's go, "he said to the maid. Hand in hand, carefully out of the yard, along the road to the backyard corner door. Unexpectedly, when he came to the garden, Zhao Yin saw the cluster of Chinese roses again. "Just wait for me," he said to the maid. He himself flew over, pinched the best one in the middle, and came back again. "Seeing that he still had the leisure to pinch the flowers, the cloud servant girl did not know whether to laugh or cry." Here you are, "said Zhao Yi. I can't help but put it in my hand. The cloud servant girl was stunned and involuntarily held it in her hand, only to find that the thorn on her head had been removed by him. But Zhao Yi looked at her and said, "This flower is very nice. It suits you very well." Just as he was saying this, he heard someone in the distance exclaim, "How can there be one less green flower in Jinou?"? Who moved the flower? I wonder if it's the master's favorite? The sound was coming down from the porch, juice filling machine ,water bottling line, but they were not seen for the time being because they were separated by a heavy layer. Cloud servant girl looked down at the hands of the flowers, and look at Zhao Yi, at the moment unexpectedly do not know what is the expression. Zhao Yi stuck out his tongue. "It's just a flower. What's so precious about it?" Knowing that this would inevitably alarm people, he quickly pulled the cloud servant girl and ran away. The two men crossed the garden and came to the corner gate. Suddenly, they were stunned and saw a man standing on the corner gate. See two people run, the servant of that square mansion asks because of doubt: "You..." Naturally, he knew that there were no such two people in the mansion, but looking at the two of them, one had a slim figure and noble temperament, the other was still young but beautiful, and the dress was unusual, so he guessed whether it was the son of a family who came to be a guest. "Zhao Kui was so surprised that he said impatiently," The master has no time to receive visitors. He told us to go out and play. The boy was suddenly enlightened and wanted to get out of the way. Suddenly he saw the flower in the cloud servant girl's hand and said doubtfully, "This is not.." The master's favorite. Without waiting for him to finish, Zhao Yi ran out with the cloud servant girl. The boy behind him came to his senses, shouted twice, and the two of them had already run away from the kungfu they had not chased. For fear that someone would come after him, Zhao Yi pulled the cloud servant girl to a street in Fenghui Building, where there was still a lot of traffic, and naturally no one paid attention to the two of them, so it was difficult to catch them. Cloud servant girl, after all, weak, early run panting, holding the flower tightly in her hand. When Zhao Yi saw that her little face was white and red, as expected, it was like the color of the so-called "Jin Ou Pan Green." Then he wanted to smile. Suddenly he remembered that he had just been slapped inside. He asked for money because he twisted his eyebrows: "What did you just do to hit me?" "Don't you know?" Asked the servant girl. "If I knew," said Zhao Yi, "would I still be looking for a fight myself?" "Why did the prince say those stupid things to me?" Asked the servant girl. Zhao Fang giggled and said, "That's not nonsense. Isn't it serious?" The cloud servant girl remembered that she was still holding the flower in her hand. She threw it hard on him and turned to go. Zhao Yi then said to the flower, "Why did you throw it away? I picked it with great difficulty." At the moment, there was a surge of people nearby. When several people passed by, they didn't pay attention to her little person, so they hit her twice. The cloud servant girl staggered and stood unsteadily. Zhao Yicai wanted to hold her, but the cloud servant girl stopped and looked back at him. She said, "Your Highness, I think I have made it very clear to you before. From now on, you and I will not interfere with each other. You have nothing to do with each other. Prince, you are naturally the smartest person. You will not fail to understand the meaning of this." In the hubbub of voices, her voice was very clear. Zhao Yi stared at her in a daze. Before she could speak, the cloud servant girl said, "Besides, as your Highness, if you want to play and make trouble, you should only look for those who can afford to play and make trouble with you. Why bother to pull me every time?"? Do you know that the more you do this, the more disgusted I am? Zhao Yi was still smiling at first, but when he heard the word "disgust" at the end, the smiling shadow suddenly disappeared, only to hear a "bang" and break the flower stem in his hand. The cloud servant girl glanced at it, lowered her eyes and said, "I shouldn't have said these words. It's just that the prince forced me to be rude." If the prince wants to be punished, I will accept all of them. But I would like to ask the prince to know how to behave in the future. Don't come to embarrass people at every turn. It's best to let each other be clear. When she had finished,PET bottle Mold, she bowed on her knees. "I'm going home." Just as he was about to take a step, suddenly Zhao Yi stretched out his hand and held her arm tightly. The cloud servant girl was in pain and turned to look at him. "What does the prince want to do?" "You've been beaten and scolded," said Zhao Yi. 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Boudoir Notes _ August Winnie