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Become an official in the imperial examination Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:45   Human Resources   Saarbrücken   194 views Reference: 56
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On the morning of the second day, several imperial guards, who had been instructed by Li Chi the day before, sent the list of conscripts to the government office and handed it to Jiang Chengyuan. Although it is in the Yangchengfu conscription, but the counties under the jurisdiction of Yangchengfu are not close to each other, to complete the conscription, I am afraid it will take more than half a month. After getting Jiang Chengyuan's reply, Li Chi estimated that although the time of conscription was a little longer, it was not too much, so it was up to him. During the conscription period, Li Chi did not wait in vain. Instead, he took the account book of the income and expenditure of money and grain in Guangdong and Guangxi, and settled the income and expenditure of money and grain in Guangdong and Guangxi last year with Wu Ziqin. According to the "money and grain budget system", the budget for this year's revenue and expenditure of money and grain has also been issued. The taxes of the Great Swallow are divided into spring and autumn. In addition to those retained in the provincial capitals and counties, the spring taxes will be shipped to the capital or designated border guard posts in the summer. The autumn tax, on the other hand, will be shipped in the spring of the following year. Today, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces still have all the taxes they paid last autumn, so the distribution of money and grain in this year's budget is not enough. When Li Chi was settling accounts, he found that Guangdong and Guangxi provinces had not falsely reported money and grain! Of course, errors are unavoidable, but they are also within the allowable range. This is somewhat beyond Li Chi's expectation. Therefore, Wu Ziqin and Jiang Chengyuan's guilty conscience and delay were all due to the previous maritime trade or maritime smuggling? Li Chi is not eager to know the answer to this question. As the saying goes,interactive whiteboard prices, you can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. It is also said that after a long time, the fox's tail will always be exposed. Li Chi has always known how to distinguish priorities, at the moment he should spend the main energy to do, is to prepare for the establishment of the South China Sea Trade Department. After the settlement and distribution of the income and expenditure of money and grain, although the conscription was still not completed, Li Chi had begun to prepare for the construction of the Department of Commerce and Trade. Li Chi and Huan Ming, with thirty imperial guards, ran through several ports of Yangchengfu. After on-the-spot comparison,information kiosk price, they chose Panyu Port as the location of Nanhai Commerce and Trade Department. The location of the Department of Commerce and Trade has been decided, so as to take this as the center, the place for building brick kilns has been decided, and the river bend beach for taking river sand and pebbles has also been decided. More than half a month later, at the end of mid-April, the conscription was completed. Li Chi's preparatory work has also been completed. Not to mention his previous life, Li Chi had already prepared for the construction of the Capital Cement Bureau in his life, and his experience was enough. Five hundred servants were taken to Panyu Port and simply settled in the place already chosen by Li Chi. As for the needs of the draftees? Ask Wu Ziqin and Jiang Chengyuan for money and grain, and ask Bi Fengwu to guard the soldiers. These matters had already been settled before the conscription was completed. After the settlement, half of the laborers were separated, and they began to cut down trees and prepare the land, and build kilns and burn bricks on the spot. At the same time, in the place chosen to build the Department of Commerce and Trade, Li Chi took the drawings and, together with the other half of more than 200 servants, supervised them to cut down trees and clear stumps, temperature scanning kiosks ,face detection android, and instructed them to start digging the foundation.. The servants who serve here are not the men of the more than two hundred families who come to serve in person, but those who hire poor people with silver to replace them. People who hire substitute servants will pay them half a penny for a month, and then Li Chi's two hundred pennies for a month, and the board and lodging have already been covered, so they can have seven hundred pennies a month! Although the work they do is not easier than what they do at home, the servants are still very happy. After the conscription was completed, Li Chi did not continue to live in the Yangchengfu Inn, but followed him to Panyu Port and lived on their official ships. In this way, you can go to the brick kiln or the site where the foundation is dug every day, and you can personally supervise the work. The servants' board and lodging were good, and they were paid a lot for a month, and Li Chi, a Beijing official, personally supervised the work, so the progress of burning bricks and digging the foundation was very fast. In late April, the big ship carrying cement, which followed Li Chi and them, finally entered the Pearl River Estuary and stopped at Panyu Port. Li Chi took out two hundred yuan from the laborer who dug the foundation and spent two days unloading the cement into the warehouse built earlier. So far, a lot of fire bricks for building walls have been burned, cement has been transported, and the foundation has been completely dug. So Li Chi regrouped five hundred servants and ordered some of them to go to the Guangdong and Guangxi Weapons Bureau to carry iron bars, that is, steel bars. The'steel bar 'here can not be compared with the steel bar of later generations, but it is better than nothing. What's more, the highest building they built is only two stories, not the kind of high-rise building with dozens of stories, which can barely be used. Let the Guangdong and Guangxi weapons Bureau smelting iron bar this matter, Li Chi is written into the plan, the emperor had also asked, and agreed. So Li Chi will cover the plan of the imperial treasure, after showing it to Bi Fengwu, Bi Fengwu also agreed. Some of the servants went to carry iron bars, while the rest went to the beach of the river bend selected by Li Chi earlier to dig and carry river sand and pebbles. …… In May, steel bars, cement, river sand, fire bricks and pebbles are all ready. So Li Chi personally came off the stage and taught by hand. The servants were taught how to mix concrete, how to tie iron bars, and then poured concrete mixed with small pebbles to pour the foundation. When the foundation was laid, dried and solid, Li Chi continued to teach them how to build walls one by one with concrete made of cement and river sand and fire bricks. Why did Li Chi build a wall like a bricklayer? That's because in his previous life, he had seen many people in the village build their own houses, and his brother-in-law was a bricklayer. After seeing and listening more, he naturally learned. Among the laborers, there are those who are skillful and smart enough to learn, so they go to do big work, that is, bricklaying, while there are those who are clumsy and can't learn, so they can only do coolies who mix concrete and carry fire bricks. This process of learning and screening took only three days to complete, and then entered the hot work of building walls. The main building of the Department of Commerce and Trade has official offices for administrative offices,touch screen kiosk, 15 commercial halls for commodity display and trading, 15 foreign halls for foreign businessmen to stay, and supporting recreational facilities such as Catholic churches. hsdtouch.com

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